Drift & Dream between Heaven and Earth with Russian Hammock

When you climb into a hammock, you are linked to reality only by the narrowest of cords. Suspended in time and space, you shed any sense of weight or corporal substance,” said Robert S. Kyff.

Relaxation, serenity, peace: we all know these magical words. But not everyone knows how to achieve this state of harmony in the stressful world we live in without spending too much money (and without harm to health...). We think we found how. A few days ago our international shopping research team found a company called “Russian Hammock”. And this is not just another online store. “Russian Hammock” is a well-established manufacturer of the high-quality, reliable and durable hammocks and accessories designed for your outdoor and indoor leisure time.

What makes Russian hammocks so special

There are several reasons why we believe you should give these hammocks a try.

Extra-durable, nice to the touch fabric

First of all, the company uses the finest cotton and linen for its hammocks. The 400 gr/m dense fabric makes these floating beds extra-durable. Depending on the model, hammocks can hold up to 200kg. All company products including hammock chairs and indoor hammocks for kids are made of exceptionally soft and durable material.

Wide range of accessories

Secondly, hammocks come with additional equipment and accessories: hammock stands (very useful when you don’t have any trees to tie the hammock to), hanging hardware, extra-comfy hammock pillows, outdoor tents (to cover you from the burning sun rays or rain), and hammock bags. We especially like the stands, because they allow you to set up a relaxation point anywhere you want. Of course it’ll be a bit weird if you put a hammock somewhere in a public place… But if it makes you happy and doesn’t bother anyone around you, then it’s ok:)  

Multitude of colours

Thirdly, the hammocks and pillows come in a multitude of colours: plain and striped, natural beige, magical purple, happy orange, fresh green, navy blue, pure azure, modern white, and a few more colours and colour combinations.

Hammock for every family member

And finally, guess what? The company makes hammocks for cats! This hammock available in turquoise, terracotta, and navy blue will definitely become a tiny comfy cradle for your puss. In addition, there are light versions of it that can be tied to the legs of a chair.     


Russian hammocks: Parcl staff picks

With the help of our Russian shopping specialist we’ve selected three hammocks that we really like and recommend you to try. You may order them through the Parcl website by clicking on ‘Order this hammock’ or go to the “Russian hammock” website and explore all offers on your own. Warning: the website is in the Russian language, so if you don’t speak it you’ll need to use a special translating browser extension, for example Google Translate. Another option you have is to ask a verified Russian package forwarder at Parcl to help you communicate with the shop and place an order for you.

Linen hammock with wood spreaders RG-14, navy blue

navy-blue-linen-hammockItem Price: $70 (subject to exchange rate)

Item Weight: 3.3 kg

Hammock material: Linen 54%, Cotton 46%

Spreader: Beech

Dimensions: 220cm x140см

Capacity: 2 people

Maximum load: 200kg

Colour: navy-blue (denim)

Overall Length: 320cm

Package: Linen bag with plastic insert

Package size: 120*25cm

Description: perfect for the outdoor relaxation of 1 or 2 (better 2 of course); 100% fall safe; great for selfies and day-dreaming; may cause overwhelming love of life. Order this hammock>>>

Linen hammock chair with foam inserts RGK-4, turquoise blue


Item Price: $50 (subject to exchange rate)

Item Weight: 3.7 kg

Hammock material: Linen 54%, Cotton 46%

Spreader: Beech

Dimensions: 50cm*50cm*60cm

Overall height when hung: 130cm

Capacity: 1 person

Maximum load capacity: 150kg

Colour: turquoise blue

Package: Linen bag with plastic insert

Package size: 55*55cm

Description: comfy soft hammock chair ideal for meditation and enjoying nature sights; 100% fall safe; 20 minutes in this hammock may lead to life-changing decisions and increase creativity. Order this hammock>>>

Hammock for a cat, terracotta


Item Price: $30 (subject to exchange rate)

Item Weight: 1 kg

Hammock material: Linen 54%, Cotton 46%

Additional material: Fleece

Spreader: Plywood

Dimensions when assembled: 50cm*47cm*17cm

Capacity: 1 fluffy pussycat

Maximum load capacity: 8kg

Colour: terracotta

Package: Linen bag with plastic insert

Package size: 50*23cm

Description: perfect cradle for your sleepyhead; may cause extra-loud purring and cuddling mood. Order this hammock>>>


We’ve only started to explore the huge Russian online shopping market, and we promise to share our best findings with you. If you’d love to buy something from a Russian retailer, please feel free to order package forwarding from Russia at Parcl. Our package forwarders with warehouses in Russia know the market very well , speak English and Russian and are happy to assist you with purchasing and international shipping from Russia. Stay with us!

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