8 Most Wanted Beauty Gift Sets This Year

Christmas shopping can be the most therapeutic and fun way of getting into the festive mood. For some of us though, just the thought of shopping brings unwarranted feelings of conflict. If you’re one of those that find shopping for someone else to be a serious challenge, keep reading. We have extracted the best makeup gift sets and compiled them together with links to help you have an easier shopping experience.

The selection of beauty gift sets suggested for purchasing this season includes limited-edition collections, latest releases, and even glam travel kits. You only need to know the intended use of the kit to determine its relevance to the giftee. With these wanted beauty gift sets:

  • You increase your chances of purchasing a 2018 Christmas present that the recipient will be able to use in a practical manner.

  • Get to choose from a collection of already selected and packaged beauty essentials – you get professional service without actually paying for it.

  • Your Christmas shopping becomes easier as you can select 2+ different sets to give as gifts.

Some Top Christmas Makeup Set Deals

  1. Artis Elite Smoke 5-Piece Brush Set

The collection of 5 high-quality brushes is a new take on beauty gift sets. Yes, that’s right, this gift set is made out of 5-pieces of professional makeup brushes. You get a brush(es) for your face, lips, and eyes. In as much as a cosmetic gift set comes with the most basic items, these brushes make sense on all levels. Makeup artists understand that a flawless face beat is mainly because of high-quality brushes. With these CosmeFibre bristle brushes, your giftee will apply makeup like a pro with ease and precision.


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  1. Stila Aura Alight Glitter & Glow Highlighter and Liquid Eyeshadow Set

Perhaps the best makeup gift sets are those that focus on the most visible features—the eyes. Stila has achieved that rare level of pleasant by creating a set to help you bedazzle and sparkle all year-round. The set has a combination of some of the most popular Stila products. Stila is known for epic formulas, these Liquid Eyeshadows, and Glitter & Glow Highlighters are guaranteed to last the whole day. Perfect for the busy season.


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  1. Tarte Pineapple of My Eye Collector's Set

What better way to celebrate Christmas than having the best of the best? All Christmas makeup sets are a mixture of fun and exquisiteness. This limited-edition Tarte set for your eyes is graceful and filled with a ward of fun, best-selling items. Get it for the cool Sex Kitten Liquid Liner, the Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara, and the Rainforest of the Sea Lip Balm. To help accentuate those beautiful features, there is a 24-color palette with perfect pigmented shades to go with any look. If anything, consider the paraben, phthalates free set for it’ aesthetic beauty.


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  1. FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set

Lovers of Fenty Beauty will no doubt appreciate this thoughtful cosmetic gift set. Also, it’s the perfect introduction to Fenty Beauty for those who’ve never used the brand. Inside the set, there are two of the most outstanding products, i.e., Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer and Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter. The must-have set is perfect for traveling as the gloss bomb is just 5.5ml and highlighter is 2.2g. Sizing makes it possible to keep both gloss and highlighter at hand when on the go. The recipient stays looking fly all day long.


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  1. Milk Makeup It’s All a Blur Gift Set

If you’ve been searching in the best makeup gift sets for glam on-the-go, your answer is Milk’s glam Blur set. There are all essentials needed when traveling, such as dry shampoo, luxurious lip color, vivid mascara, and a highlighter stick. Skincare plus makeup can both be achieved using this one set. There’s no excuse for looking crusty when travelling. Milk has you covered.


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  1. Eyeko Mascara Wardrobe Gift Set

This wardrobe gift set leads the pack as far as best makeup gifts are concerned. There are 6 of the best Eyeko award-winning wands. With this gift set, it’s possible to achieve any desired look including but not limited to artsy, glittery and matte. It’s excellent, a definite all-rounder. The owner can achieve the cool everyday look or jazz it up to look ‘extra’ dramatic. An easy to carry set that is boxed in a compact size that easily fits in your hand.


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  1. Bare Minerals Box of Wonders Gift Set

Beauty gift sets must correspond to skin types. With this Bare Minerals box of wonders, your skin will forever be grateful to you. The box has high-quality products with decadent textures. It is the ultimate holiday makeup set for luxuriously glistening finishes. If you have been searching for a complexion-loving skincare set, this Bare Minerals with 24 beautiful surprises is the answer to that call.


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  1. Smashbox Light It Up 3 Palette Set: Eyes, Contour & Lips

Not all Christmas makeup Sets are about luxurious finishes and glamming it up. Take, for instance, this Light It Up Three palette set. It’s practical and perfect for everyday use. Owners can get the most value for their money and make up the eyes, lips and contour those features using just this one set. The set contains the Photo Op Eye Shadow palette the Be Legendary Lipstick palette and the Contour palette. Smashbox achieved one of the best makeup gifts by creating this limited-edition set in collaboration with neon artist Meryl Pataky.


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