5 Affordable Christmas Gifts for an Ikea Fan

Those who love their furniture simple, classy and unique know how to shop from Ikea’s online and offline shelves. Those with a taste for the finer things in life appreciate the goodness that comes with Ikea products.

If you know how to tell the difference between your Scandinavian and Skandia lingo, then you most definitely know how and what to buy from Ikea. But what if we were to let you in on a little secret? Did you know, you can shop and ship directly from Sweden or the Netherlands without the need to physically set foot in any of the Ikea Furniture Retail Stores?

International Shipping from Sweden

Your home accessories and furniture make much sense when sourced from Ikea. The brand makes excellent designs that are affordable and unique. You can shop whatever you like online. When answering questions such as ‘Why is Ikea not in my country?’ the answer varies, but if it so happens that there’s no Ikea in your home country, maybe it’s because you can actually afford to shop online.

There are a lot of Ikea products found on the actual Ikea website as well as other online stores that are able to stock the brand’s items. When shopping from Ikea, you know that you’re buying quality that comes with a lot of years of warranty.

You can now afford to shop from Ikea online with Parcl. Parcl is an online platform that provides international shoppers with package forwarding from Sweden. You can buy anything you desire from Ikea and any other store without stressing about the money associated with finding an affordable international parcel carrier.

When shopping with Parcl, you unlock the chance of buying anything in the world. The company has forwarders and runners located in Sweden, the Netherlands, USA, France, Australia, Germany, the UK and 108 other countries. There is a total of over 1900 package centres available to Parcl shoppers with an excess of 230 shipping methods available to select from.

This is What You Can Do with Parcl

As a Parcl shopper, you have the opportunity of opening a lot of doors. The relashionship between you as a shopper and Parcl is purely business that comes with great opportunities for you. Here are some of the top benefits of shopping with Parcl:

  1. Get new products as soon as they are released. With a Parcl account, as soon as Ikea releases new furniture, you can be amongst the first shoppers to get your hands on it if you so desire.

  2. Your shopping and shipping experience allows you to save big. Enjoy massive discounts and offers that other international shoppers are not privy to.

  3. Shop quality, rare products that aren’t available in your country. You will be the first to get your hands on certain items and home accessories that are otherwise exclusive to specific Ikea stores.

In addition to enjoying the use of coupons like a local and having the latest gadgets among other privileges, you also get to have hassle-free shipping from just about any country. There are other additional services such as having the actual price adjusted to help you pay little to no customs tax.

Top Scandinavian Furniture Items Suitable for Any Season

With the right details and everything that relates to your online shopping experience, you can now head over to any Ikea online store to get anything you like. We have helped make the Ikea online ordering process easier for you by coming up with the five essential and potential Ikea gifts.

Select your first Ikea purchase from the following:

  1. Exquisite Metal Candleholder

Made to take after the shape of piled up coil pots, this bespoke candleholder takes you back in time. Made out of durable and shiny aluminium, the Ikea candle holder is something to spruce up your home this Christmas without being overbearing. And because the candle holder is made out of aluminium, when the wax burns down, it will fall right into the bottom of the can and cool down without becoming a nuisance that must be cleaned up the next day. For just $8, the Varmer Candlestick holder can be yours.

  1. Set of Three Spinning Tops

If you’re to use your Ikea international shipping ‘card’, then you better use it on this trio that’s designed to make your family playtime more enjoyable. The set of 3 multicoloured Varmer Spinning Tops toys is exactly what you need and comes in time for the holiday season. All of them are priced at $13. Use these to delegate and assign tasks around the home to family members to make the holidays more fun and enjoyable. You have nothing to lose by getting these simple items.

  1. Puzzle Tea Light Holder

When you buy online from Ikea, you need to make sure that you’re selecting their unique products. The Tea Light Holder is made of 8 puzzle pieces that come together to form a tea light holder like no other. The holder easily converts into a substantial centrepiece for the holiday season. The most amazing feat about this unit of lights is that they can be rearranged in the room to suit anyone’s style. Gather them on top of the dining room table when eating and easily spread them across the room to provide gentle illumination and a soft warm scent. The puzzle is just under $40 for all 8 pieces.

  1. The Beige 15 Inch Serving Plate

There’s nothing like ‘just a plate.’ The holidays are a good enough period to prove this without a doubt. The serving plate is beautiful and serves a greater purpose than just serving the side meal. It can also be used to decorate the table and bring more warmth during an already warm period. Enjoy time with family and friends without worrying about the size of your side dish because this plate is big enough to contain all those scrumptious Christmas food items.

  1. Milleryr Table Lamp with LED Bulb

This Ikea lamp is under the Ikea Family Price collection. For only a short time, you stand a chance of buying it for 50% off the regular price of 54.99. The Milleryr Table Lamp is just as unique as its name and even more stunning in person. You must arrange for a Parcl forwarder to help you ship it on time before the Christmas congestion takes over. If you want anything from Ikea to buy online, then this is the item to consider first. The white LED bulb that’s nickel plated is definitely unique and suited for anyone from the most conservative to the most extravagant person in your life. There’s no way that your Christmas should be boring, gloomy or without colour while there are such stunning, beautiful side lamps from Ikea. 


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