8 Authentic Japanese Toys

For the longest of times, Japanese dolls have been the country’s most famous play affair. Japanese dolls consist of a long list with different names based on the design and region of origin. The most popular of them being the Kokeshi dolls originally from the northeast Japanese region known as Tōhoku-chihō. These are followed closely by the Kimekomi dolls. Even in modern day, these wood base dolls remain a hit. However, it’s no longer Japanese dolls that are a hit sensation. In this article, we’re going to review a list of eight traditional Japanese toys that are popular overseas and worth investing in parcel forwarding to get your hands on just one. 

How the Change of Times Has Corroded Family Time

With the introduction of technology and smart toys, a lot has changed. Not just on the invention and creativity platforms but in every little sense of living. Families no longer value spending their evenings around a fireplace eating smores and telling tales. They’d rather spend all their waking time engrossed in social media on their phones.


For some families who still value spending time with each other in true essence, it comes as a challenge finding activities for all family members to enjoy.

  • These top eight Japanese traditional toys can be easily played with by everyone as a unit.

  • They are made from the best locally sourced materials and are a breath of fresh air for anyone looking to woo young people away from playing games on their phones or browsing the internet.

  • Every age group is included in the wide range of traditional Japanese toys that are meant to benefit many, not just an elite few (in the case of smartphones).

You can come up with projects and games that are uniquely suited for your family members. Invest in the happiness of your family by going back to the basics. After all, back in the day, happiness was not determined by one’s riches but rather by how happy they were in their family unit. You can manage to be one of the few families that enjoy oneness in the 21st century.

Top Family Toys from Japan

There’s no better way to play with and enjoy toys than to approach playtime as a family. The idea behind buying traditional Japanese toys is to give everyone something to look forward to and play together. If you have an account with a verified parcel forwarder, consider getting a rough quotation of how much your Japanese toys will cost to be shipped from Japan to your doorstep. Only go ahead if you are 100% certain the costs are within your budget.


Meet the list of Japanese traditional toys that will benefit your family and change playtime for better.

  1. Tako (Kite)

If anything deserves Japanese package forwarding it’s this ancient toy that is as old as time. First thought to be introduced in Japan by Buddhist monks from China during the Nara period (710-794 CE), kites have been improved and made to change with the times. There are many styles, colours and types to choose from. Each kite carries a piece of Japan as all of them are painted with some religious symbol or characters from Japanese tales. Get Japanese tako kite from eBay.


  1. Beigoma (Japanese Spinning Tops)

This game will mostly be enjoyed by the youngest family members. Using a small pointy shape about 3cm in diameter, players wrap a thin cord of about 60cm around it then release while simultaneously throwing on a plain surface. The winner is the player whose spinning top is the last to stop and doesn’t get knocked outside the spin area. You can buy Japanese beigoma from Rakuten.


  1. Taketombo (Bamboo-copter)

One of the most genius games invented. The Taketombo toy helicopter rotor flies up once its shaft is rapidly spun. It’s one of the oldest toys and kids played with it through generations made from bamboo and other wooden parts. Buy taketombo online.


  1. Menko

This is a popular game of cards widely enjoyed across Japan. Menko is colourful, after all, the cards are full of colour as they are printed with manga, anime and other designs. The cards are also called Menko just like the game. It’s played by two or more players and thus, is a hit during those holidays when the family camps together at grandmother’s house. Playing is pretty simple. It’s a game of being vigilant and building a strong, patient character. Players try to flip or move the other player’s card by throwing it down forcefully to create a gust of wind. At the end of the game, the winner is the one with the biggest number of cards. Buy Japanese menko cards online.


  1. Daruma Otoshi

All of the playing parts of Daruma Otoshi are basically the same regardless of where you purchase your pieces. Check out daruma otoshi on eBay. This wooden toy is made of five stacking pieces, one on top of the other. At the top sits the Daruma, a piece with a face painted on it. Using a mallet, gamers knock out pieces under the Daruma one at a time without disturbing the Daruma. This simple game is worth your efforts if you’re to buy online from Japan. Your family will get some good laughs during playtime.


  1. Hanetsuki (Japanese Badminton)

This is the Japanese version and translation of Badminton. Hanetsuki is played without a net on a rectangular paddle known as hagoita using a brightly coloured shuttlecock. Can either be played by an individual trying to keep the shuttlecock aloft for as long as possible, or two people hitting it back and forth. Losers are marked with ink on their faces. Traditionally, the Japanese used Hanetsuki as a form of protection against mosquitoes. Purchase hanetsuki from Amazon.


  1. Kendama

Think of a yo-yo, but a long and somewhat modified version of the yo-yo. The Kendama game is played by tossing a ball and attempting to catch it in one of the two cups or the spear which is the pointy part of the stick. Reading about it in passing makes the game sound rather plain and simple, however, playing it needs dedication, technique and lots of concentration. This makes Kendama the perfect game for families looking to bond, teach each other vital life lessons and enjoy a good laugh. There are different variants, shapes, sizes and colours. Search and shop from


  1. Ayatori

This is one of the simplest games that many other cultures also consider to be indigenous. When playing Ayatori, gamers take a string, about 120cm long and tie the ends together making a loop. The game is made even more popular by the prospect of either playing it alone, as a pair or as a group of friends/family. The many shapes that can be crafted are what players enjoy as they show off to each other. Get yours from Amazon.


These are the current top 8 Japanese toys. With Parcl, you can enjoy international shipping from Japan as you buy any of your favourite gadgets and having fun with your family members. Order almost anything from any Japanese online store and Parcl will help get it delivered to almost any part of the world.

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