8 Inspiring Christmas Gifts for Artists

Saying that the Michelangelo or Van Gogh in your life has a different mindset compared to your popular Insta model cousin Ellen or uncle Pete the Chairman is an understatement. You might have a lot of gift ideas for artists in your head. And yet, it’s never easy knowing exactly what to buy for them. Unlike other people in your life, you can’t just go with a generic, pre-packed gift. It must be from the heart, just like their art. Aghh – such a painful buying process.

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a list of wonderful ideas to make presents for artists. Your task is to sift through the list and find the best gift for the artist in your life.

Buy Cool Christmas Gifts for your Art Obsessive Online

Shopping online opens the door wide for the best Christmas gifts for artists. Matter-of-factly, online shopping means you can buy just about anything. There’s no color, size or brand restriction. You’re free to visit any webstore and scout for gifts and novelty items. Even those webstores that restrict access from your country can be accessed using a VPN.

But, browsing through is one thing, shopping and shipping are another. With a Parcl account, you won’t only see great gifts for artists but will also be able to buy and get the present delivered to your or the giftee’s doorstep. A Parcl account opens doors to the world’s capital cities of shopping and gives you access to cool gifts for artists, makeup obsessives, collectors and a whole lot more. It’s easy to use and just knowing that there are no extra fees charged for using/holding an account makes Parcl more appealing.

  • You have access to an updated Shops Catalog, courtesy of Parcl, with direct links to take you to the original websites saving you the effort and time of a manual Google search. You can narrow down the search for artist presents by directly accessing stores such as Iichi, Troll and Toad, as well as Flipkart.

  • To help you better understand the trends in shopping and how best to save some money, Parcl also offers you a ‘crash course’ in the form of an International shopping calendar. The calendar will help you learn when and how to shop for cool gifts for artists

  • And, when you’re ready to check out from your selected store with the best present for your beloved artists, you can learn How to fill out the request form right from the Parcl website.

  • Now, you know how to get those rare collector’s items for your artist loved ones. Let’s take a look at these eight items singled out to give you the best idea.

Cool Ideas for Art Gifts

The best gifts for artists are practical and can be used every day. This apron protects the wearer from the mess created when artists get to work. It’s an all-rounder and perfect for cooking, craft making, painting, and sculpting. Even the artist who loves trimming their Bonsai trees will find an apron to be a lovely, practical gift. Since each apron comes with adjustable straps, it’s possible to buy the gift for people of any shape or height. The artist apron is a thoughtful, high-quality gift made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

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Some gift ideas for artists include what an artist will love and use as part of their identity. Such is the Color Wheel Pendant that can be customized as a necklace. The pendant has 22 karats and a lovely combination of colors. Most artists are notorious for their love of black or dull colors as an outfit; this necklace adds colorful flair to an otherwise quiet outfit. The designer and creative behind the pigmented necklace is Christine Schmidt, an artist based in San Francisco

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Some presents for artists are specific and should be bought with one person in mind. This Art Bin tote is this kind of a present. Each unit is crafted to perfection and can hold paints and other medium-sized items. There is a thick shoulder strap to make carrying the bag somewhat easier. If the tote gets heavy, transporting it is still very easy as there are wheels on it. It’s just like a suitcase on wheels, only it’s specifically for artists. There are two compartments to help increase the carrying capacity, but these can easily combine into one bag and be buckled up.

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Do you have an artist that likes having a house or room that looks dapper? Then the best gifts for such artists are components to decorate the house. These vintage camera pillows can easily merge into the background or stand out to be the main centre of attention depending on how you organize them. They are plushy and perfect companions for the pro or budding shutterbug needing motivation all around them.

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Some Christmas gifts for artists can be enjoyed by the whole family and not just the giftee. This easel is a lavish, beautiful piece of art that will make any home look more expensive and desirable. The proud 34-inch Mahogany product can fit any home and isn’t just for specific seasons. Best part, it’s a space saver and can easily be mounted on the wall.

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Professional presents for artists are rare to come by. You’ll most probably jump at the opportunity of getting your hands on this 3D pen that comes with an OLED Display and a USB charging port. Also, the pen has cool built-in temperature control and eight-speed printing control. And just when you thought your jaw couldn’t drop any further, each unit is two filaments supported.

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The camera charm necklace is not your average great gift for artists. It is ‘thee’ greatest gift idea for a shutterbug. The camera necklace is a product of artist Britta Ambauen, and each unit is handmade and sold from Seattle. Both charm and chain are made from sterling silver, perfect for any skin type without causing reactions. It’s a small, adorable necklace that can easily be carried around and worn by people of all ages. The charming necklace reminds the owner to stay positive and focused behind the camera lense.

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Christmas gifts for artists don’t necessarily have to be used just at Christmas only. They can be cool gifts usable all year. Buying the Daveliou Paint Brush Holder for artists gives them premium-grade artistic mastery excellence. The holder caters to versatile forms, shapes and sizes of brushes. And because it’s being gifted to an artist, who knows what else the artist might want to use the Brush holder for?

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