8 Online Stores with Cheap Tech Goods

When it comes to electronics and tech gadgets, that’s usually the only time we’re not exactly keen on negotiating and bringing down the price. After all, ‘you get what you paid for,’ and with electronics, this can be a matter of life and death. Fortunately, if you have time to shop around, you might come across some cool, budget-savers that are not compromised and worth searching for on recommended sites.

We’ve taken the prerogative of searching for cheap, practical electronics that you’ll be glad to buy in 2019. This list has online stores that sell reviewed, strong electronics, but somehow always manage to give stock away at discounted prices. As you’re looking around, you might find the same item in more than one store, check the characteristics and specifications for a quick comparison before checking out.

Shipping Your Cheap Electronics with Parcl

Local retailers usually don’t offer these jaw-dropping generous discounts. That’s the only reason why you end up looking for cost-saving deals online. However, most of the online stores only have local shipping without the possibility of getting direct international shipping on your purchase. For most, the unavailability of shipping from the US might be a deal breaker. Shipping doesn’t have to be a problem if you’re willing to get a Parcl shipping account.

Parcl is a side project founded and operated by a well-established software publisher from Australia. The Parcl team consists of experienced, savvy and passionate IT professionals as well as shopping enthusiasts, who believe that there should be no limits for online shoppers. Parcl is founded on the basis that people can make the world a better place by helping each other. As a result, online shoppers find help from registered Parcl forwarders for a reasonable handling fee.


Buying your cheap gadgets via Parcl is one of the easiest tasks ever. Since the company’s mission is ‘to make international shopping truly border-free, convenient and fun’ their services are not strictly fixed. Every time you make a purchase, you get to customize the services you want to receive. For instance, as a first-time buyer, once you request Parcl to shop your cheap tech gadgets from the US, you can also request for help with customs. As you continue buying affordable electronics online, you might learn how to handle customs and not include this service in your request.

Buy Your Affordable Gadgets Online

Now that you know how to ship from the US to your country internationally, you can take a look at our 8 top picks for cheap tech goods.

  1. TechBargains

TechBargains lives up to its name, they find the best bargains of tech goods and present you with a comprehensive list. You’ll find all types of merchants on the list including third-party retailers, and you only select the ones offering a price range within your budget. The site specializes mostly in presenting buyers with computer deals. You’ll find the best bargains on desktops, laptops, routers, printers and a lot more related to computers. You can find major deals such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings on TechBargains long after the promotions are over.


  1. Slickdeals

Yeap, you read that right! This site offers all kinds of slick deals to save you a couple of cool bucks. Their website is neatly organized, and you’ll have no problem figuring out where to get started. This community-driven site is organized into Featured Deals, Frontpage Slickdeals, as well as Deals You May Have Missed. There’s no way you can lose out on this site that only shows offers from sellers with positive feedback from past buys.


  1. Newegg

Newegg is one of the bosses when it comes to online stores that have cheap tech gadgets. Having been in the industry for a good two decades, the company has grown and developed their algorithm to help you easily find and secure the best cost-saving deals on anything tech. In addition to computer hardware, you’ll also find a range of software and other electronics. They operate like Amazon and offer deals both from Newegg and third-party sellers listed on site.


  1. Micro Center

Whereas the other online stores on this list offer cheap electronics and other items such as sports and fashion apparel, Micro Center sticks to their specialty and only lists cheap gadgets. You'll find the best brands at the top of the page where they get to showcase the items on offer. Easy picks are made easier because of site arrangement into five sleek categories, namely: Computers, Computer Parts, Software and Gaming, Networking and Accessories. They have super amazing deals on refurbished devices.


  1. Swappa

Swappa is an excellent site offering cheap second-hand electronics online. Good second-hand tech works just as well as newly bought, the only difference being that it would have been preloved before meeting you. Exclusively focused on tech, Swappa is an excellent website to consider, especially when you’re working on a tight budget but want quality, known brands.


  1. Bang Good

Although Bang Good has some top-mad electronic deals, their site might appear overwhelming for some. The Chinese webstore has over 10 other categories in addition to electronics. So, you might find yourself getting distracted and checking out other categories or deals that have nothing to do with tech savings. If you would like a break from deals that require you to ship from an American store, then consider Bang Good and instead, ship from China.


  1. Tiger Direct

TigerDirect is an excellent website if you’re only interested in buying branded electronics at equally excellent prices. The store has ten main categories, and all of them are tech-based: Computers, Monitors, Surveillance, Networking, Printers, Servers, Software, Data Storage, Power Management, and CPUs & Memory. If you’re to buy from TigerDirect, visit Parcl and create a forwarding request, and with the services selected, you’ll get a US shipping address. Use this address to bring in your affordable tech goods all the way from the USA.

Tiger Direct

  1. B&H

Save big time on photo, video and professional audio gadgets by shopping from B&H. Other stores on this list focus on a wide range of tech gadgets, however, B&H focuses mainly on audio and video gear to make your selection process somewhat easier. There’s also a ‘Used’ section where you’ll get fairly used items at low prices. Buy anything from darkroom apparatus to lighting and get it delivered to your doorstep. And remember, with a Parcl account, you get to shop in the US, ship internationally and still manage to save significantly.


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