8 Stationery Brands Perfect for the Minimalist

One funny thing about school, it’s always a circle of life. Everyone will at some point be a preschooler, a schooler and then a school graduate. But never at any of these points will school not be of importance. You get excited or affected with every beginning of a new school year. After all, it’s only this calendar that recognises September as the start of new things, the new year.


Oh well, nothing marks the beginning of a fresh cycle of learning better than brand new stationery. Smelling those pages just revives something in your mind. Even those that do not really love school, appreciate the way stationery makes them feel and perceive the beginning of a new day.

For centuries, the pen and notebook or notepad have been the best of friends to anyone who wants to write and take down notes. Even with the introduction of smart gadgets and other smart units, putting pen to paper has always been the best way of taking down notes and writing serious information.

Stylish Stationery Brands for the Avid Scribbler

  1. Cloth & Paper

This US-based brand offers buyers the top of the range in terms of product quality. They offer luminous minimal design stationery as well as various organizational tools crafted, from leather planners to unique sticky notes and inserts. If you’re searching for beautifully styled accessories to customise your other stationery, then visit Cloth & Paper for the perfect novelty items. Get them in the right mood by subscribing for the monthly service with a stationery box and writing toolbox. Your international package forwarding service provider will be pleased to help you get such unique minimalist stationery items delivered to your address.

Shop Сloth & Pape online storer.


  1. Appointed

The American-made brand offers beautifully designed stationery and desktop products. Appointed works based on the design methods of crafting the very best stylish, luxurious and sustainable products. Even with all these taken into consideration, they are the best in the industry and their prices are fair, practical and affordable. You might have heard of them or know them by their slogan “beautiful tools to foster organisation, productivity and creativity.” The beautiful Appointed stationery items can also be customized with a logo or monogram. If you’re in love with unique items, no matter how trivial, then this is where you need to shop.

Shop Appointed online.


  1. La Petite Papeterie Française

Let’s move our search for the beautiful minimalist stationery from the beloved United States of America to the country of love France! Where to even begin? This French brand of magnificence comes on board the Slow Movement with their Slow Office manifesto. In line with their company goals and policies, La Petite Papeterie Française celebrates that creativity and productivity cannot be rushed. Rather, individuals need to nurture their creativity and productivity over time. All the stationery from this brand has some of the most serene colours aimed at bringing out the best one according to nature. Soft colours that calm the spirit. Your spirit can be calm when scribbling on anything from the brand that believes in taking everything slowly.

Visit La Petite Papeterie online.


  1. In Haus Press

This boutique design studio hailing from San Francisco creates stylish minimal greeting cards and unique stationery. You know you’ve hit gold when you come across their creation with the minimal aesthetic that is perfectly clean and neat. For the best original typography printed on a top quality printing press, get your own taste of the In Haus Press minimalistic stylish stationery. You could also buy their Gift Certificates or shop in wholesale. Whatever you feel like, get in touch with them with your idea and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Shop In Haus Press online.


  1. Quill London

Moving on to the land of the best monarchy in the world, London presents to us Quill, a traditional stationery supplier. Operating both online and offline, this shop stocks the most beautiful minimalistic stationery and a calligraphy studio as a standalone brand. The Quill stationery line offers the buyer a chance of getting personalized calligraphy on their recently acquired stationery. If you buy their chic stationery that features clean, minimalistic aesthetics via a parcel forwarding service, you can get all your new stationery personalised with high-end calligraphy before it’s shipped to your country.

Shop Quill stationery collection online.


  1. Mark + Fold

Arguably, one of the best brands in the industry. Mark + Fold has an easy ethos and everything about them and their line of operations is simple. Offering buyers the best of handmade, elegant, modern and minimalistic products, this brand can swiftly become an all-time favourite. Their specialty is mainly unique, limited edition designs made on a small scale with the very best of techniques. Everything is stunning and beautifully executed to provide you with the very best. For stylish stationery that might possibly be one-of-a-kind, visit the Mark + Fold online store for deals.

Shop Mark + Fold online store.


  1. ITO Bindery

This Japanese stationery brand is another super cool minimalistic provider. Visit them if you’re interested mainly in ultra-cool memo blocks, and drawing pads. They provide both the traditional all black and all white versions. But there is a throw of kraft versions into the mix. To protect the environment, all ITO Bindery stationery cardboard is made from recycled paper. Everything keeps on getting better with the effort made by such companies.

Visit ITO Bindery store.


  1. Need Supply

Need Supply is another eccentric supplier of stationery. They provide you with anything and everything from life to office and general stationery. Take it a step further and shop for calendars as well as accessories from this provider. You can use filters on their site to search by brand, colour or price. And guess what? If you have a US shipping address, you’re eligible to receive a free two-day shipping deal. Buy more to save more and only pay for international parcel forwarding when your stationery leaves the US for your country.

Shop Need Supply Co online.


More Chic Stationery Online

More stationery stores are available online. If you’re interested in getting any stunning, beautifully designed stationery, don’t limit your search to local stores online. The benefits that come with buying stationery online include:

  • You get to buy imports that would otherwise cost an arm and a leg when bought in your home country.

  • Shop for products that are uniquely suited for you, and add other unique features, such as calligraphy, to make it truly yours.

  • Sift through stores offering a variety to get the best products, mix and match to come up with a style you identify with.

There are a lot of fine stationery brands. Some are specialised for specific professions or crafts, such as musicians, sketch artists etc. Find your best match and buy it online!

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