Five Authentic Clothing Brands from Ukraine

One of the reasons that Ukraine is loved and received well internationally is because of its friendly culture expressed in vibrant colors. Well known for the national clothing called the vyshyvanka (вишива́нка in Ukrainian), these colorful outfits are a national pride and international wonder.

In addition to the stunning design, Ukrainian clothing is also loved for its affordability. Even on a small budget, it’s possible to visit or shop Ukraine online and still come out with a shopping haul worth mentioning.

Ukrainian fashion brands have been gaining a lot of traction in recent years. The country’s fashion industry has gained tremendous support thanks to several occasions: 

  • Attention from the glossy and trendiest fashion magazines and like-publications.

  • Groundbreakingly unique designs from the artisans who are not afraid to push the envelope.

  • Celebrities on the red carpet, as well as stunning wedding dresses by Ukrainian trademark brands such as Elena Morar and Armonia, are displayed in the most luxurious boutiques making the country’s fashion capabilities well-known.

  • Then, of course, there is also the factor of affordability. Even in the international space, Ukrainian designers are well known for their budget-friendly styles.

And also, truth be told, outside of Europe, Ukrainians are known to be exotic beings. As such, their fashion trends, styles and even cuisine are bound to become an international sensation.

Five Authentic Ukrainian Clothing Brands

When considering buying something ‘out of the box’ and rather unusual, most international shoppers think of Ukrainian fashion brands. If you are one of those who are interested in Ukrainian wear, check out some of the leading brands listed below:

1.      Kachorovska Atelier

The most successful and well-known ateliers in Ukraine are seemingly located in Odesa. The big coastal city is not only about sea life and tourist attractions. Evidently, Odesa-born fashionistas have decided to take it up a notch in looking good; as they are the epitome of grace, class and fashion etiquette. Kachorovska Atelier is one of the most successful brands to come out of Ukraine. Focusing on handmade shoes, matching handbags and accessories, they now have a sister shop in Kyiv that is doing just as well. You can organize shipping from Ukraine to the USA for your ‘K’ marked buys.

Kachorovska Atelier is not shy when it comes to colors, as evident by their Instagram displays, the brand is one of the pioneers of popping patterns and bold hues. Purchasing matching sets to reduce the cost of shipping on each item, makes your international Kachorovska shopping haul worth your while. The best part is that you can buy a custom-design piece if what’s in the store isn’t up to your taste.

Visit the Kachorovska Atelier IG page or shop online.

2.      WeAnnaBe

This is one of the top Ukrainian brands offering gorgeous designs to people interested in the feminine look. If you’re fond of delicate pieces with the most amazing designs, then WeAnnaBe is your brand of choice. The brand is popular across the globe especially thanks to its glamorous designs, colorful outerwear, and lightweight fabrics, featuring patch pockets, lush ruffles, and delicate coordination.

WeAnnaBe has branches in Odesa, Kyiv and now, even New York. Thus, shoppers know that they are getting a great deal when they select from this store. You can visit their stunning Instagram page to view all the designs currently on display. If you’re happy with the WeAnnaBe outfits, arrange for international parcel forwarding service to have your purchases be delivered to your home address. For sales and deals lovers, this might just become your new favorite online store.

Visit the WeAnnaBe IG profile or shop online.

3.      Varenyky Fashion

If there is a brand that deserves to get delivery from Ukraine to the USA, Varenyky Fashion is the one, without a doubt. This brand is well known and most loved for its fearless love of Ukraine and what the country represents. They are the best designers and suppliers of the vyshyvankas which were briefly mentioned earlier in this article. The vyshyvanka is a beautifully embroidered shirt that represents the best, and longest part of Ukraine’s traditional history and is part of its national costume. The brand started as a home production and has since expanded to become one of the best, well-known and loved amongst fashion icons.

The Varenyky Fashion vyshyvankas are worth the effort that comes with international shipping and delivery. Still sticking to tradition, the finished products come with embroidery that has been hand-stitched in beautiful threading. Most of the embroidery techniques are done with varying shades of blue, white, black, red and yellow on mostly plain black, white, red or blue shirts. Because of what they represent, these vyshyvankas are now more than just a fashion statement, they are used as amulets of protection and inspiration.

Visit their IG Profile or Shop Varenyky Fashion online.

4.      Must Have

If social media accounts are anything to go by, then Must Have is one of the top fashion brands to come out of Ukraine in recent years, with over 105k followers. The shop is well situated in Ukraine with physical outlets in Odesa, Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv. All the new, incoming and old designs can be found on their Instagram page. If you would like to look inside and have a rough idea of how the brand operates, visit the social media pages or the website.

It's easy to find something for everyone when shopping from Must Have. Their amazing selections easily match the latest fashion trends. And If you’re planning a trip to Ukraine soon, you should definitely pop in at one of their locations. Also, you can shop online and use a trusted parcel forwarder to complete the purchase.

Visit their IG profile or shop Must Have online.

5.      Syndicate

In this short list of the best five authentic Ukrainian fashion brands, Syndicate easily stands out as the fashion brand of choice for youngsters. If you’re into streetwear apparel, then without a doubt, Syndicate is meant for you. Popular for its styles that are remarkably suited for the international community, Syndicate is loved as an iconic and adaptable fashion designer. If you’re clad in a Syndicate outfit, it's easy to fit into any scene anywhere in the world.

To regard oneself as a fashion-forward individual, one must have some experience of some sort wearing Syndicate. If you are a lover of the traditional silhouette, then you will enjoy the healthy mix of men’s classic wardrobe style with contemporary designs. You can visit the Syndicate online outlet if you are looking for creative European men’s wear. They also list women’s and unisex clothing. Alternatively, find the brand globally as it is also physically present in Tokyo and Berlin.  

Visit the Syndicate IG Page or shop online.

Of course, there are a lot more of Ukrainian clothing brands than our shortlist features. If you would like to learn more about Ukrainian apparel, you can search for more sites online or Instagram. But our selection includes enough variety that will give you an accurate picture of what to expect. You can learn more about shopping and shipping in the last section of this article.

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