Dyson Airwrap Styler is a Hair Styling Revolution

What’s that saying? That powerful statement about hair completing the look? Yes, you got it right: a voluptuous, thick, healthy head of hair is just what a lady wants to complete her look of dominance. But, there has always been a problem, a missing factor. Even with the ability to buy premium hair curlers from overseas, shipping used to be a challenge. Getting delivery services from a trusted freight forwarder has now managed to solve the problem. Time and over, the beauty industry kept on getting it wrong, that is until now.

Meet Dyson’s greatest invention after the phenomenal Supersonic hair curler – her name is Airwrap Styler. Powered by the ever-trusted and majestic Dyson V9 motor, this drier easily wins the stylist award of 2018 hands down. The technology behind Airwrap styler is the use of air instead of heat. Just this difference means the world to many shoppers who have been begging for hair styling without the use of heat. Using a phenomenon known as Coanda effect, the Dyson Airwrap styler air-dries the hair by getting bunches of hair to latch onto the curler. Let’s take a little detailed look into the mechanism.

Bursts of air flow seamlessly following the curved surface of the curling rod. The movement and direction of air flow causes difference in air pressure, that difference pulls in the hair and makes it wrap around the Dyson hair styler curler. According to Dyson, achieving the Coanda effect took a team of 230 engineers and scientists over six years to develop, perfect and implement.


Eager buyers will agree that the $500 price tag is more than worth it. After all, there is quality in premium pricing. The Airwrap styler is bigger than the Supersonic and competitors will take a while to figure out the Coanda effect.

A look at what this epic invention means for your hair

  1. This is the best part about the Dyson hair iron: you can now style your hair damp! Yes, the days of moving around the house with a huge damp towel tied on your head are long over. This hair product is just on fleek. You get to style your damp hair while simultaneously blowing it dry — awesome!

  2. Curl or wave your hair with thick bouncy curls using the Dyson Airwrap. Instead of the heartbreaking heat damage that used to stop women from curling their hair all the time, this curler enables hair to be styled while being protected. For platinum blondes with a lot of heat damage from overstyling and heat drying, this is the perfect 2018 festive season gift. After all, it’s a gadget that will be used beyond this season.dyson-airwrap-curl

  3. Taking several factors into mind, the Dyson beauty gadget is priced relatively high, but at the end of the day, it will all be worth it. The dryer is compact enough to fit into any home or hotel bathroom without looking out of place. It comes inside a camel-coloured matte leather package that screams luxury!dyson-airwrap-bag

  4. Additionally, the Dyson hair styler has a pre-styling dryer. The attachment is ideally suited to dry your hair to the level of desired dampness before you can move on to the styling step.

  5. Inside the Dyson hair curler camel-coloured, matte leather bag there is also a soft smoothing brush. This will, no doubt, be the favourite of many ladies with fine, flat hair looking to add volume to their hair. The ball-tipped bristles are big enough to achieve the voluptuous effect but small enough not to cause you to flinch or feel excessive pain.Dyson_Airwrap_Styler_set

  6. There are a whole lot of attachments; each is there to achieve a specific look and to suit a wider range of hairstyles. There is a 1.6-inch Airwrap barrel for those with thick, unrelenting coarser hair, but who would love to achieve loose waves or curls. The round volumising brush is also for achieving the thickness in hair. In more detail, this attachment is ideal for creating tension that will shape finer, thinner and straighter hair.dyson_complete

The Dyson hair styler has other variations gong for $550. Before buying, be sure to check the included attachments, as each set achieves a different look. This is a genius invention designed to cater to more types of hair at about the same cost. Even hair salons and family stylists have been considered with the Dyson Airwrap Complete that has all of the attachments they may need in one package.


Get your own Dyson hair dryer via Parcl

By now, it’s common knowledge that we’ve all made peace with. Premium products are made and found in select overseas countries such as Australia, UK, US, and Canada. Fortunately, international shoppers can get their hands on this premium product by visiting online shops and webstores. Still, the problem remains unsolved in that there are limitations on the regions most web stores can ship to.

Usually, shops offer only local shipping. And in other instances, even with international shipping, there are still challenges brought about by customs and the unavailability of a long list of shipping companies. At, these problems have one solution, and that is to shop via Parcl and use their services throughout the shopping process.

Here is how it works in a nutshell:

  1. Visit the official Parcl website and select to either register for a free non-binding account or create a request for your Airwrap styler.

  2. You will need to provide Parcl with the URL from where you are buying your Dyson Airwrap styler. Several quotes will come your way from Parcl forwarders. Select the best quote and get a free verified local shopping address from your forwarder.

  3. Check out from the webstore using the address provided by your forwarder. Your $500 Dyson Airwrap styler will be shipped to where your handler will already be waiting with the final address to ship your package.

  4. If you want consolidated packaging, photos or anything else, the forwarder will be on standby to fulfill your requests.

  5. Use the tracking number to follow your purchase as it travels your way. The transaction is complete as soon as you mark it as complete.

With Parcl freight forwarding, you are assured that your package will get handled with care. Should there be any requirements from customs, Parcl will help you take care of everything. There is no requirement to pay a subscription fee. Only use your Parcl account when and if you want. Use it to purchase the Dyson Airwrap styler as your Christmas 2018 present and test their proficiency for yourself.

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