15 Swedish Online Shops You Should Know

Online shopping is undoubtedly time-saving and eliminates the need for visas to go shopping in Sweden. After the introduction of package forwarding and handling, online shopping has become more proficient. Trusted parcel forwarding agents in Sweden will make your shopping experience all the more amazing and easier.

But before you can get in touch with your favourite package re-shipper, you need the down lows on how to buy from Sweden online. Here is a skeleton of the process:

  • Visit a reputable or your favourite Swedish online store.

  • Select what you would like to buy and add to the cart.

  • Visit package forwarding service to get a verified Swedish shopping address.

  • Once you have compared costs and selected one forwarder, you will get their shipping address, use it to check out from the webstore.

  • The purchased items will get delivered to the local address, and from there, the handler will send them to your home country.


Do you need more items from Sweden? Repeat the process above.

Swedish Brands to Know

Alright, now that you know how to shop online from Swedish shops, let’s take a look at the leading high-end street Swedish brands you can check out;

  1. HOPE

HOPE makes it to the top of our Swedish online clothing stores because of their refreshingly cool and well-cut designs. The brand is desirable mainly because of the high-quality finished products they sell.


  1. & Other Stories

This brand is a Swedish online store that falls under the H&M brand. Because they collaborate with local designers, their prices tend to be higher than those at standard H&M outlets.


  1. Mini Rodini

The brand easily merges with other Swedish clothing brands as a supplier of the most adorable kids clothing.


  1. Klippan

The family textile company was established in 1879. They are most popular for their table linens.


  1. Rodebjer

Designed for the stylish urban female, this brand is the only one on our list to have a capsule collection with Madewill. Their coats and clocks are forever stylish and timeless.


  1. Dagmar

Typically Scandinavian designs, the brand makes it on our list of Swedish online clothing stores as authentically local. Three sisters established Dagmar.


  1. Design House Stockholm

This Swedish online store collectively brings together affordable authentically Scandinavian designs from local designers. Other designers within the Scandinavian region also get to list their pieces.


  1. Sandqvist

The brand creates and designs bags that are predominantly mistaken to be for males. However, they are easily adaptable and can be unisex.


  1. Whyred

The brand stays away from bright colour and trendy prints. Their clothing is mainly built on black and dark-hued colour palettes. Thus, the clothes are perfect for almost every season and occasion. Whyred is a premium Swedish shop online for the accomplished shopper.


  1. Happy Socks

Offering amazingly free-spirited and happy patterns, the brand lives up to its name. It is already popular both in Sweden and abroad. You can use an international freight forwarder to buy the original patterns from the original designing brand of the trendy socks.


  1. Swedish Hasbeens

Their straight out of the 1970s clogs makes this brand one of the refreshing Swedish gems in modern day shopping. Their clogs are made with intricate detail and attention to the tiny bits making them a high-end fashion statement.


  1. Sagaform

This brand is responsible for the trendy, minimalist and elegant homeware. Their designs are available in a series of colours and sold from Huset and Designs of Sweden.


  1. Cheap Monday

This brand offers the modern shopper luxurious, somewhat steeply priced pieces. Their collections can be accessed from the likes of Asos, Revolve Clothing and Shopbop. For the aesthetic Swedish dresses and coats, this is the number one brand.


  1. Koloni Stockholm

If you want an experience of pure, unaltered Scandinavian feel, then this is your store. At Koloni Stockholm, they stock tea towels, mugs and other home accessories for the original Nordic home.


  1. Acne Studios

The ACNE collective, an acronym for Associated Computer Nerd Enterprises was established in Stockholm in 1996. The brand currently enjoys success as a multi-disciplinary luxury fashion house. They focus on designing womenswear, menswear, as well as shoes and accessories. Their price range is quite on the high-end when compared to other Swedish online shopping sites.


Use Parcl for Package Forwarding from Sweden

Online shoppers can select to use just about any method of shipping when shopping from Swedish stores. However, matching the best service provider that offers dedicated parcel forwarding service from Sweden might prove challenging. Coupled with the fact that international shipping from Sweden can be delayed due to logistics, it eventually defeats the purpose of shopping online altogether.


Thankfully, Parcl helps the online shopping and shipping process. In case you have searched how to shop online in Sweden and did not come out with results that make you happy, don’t waste your time, visit Account registration is easy and doesn’t require any charges. Also, your account can be used as and when you choose to. There are no monthly fees, even when our account is not in use. Once you select Parcl as your mediator for shipping from Sweden, you will only pay the actual shop price and shipping fees. No hidden charges apply.


With Parcl, you get the following:

  • Personal shopper service in Sweden whereby you get quotes from various Parcl forwarders based in Sweden, and you select the one you want to work with. In addition to receiving your purchased items using your personal shopper’s address, you can arrange to have your assistant going to any of the Swedish high-street outlets. This helps you get exposed to more variety to select as if you were in Sweden in real time.

  • In addition to buying and shipping clothes, you now know how to ship from Sweden for life. Without having stepped into the land of the Swedes, you can use your Parcl personalised shopping and parcel forwarding to get the famous Lovikkavantar (Lovikka Mittens). What better way to show appreciation to your loved ones who like relaxing with a glass of strong alcohol than to order bottles of Absolut Vodka straight from Sweden?

  • Full support throughout the buying and shipping process. You get prompt email notifications to your specified channels of communication. This way, you are kept updated on any changes as and when they occur. Since your forwarder will also provide you with a tracking number, you can check on the parcel as it is shipped from Sweden to your home country and finally to your home.

  • A payment system integrated with PayPal. In case you’re unable to pay and check out from your Swedish webstore using your debit/credit card, you can pay for your purchase through your Parcl account which supports PayPal. Instead of being limited in payment methods, Parcl gives you the solution to pay for both your shopping and shipping from Sweden.


In case you’re interested in buying more than just clothes, your Parcl account is still good to use. You have the option of shopping for more items from Sweden and over 80+ countries with Parcl presence.

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