8 Unique Jewelry Brands from Denmark

Denmark is known for its varied and tasty pastries and Hygge lifestyle. Denmark is loved for its love for cycling indicated by the thousands of bikers, especially in big cities such as Copenhagen and Soho. But most importantly, Denmark is admired for its long history of jewelry craftsmanship and fashion sense. With a long tradition of jewelry crafting and designing, it isn’t a surprise that Denmark is one of the top jewelry exporters.

With or without putting much effort, the jewelry stores in Denmark find themselves selling an awful lot of Danish jewelry annually. The talented and innovative designers are yet to find themselves lacking when it comes to customers.

Complete our Denmark Jewelry Adventures Using Affordable Parcel Forwarders

Since there are a lot of online Danish jewelry stores, international shoppers can easily find their way around and select from a variety. However, this doesn’t solve their dilemma of trying to find affordable international package forwarding from Denmark. Once one decides to buy a piece of stunning Denmark jewelry, their line of thought is easily interrupted by the possibility of failing to get international shipping from Denmark.

Very few people know that they can easily buy from Denmark and have their package forwarded to their home anywhere in the world. There is no hassle involved. In fact, using the right platform, you can meet runners in Denmark who will be willing to run around and find you anything you want in their city.

As long as it is legal for shipping, you will get your purchase via trusted services of package forwarding from Denmark. There are a lot of forwarders listed on the Parcl page. Each forwarder has been interviewed and their identity verified alongside their Denmark shipping address. To get started and work with any of these verified individuals:

  1. Click on and select the option to Create a Request.

  2. Fill in the form and include all the details about the jewelry and other items that you wish to purchase from your favorite online store in Denmark.

  3. You will receive quotations from interested registered forwarders who live in Denmark.

  4. Check their profiles and select the one that matches your preferences.

  5. Make contact to further communicate with your forwarders and get started with your shopping experience.

More than anything, Danish jewelry designers are immaculate and their work acumen is something worth admiring. You can get started shopping the most beautiful and uniquely designed pieces of jewelry from Denmark.

Top Eight Danish Jewelry Brands that You Need to Check Out

  1. Stine A

This Danish jewelry designer and manufacturer focuses on a wide range. They have pendants, chains, earrings, bracelets and more. If you have no idea what you’re looking for, you can use their website layout for inspiration. To get started, check out the Favorite Darlings section of their store. Also, if you get something that you love and there is a friend or relative that you would love to gift but don’t really know what to give, then you should get the Gift Card to make life easier. Stine A offers free local shipping service for purchases of DKK 299 or more. If you get yourself a forwarder, you can use their verified Danish shipping address to have them receive your parcel locally, then have it sent to you wherever you are overseas.

  1. Pernille Corydon Jewelry

One of the main advantages of using a parcel forwarding service to get your jewelry from Denmark to your address overseas is that you get the option of receiving exclusive offers just like a local. At the Pernille Corydon Jewelry store, you have the option of shopping as either a Danish or an international customer. But, we all know, locals get the best of offers and deals. So, why not take advantage? The store has a lot of young and inspired designers who are ready to create a piece of the world with each jewelry item. Get the earrings that make you feel as if you’re lost in Paris. Alternatively, spoil yourself with the Bali inspired hoops. Or you can rule the streets with a street-chic look. The choice is yours.

  1. Trine Tuxen Jewelry

The Trine Tuxen Jewelry has an interesting list of collections. Under their collections, there are intriguing titles that are: Blossom, Birthstone, Bullet, Fortune Cookie, Logo, Loop, Moon, Ocean, Ribbon, Step, Trine Tuxen Jewelry x LuisaViaRoma, V and Zodiac. If you’re looking for the best jewelry, search for their collections. In the same instance, you can shop the bracelets, rings, charms, ceramics, hair jewelry, earrings, necklaces and more. They have branches in several cities including Copenhagen, Brabrand, Kolding, Hellerup and Arhus. You can select your favorite store or location from the list. Their website is easy to maneuver and you can sign up for updates by providing your email address. Updates and tips from the store will help you shop easily.

  1. Maria Black

Maria Black is a specialist in fine jewelry. You can shop their wide range of earrings and collections such as new arrivals, specials and even piercing ideas. Specializing in jewelry that’s close to nature, you can expect to be charmed by their impressive inventory with earthy colors and natural finishes. Also, check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you are in Europe, you can book to go and have your piercing in Oslo, Copenhagen, Munich or London. In case you are a reader, you will also be interested in reading the story about Maria Black jewelry and its inception.

  1. Jane Kønig

The Jane Kønig philosophy lies in equipping women with the right piece of jewelry. After all, women need to challenge their daily looks by giving themselves new styles that change their perspective and outlook on life. You will find the likes of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings on their list of jewelry items. Shop for real looks as the Jane Kønig pieces are made from 925 sterling silver that’s either rhodium or rose gold or 18-carat gold plated. If you have been wondering how to add an element of uniqueness to your daily looks, look no further than this Scandinavian designer of excellence.

  1. Aura of Copenhagen

The Aura of Copenhagen store by Charlotte Pankoke focuses on high-end quality and luxury. This brand is one unique pot that has been combined to give shoppers a taste of Arabian nights combined with Scandinavian designs. Their jewelry is hand-crafted and carefully-picked to give shoppers a wider selection of crafted work. The Aura of Copenhagen is one of the top Danish jewelers. But, what can one do when their Denmark store doesn't ship internationally? You already have the solution to this glitch. Get in touch with your Parcl parcel forwarder.

  1. Enamel Copenhagen

As the name suggests, this is a jewelry store based in Copenhagen. Get started with this site by checking out their Look book. If you’re happy with what is on your screen, then you can get started purchasing online. There are some pretty unique products, items that you wouldn’t normally find in your local jewelry store. Get items such as bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. Whatever you want, you can get it. Their specialty is gold-plated items that have a natural look and are designed to impress. Enamel is where you shop for the unique jewelry that isn’t the normal items that you can wear on an ordinary day. If you love a unique look, then this is the number one Danish jewelry supplier that you need to check out.

  1. Marlene Juhl Jørgensen

The Marlene Juhl Jørgensen is one of the best Denmark has to offer. It’s even more interesting because it’s not easy to define. Not allowing the ordinary to dictate who and what the brand should be, the award-winning designer has a strong acumen for top quality. The lady behind the brand, Marlene, is involved in the processes. Her skills learnt both at home and overseas as a New York designer result in pieces that are timeless, classy and desired by many. Before launching her own shop and going online, Marlene was first given the big platform by designers and resellers in Soho. And now, her collections that often give a glimpse of her travels are available for purchase online. You should seriously learn how to ship from Denmark so you can purchase and rock the Marlene Juhl Jørgensen jewelry pieces.

This is one amazing shortlist, hand-picked by our editor after extensive research. If you feel like you need more jewelry from Denmark, you’re free to carry out further research and start buying online. After all, a Parcl account activates the power of online purchasing so you don’t have to worry about such details. 

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