Easy Shopping for Shoes Made in the USA

One thing that remains the same and resounds ever so deeply across social classes is that American made products are of high-quality. This observation stands true for most products and industries that are American. For example, when it comes to vehicles, anything that is considered ‘American muscle’ stands out in terms of quality and price. The same goes for American shoes. When people need to be ‘heard’ or identified in a crowd, American-made shoes are the number one choice.

What you might not realize about American made boots or shoes is that they are well worth the number on the price tag. To make matters more complicated, American made shoes are made in exclusives, which makes it difficult to just find them willy-nilly.   

American Made Shoes

For comfort, durability and unending glances look for the ‘Made in the USA’ label before buying. In most shoe shops American footwear usually overshadows other products on display. In passing, the topic of buying shoes made in USA might seem like a reach. However, things have been changing since the White House directed attention towards the need to buy local.

As the White House presses for significant changes towards improving local manufactures, it is important to point out that Colorado and Virginia remain the stronghold of USA made shoes. Just like back in the 1980’s when America was regarded as the Mecca of shoe manufacturing, shoes made by American factories are still considered to be the best and highly sought after globally today.

American Shoe Sizes

Facilitated by online shopping as well as international parcel forwarders, the American manufacturing scenario has since come back to life again. In as much as Americans and Europeans tend to be obsessed with online buying from Asian countries, such as China and Japan, Asians are equally obsessed with buying boots made in USA.

The popularly exported group of locally made shoes tends to be the American made work boots. Made to last a lifetime and padded throughout, these are perfect for just about any industry. Since most online buyers are from outside of America, here is a table of the American made shoe sizes to help shoppers get the right size:


Some of the Top Shoe Brands from the USA

  • Noah Waxman
  • Danner
  • Wolverine
  • Esquivel Designs
  • SOM Footwear
  • Timberland

American Work Boots

1. Huckberry x Original Chippewa 6-Inch Service Boot

The Chippewa has a distinct soft full-grain leather top and soles made of crack resistant Vibram. These American boots are a hit in Europe, most especially loved by Germans. This boot holds a lot of national sentimental value as it has been manufactured in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin from as early as 1901. The boot is durable and has a 6-inch height. It is the result of successful collaboration with Huckberry based in San Francisco.


2. The Beast Wolverine

This heavy-duty shoe is the pride and joy of the Wolverine brand. The shoe is manufactured to appeal to the young American as it keeps up with the dynamic trends. Fully proudly made in the USA, the Wolverine 1000 Mile collection of shoes is popularly shopped for and forwarded to buyers in Japan, Germany and Denmark.


3. Red Wing 1907 Classic Moc

This classic is named after one of the original and very first men’s shoes made in USA, the first-ever Red Wing work boot made in 1907. They are unique and regarded by many as a treasure, as they are suitable for just about any purpose. The Red Wings are inspired by the footwear worn by Algonquin Native Americans. This work boot represents everything American.

Red Wing 1907 Classic Moc

4. Earth Runners Sandals

The only sandals to grace this list, the earth runners are made by a 100% proudly American shoe manufacturer – Capps Shoe Company. Approved for wear by the Air Force Exchange, US Army, National Park Service, Police, and Fire Department as well as Nexcom, the Earth Runners are some of the most sought sandals to come out of Virginia.


5. Danner Light Boot

Danner is one of the leading manufacturers of men’s shoes made in USA. The Danner work boots made in USA are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. The selling point is the sole made from Vibram to be crack-resistant. The light boot is outstanding, especially when it comes to outdoor activities and heavy duty use such as hiking, backpacking, and mountain climbing. As a result, online shoppers usually get the Danner Light Boot for outdoor adventures.


6. SOM Footwear Briquette

Introduced in mid-2018, the Briquette comes in three vibrant colors: purple, blue and red. Completed under keen observation, this shoe pays attention to detail and displays the highest level of craftsmanship. Coupled with exceptional customer service, the brand new Briquette is guaranteed to make waves as online shoppers from around the world will be keen to get it. Savvy customers get their handcrafted shoes shipped by a reliable package forwarding company.

SOM Footwear Briquette

7. Danner Mountain Light Cascade boot

This classic stitch-down boot comes with distinctly unique laces and color stitching. Made famous by the distinctly American lace-to-toe styling, as well as durability, this boot is a hit across Europe. The biggest market for the Danner Cascade is visibly in the UK.


8. George Esquivel gold metallic bootie

One of the ‘baddest’ buys in the luxury market, this glowing boot has an individual identity. In American shoe stores, it stands out because of the craftsmanship and artistry it exudes. As a result, the Esquivel gold metallic bootie is not only wholesaled, but sold and shipped to individuals in Switzerland, France, Norway, Japan, and Germany.   

George Esquivel gold metallic bootie

How to Get your Original Made in America Shoe Delivered through Parcl

These leading American designers manufacture and distribute their shoes to limited markets. Some are wholesaled to local and international buyers, and a significant portion is sold to individuals. With individual purchasing, a verified local US address is required at checkout. Shopping online is easy, but shipping the goods after closing the sale is usually a hustle. As such, the services of a dedicated and reliable package forwarder are needed.

At Parcl, there are no registration fees. International online buyers can register for free via the official website. Once an account has been created, buyers can enter their details to get American made shoes delivered to the verified local address. From the local address, your personal forwarder will ship your shoes to your specified address in your country. Best of all, the company handles everything for you including customs declaration and repackaging the shoes for international shipping.

If you're looking for the right hiking footwear, we recommend you to check out this comprehensive guide by Jenny from Hobby Help.

Using Parcl’s services, you can easily get your authentic American-made footwear shipped right to your doorstep. Buying original American brand shoes has never been this efficient!


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