8 Nintendo Switch Controllers for Superb Gaming Experience

The early 90’s cool kids knew that growing up during that period, there were two games in the arcade series worth playing. Those games being Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. The best presentations were associated with Mortal Kombat. The crazy game comes with over the top moves, fatalities, digitised graphics. When we learned that it’s a part of the Nintendo Switch the best memories from childhood and the best days came flooding and we rushed to the stores to buy. But to our disappointment, the original Switch controllers are a letdown.

Meet the Nintendo Switch—2019’s Cool Game for Cool Players

So, the NPD sales charts results were released on April 23, 2019, and the Nintendo Switch came out tops as the best-selling console for the month of March. Undoubtedly the best results for Nintendo in a while because the sales are up from the 2018 results. And that’s not all that the results had to show. The Switch is planning on rolling out larger first party releases throughout the back half of the year. If such plans are carried out as intended, then the entire 2019 will possibly be owned and ruled by the Switch brand—especially in the US.


If you’re wondering how the NPD results can be such a huge pointer, well these are the results around the video games and hardware sales. The Switch is going to absolutely dominate 2019 in terms of sales and popularity in the US.


The huge announcement by Square on their E3 timeslot shows that there are a lot of big plans for the future.

While we’re still on that subject of discussing the best Nintendo Switch controller, let’s have a quick look at the most anticipated Switch game of the season. And that is Shakedown Hawaii. It’s been difficult to learn of the release, but they have finally put out a trailer and some details. It’s coming out in a week and some days on May 7, there are already a lot of excited gamers. In preparation for Shakedown Hawaii, we have prepared a list of the best 8 Switch controllers.

List of the 8 Contending Best Nintendo Switch Controllers

  1. PowerA GameCube Style Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

This controller is a pure work of fiction. Genius, to say the least, because it exists. It’s compatible with the old GameCube format and you can match it in a couple of tweaks. Although not as heavy as the original GameCube’s controller, it’s definitely worth its weight in gold. Available in Purple, Grey and Black, select your favourite look when you shop online in the US for controllers.


  1. 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller

Excellent for retro titles. The retro design and style just takes one back to the golden days and brings new pleasures to the world of console gamers. Sporting attributes similar to the Super NES paddles, the controller supports motion controls. There is enough space on the surface as the buttons are well-placed.


  1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

This controller is the best-selling video game accessory currently trending on Amazon. The official controller has the best and most comfortable gaming experience on the Switch. Gamers looking to level up and enjoy premium gaming will fall in love with the Pro Controller, and with good reason. You can buy from the US and recharge it over USB-C to USB-A. Gamers fall in love with the motion controls, built-in amiibo functionality and more. 


  1. Nintendo Joy-Con

The Joy-Con is more of an accessory for Nintendo Switch than it identifies as a controller. All the same, it is a controller and it’s used for playing games Wii-style on the Switch. These tiny controllers are outfitted with a ton of motion sensors so they can be swung like a tennis racket or bat. Pair them up with Nintendo’s LABO kit to enjoy maximum flexibility. Worth every penny you’ll spend even with international parcel forwarding payment.


  1. HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa Fight Stick

Are you interested in bringing the arcade experience to life right on your living room floor? Then get this fighting stick from HORI. Manufactured from premium products, you can quickly get some KOs on fighting games and move up the levels like a boss. Comes with an excellent cable that is 10 foot in length and this allows you to game and freely move around.


  1. HORI HORIPAD Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch

This is one of the few pads with cords that we honestly love and enjoy using. Reminiscent of the old Xbox 360 controller, this oversized pad for games is for those action-packed and fast games that require a lot of physical effort. It comes with solid triggers and all buttons are fairly spaced out. The pad doesn’t vibrate, but this is a negligible omission.


  1. PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

Ideal for multiplayer focused games as it is an affordable, easy to hold and control pad. It is perfectly suited to go right into the palm of the gamer’s hand with accuracy and leave good room for measure. It’s not easy to lose around the house because of the perfect size.


  1. HORI D-Pad Nintendo Switch Controller (L) Zelda Officially Licensed

The HORI is one of the most essential Nintendo Switch controllers. Must always be used in the handheld or portable mode only. If you love 2D Indie games such as Tetris 99, New Super Mario Bros., then HORI’s officially licensed D-Pad controller is the controller of choice for directional controls. This increases the range of games that you get to enjoy on your Switch.

Why it's Worth Paying for US Shipping for Nintendo Switch Controllers.

After PlayStation and Xbox, come the Nintendo consoles. The Nintendo Switch’s latest games, such as God of War, FIFA 19 and Pro Evolution, come with some of the best graphics. Here are some of the advantages of having a Switch even two years after it’s initial release into the market:

  • It’s able to transform thus making it pretty flexible. The Switch can change from a home console to a portable gaming system in just a couple of movements. All you have to do is swish-swash and voila!

  • Playtime on the Switch is never compromised or paused. Gamers can transition from one style of gaming to another in just seconds without missing steps.

  • The Nintendo Switch feels good in your hand. It takes a couple of minutes to get used to because it’s oblong.

  • You get a lot of space in your entertainment centre. The Switch comes with a reasonably small footprint, making it easier to blend with other components.

There are a lot of pros presented by the Nintendo Switch. Getting it is more of an advantage than we could ever explain. For avid gamers, the explanation is always the case of ‘the proof of the pudding being in the tasting’. Buy it for yourself using the services of a trusted package forwarder from the US to get the best deal at budget-saving prices. 

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