Feel the Magic with These 10 Moroccan Cosmetic Brands

For most of us, Morocco is a magical place, known for blue-painted buildings and handmade, traditional souvenirs. And at the first mention of Medina, most people think of the highest-quality rugs, colorful jewelry, hand-painted tea sets and more. And then, there’s the beauty that is argan oil. The endemic argan oil is dull yellow in color and has been nicknamed the “liquid gold”. And that’s what helped to put Morocco on a global map in terms of beauty and authenticity.

The Rise of Moroccan Beauty Industry

Interestingly, Moroccans started taking advantage of the country’s natural resources only recently. During the last decade, Moroccan women had been forming profitable groups to create beauty products out of the naturally existing argan fruit, or rather, its oil, and by doing so drew the attention of several international publications.

But, today, not only we will discuss the treasure kept in the Southwestern Moroccan semidesert known as Sous Valley; we will take a look at the entire Moroccan cosmetic industry.

There is so much diversity that comes out of Morocco. To fit the country in one description would be unfair to you as the reader. As one of the countries with the most extreme temperatures, its people are also seemingly creative. And as such, the cosmetics industry has undergone some huge developments over the years.

Some Popular Moroccan Cosmetics Categories

If you’re looking to discuss the Moroccan beauty industry, you can search in various fields. These include the likes of:

  • Khol – forget eyeliner and Mascara and focus on this magical eye powder. Khol is the safest enhancer you can use on your eyes as the only ingredients are herbs that have been mixed, burnt and then powdered.

  • Oil Perfumes – just like the rest of the Arab nations, concentrated oils are a hit. The cosmetics industry in Morocco is right there at the top.

  • Savon Noir – this deep enzymatic scrub and body wash is a natural product that’s usually used for hammams. You can contact a Moroccan package forwarder to arrange for your Moroccan Savon Noir to be shipped internationally.

  • Musk – one of the most unique products in the plethora of Moroccan cosmetics. Musk is a natural perfume cube that fits easily just about anywhere and the scent lasts forever.

The Top Moroccan Cosmetic Brands to Buy

You already know what to expect out of the Moroccan beauty market. So, how about we take a look at some of the top cosmetic brands.

  1. Heritage Berbere

This is one of the best brands to come out of Morocco and is based in Marrakesh. Heritage Berbere’s team has been creating the most fantastic smells. The company is known for its reed home diffusers and oil-based perfumes. Drawing inspiration from nature, the brand is loved for its authenticity. Both you and your loved one can buy from Morocco and have his and hers fragrances delivered to your home. If you’re interested in a Moroccan brand that makes long-lasting, natural scents, then go with Heritage Berbere.

Shop Heritage Berbere online.

  1. Henné Sahara Tazarine

One of the most popular products to come out of the Arab community is henna. And the best news is that henna is made out of natural herbs and charcoal. Also based in Marrakesh, Henné Sahara Tazarine is popular among those preparing for wedding ceremonies. You can order in bulk and pay at once for a parcel forwarder to get your henna in kilograms delivered from Morocco to your home anywhere in the world.

Shop Henné Sahara Tazarine online.

  1. Zakia’s Morocco

Zakia’s Morocco is a family brand and one of the country’s points of pride. It was launched in 2009 and currently is one of the country’s leading cosmetic companies. The brand is also popular for its hands-on approach in women empowerment. The company’s products are 100% natural and made out the purest Moroccan ingredients. You can pick and choose from a wide selection that includes masks, hair oils, skincare lotions, black soaps, and more. You will be happy to learn that most facial products are full of Ghassoul clay meaning you’re buying the best.

Shop Zakia’s Morocco online.

  1. BayaFlore

BayaFlore is one of the biggest brands in the country and is based in Casablanca, its largest city. The company has managed to propel itself to the global list of sought-after brands thanks to its wide range of skincare and hair products. If you’re interested in a deep cleansing hammam made out of purest natural ingredients, then BayaFlore is the way to go. The international market is always eager to accept a beauty product that accentuates healthy, glowing skin.

Shop at BayaFlore.

  1. Prime Aya

Another family-owned and run Moroccan leading cosmetic brand, Prime Aya was established in 2014 and became famous almost instantly. The company is one of the largest exporters of organic argan oil and oil-based products. In addition to argan, the company also stocks products made out of prickly pear oil and barbary fig oil. And that’s all you need to look and remain naturally radiant.

Shop Prima Aya online.

  1. Chahva

This brand is another popular cosmetic name that comes from Morocco’s Berber region. The word ‘chahva’ is translated from the Berber language and means ‘beautiful.’ It’s the essence of beauty and a must-have for those looking to accentuate their features and smell fresh. Although Chahva is owned by Biorganics Company, the brand is still managed as a separate entity and retains its core values. The company specializes in argan oil-infused products, doesn’t test on animals nor includes parabens or silicone. 

Shop Chavha products online.

  1. Malak Bio

This is one of the most popular brands to come out of Agadir. Malak Bio puts a strong accent on nature and clean beauty. The company takes full advantage of the country’s natural resources, making its products out of argan oil. The brand is also the leading retailer of essential oils such as bitter almond, fenugreek, clove, garlic, carrot, and ginger. The company also carries anti-aging products made out of naturally squeezed seeds.

Shop this brand online.

  1. Fatima’s Garden

Despite its amateur-sounding name, Fatima’s Garden is a serious business. The company is run by biologists, naturalists, scientists, and pharmacists, who know exactly what they are doing. If you are interested in a cosmetics brand that takes sustainability seriously, consider Fatima’s Garden and get started.

Shop Fatima’s Garden online.

  1. Sonya Henna

Another brand specializing in henna powder and its locally sourced ingredients. The company’s production process is a long one and starts with collecting the henna plants in the Sahara Desert and transporting them to Marrakesh before they can be sun-dried and turned into henna powder. Artists across the globe love Sonya Henna powder due to its refined quality and long-lasting effect. 

Shop Sonya Henna online.

  1. Bahia Cosmetics

Last but not least is Bahia Cosmetics whose founder was inspired by the use of argan oil in most Moroccan traditional products and thought to share it with the rest of the world. For those who are not yet certain but would love to try Moroccan cosmetics, Bahia Cosmetics comes highly recommended. Best of all, the company offers sets of beauty samples that are big enough to last you until you see a change or make up your mind. Definitely worth having forward shipped from Morocco to the USA.

Shop this brand online.

International Shipping from Morocco

You already have the information on leading Moroccan cosmetics brands. Consider working with a professional forwarder who has been checked and verified by Parcl and send your purchases from Morocco to your country. Each time you order something from Morocco or any place in the world, you can use the services of such trusted Parcl forwarders who are dedicated to making your international shopping experience easier. 

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