8 Trendsetting Fashion Brands from Spain

In addition to rich Flamenco music and dance, enthralling bullfights and spectacular beaches, Spain is also famous for its high-street fashion. More and more, the big names in the fashion industry are Spanish. The prestigious NYFW has been graced by the likes of renowned designers Alessandro Trincone and Leandro Cano. Following his success at the London College of Fashion, designer Alejandro Gómez launched the Palomo Spain in 2015. Having the Palomo Spain just rocketed Spanish fashion trends and gave designers one more platform to display their talents.


However, it’s not all Spanish clothing brands that can afford the luxury of exclusive fashion weeks and fashion shows. Most high-street fashion brands are pretty affordable and can be bought by most shoppers. Also, their stores have cyber presence making it possible for international shoppers to complete their shopping online. Most European countries can easily access a significant number of Spanish high-street fashion brands, but then again, the best of the best is always in Spain.

Trendsetting Spanish Fashion Brands Worth Checking Out

Here is a list of the top 8 Spanish brands to check out:

  1. Zara

Zara is the most popular and successful child of Spanish clothing giant Inditex. They bring their stores, which sell various items including men’s and women’s clothing, children’s clothing, perfumes, and even popular homeware. Shoppers looking for reputable Spanish clothing stores online that sell items straight off the ramps of the catwalk should look at Zara first.


  1. Mango

Mango clothing, also known as Punto Fa, S.L. is perhaps Inditex’s outright competition. Mango sells women’s, men’s and kids’ collections. Although the brand is Spanish and has most of their customers locally, their physical stores are predominantly in Istanbul, Turkey. Fortunately, international shoppers can take advantage and buy online. Their signature affordable leather pieces help to keep this Spanish fashion brand on the leaderboard.


  1. Oysho

Also, under Inditex, this brand is a high-street store focusing on dressing up women. For classy and intimate women’s lingerie, swimwear, beach accessories and nightwear, Oysho does the trick. As the brand continued growing and conquering new territories, they introduced the Oysho stylish gym gear. Globally, they have physical outlets in about 40 counties


  1. Stradivarius

Another one of Inditex’s babies, Stradivarius is mostly for the cool, trendy young shopper. If you’re searching for Spanish clothing brands online that sell classic trenches with fashionable belts, colorful jeans, and printed scarves, then you might want to consider visiting Stradivarius before any other brand. The brand is always dripping with colourful, in-season styles.


  1. Pull & Bear

Also under Inditex, Pull & Bear is the Hip and Hop part of the group. They are popular for their urban, edgy and trendy styles. If you want to shop for classic, grungy and comfortable, then Pull & Bear is one of the Spanish clothing stores online to visit first. They sell women’s, and men’s clothing accessories and shoes. A trendy shopper will feel right at home in this store.


  1. Bimba y Lola

Founded by sisters Maria and Uxia Dominguez, Bimba y Lola is popular for their unapologetic all female looks. Catering to womenswear, the brand focuses their creative energy towards bringing bright colours and loud patterns to life. Having rallied up enough support and attention, this fun and relatable member of the leading Spanish fashion brands enjoys glowing write-ups from the likes of Vogue.


  1. Desigual

When searching for leading Spanish clothing brands online, Desigual cannot be overlooked. Known for their out of the box kind of advertising, they have enjoyed a lot of attention both locally and internationally. Desigual has also collaborated with French designer Christian Lacroix. The 2011 collaboration, followed by the provocative ‘come in undressed and go out dressed’ ad campaign did wonders in marketing the brand. However, their fun and vibrant colours were already doing a wonderful job.


  1. Adolfo Dominguez

No, not the same Dominguez as Bimba y Lola. This brand has been around much longer than the sisters. Named after the founder who inherited his father’s tailor shop back in 1970, the brand started small. After launching his brand, Adolfo Dominguez in Madrid, he decided to stick to minimalist and classic. The brand caters to women and recently added men. It is perfect when looking for unique, sophisticated evening wear.


How to Buy Online from Spain

Online shoppers only see the trends, but might be limited to sales and new editions. Before the system updates, you might add items to your online shopping cart only to realise they are out of stock at checkout.

Additionally, with online shopping, there is always the issue of shipping your package to your home country. In some cases, shipping companies hide the logistics and customs processes involved. At the end of the day, you find yourself paying twice the price or even more than the buying price. In case you have experienced such misfortune and have resigned from shopping online, there is good news that might just make you reconsider.

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