5 Best Online Shopping Sites in Singapore

It’s the digital age and everything happens with just a couple of clicks, slides or scrolls. Online shopping has become the norm and in the process, saving us a lot of valuable time and hustle. The best part of online shopping is that it comes with so much freedom. Back in the day, to be able to shop in exotic overseas boutiques meant the gruesome process of applying for a visa and getting other travel documents. In this era, the internet and an excellent international shipping channel are all one needs to shop from just about anywhere.

One of the advantages that come with the channels of online shopping is the ability to purchase goods that are much more affordable compared to local stores. Buyers can now have access to Singapore clothing shops that offer some of the best designers and high-quality brands at relatively low prices. As already outlined, the details around online shopping are straightforward. To get your purchase from Singapore does not require traveling on your end. But first, take a look at the broadness that comes with online clothing Singapore shopping.

A Look at Some of the Best Online Shopping Sites in Singapore

To come up with this list, we did not only consider the good word put in by some of the leading fashionistas. In addition to Instagram feedback, we also considered characteristics such as brand history, success as well as pricing in relation to the quality. This list has some of the best online shopping Singapore fashion sites that have been patronised by a more than satisfied international audience.


Undoubtedly, one of the most successful and globally exposed brands to come out of Singapore, KLARRA identifies as a ‘clothing label of contemporary classics.’ Most of their designs and cuts are inspired by the kaleidoscope of wearable silhouettes in combination with rare, interesting fabrics. Needless to say, a KLARRA piece easily stands out and is very hard to imitate. A list of Singapore online shopping websites would be incomplete without mentioning KLARRA for their formidable contribution to women’s confidence. To shop from KLARRA, buyers can visit their online stockists either in Singapore or Malaysia and get the services of a trusted Singapore package forwarder to send the goods to the final destination.



This is one dynamic and timeless clothing brand. Love, Bonito founded by three well-achieved fashionistas Velda Tan, Viola Tan, and Rachel Lim, this Singaporean clothing brand focuses on designing and creating ‘must-have pieces’ for women. A Love, Bonito piece can be taken anywhere from the office desk to a high-end dinner table at a premium restaurant. Offering a myriad of collections that are designed to suit a wide range of preferences, online shoppers can get their classy jumpsuits, shiny blouses or statement pants all in one online shop, Love, Bonito.



Reebonz is the most successful and widely sought-after luxury brand to come out of Singapore. In addition to being the leading designers of luxury, Reebonz has come with some cutting-edge business concepts that are helping take shopping online clothing Singapore to newer and better levels. This is the brand that resounds to online shoppers who don’t want to buy in bulk, but would rather be mesmerized with the choices browsing the online boutique for some rare pieces.



Arcade stands out as a one-of-a-kind online boutique. This high-end fashion brand was launched back in 2006 when online shopping started making serious waves. Thus, from the onset, one of the founding pillars and philosophies behind Arcade was to make online shopping in Singapore somewhat easier. Focusing on classical fashion pieces for both men and women, Arcade makes online shopping Singapore clothes a much easier task. To complete the look, there are also accessories ranging from pins and socks to bags, towels and even shoes.



Pomelo is part of the leading Singapore online store list. This brand is even more successful than brick and mortar shopping boutiques. Easily one of Singapore’s best-kept secrets, Pomelo designs and sells an extensive range of fashion items. Their designs are way better than what most high-priced luxury boutiques offer. Buyers can rely on Pomelo for their unique casual, smart, business or sports outfits. The brand designs pieces that always baffle buyers and international customers.


Why Shopping from Singapore Online Boutiques is a Great Idea

There are a number of reasons we can list for you. But the obvious one is time saving. When it comes to Singapore online shopping, the well-known brands have had more than enough exposure, shoppers know exactly what it is that they are getting. Online shopping Singapore fashion offers exactly what people pay thousands of dollars to watch on the runway at way lower rates.

Singapore online shopping sites carry a great variety. Instead of being forced to wear the same designs as everyone around you who buys locally, you can opt to stand out from the crowds by shopping from online Singapore fashion boutiques. They offer a great fashion range. Additionally, these online shops know how to run a mean campaign as well as bargains and competitions. Buyers will be assured of getting the most affordable price. In a nutshell, here is why you should consider our top 5 online shopping sites in Singapore:

  • The best of both worlds with brands that offer high-quality premium products for a price that is pocket-friendly.

  • Quality products as they are released onto the market. Instead of waiting for a season clearance sale, online shoppers can afford to buy as the product is released.

  • Online boutiques offer shipping deals and longer return time. In the event that your online purchase does not meet your expectations, you don’t have to worry about expired protection time to return.

Shop from the top Singapore Boutiques with Parcl

Shopping for the top fashion brands from Singapore is fun, easy and straightforward. Coupled with the right shipping method, this can become your new favorite thing to do! Consider joining Parcl for the ultimate online shopping process. With this international shopping and shipping service, it is easy to get your goods from Singapore. The joy also comes from the fact that there is a chance to buy from more than one boutique, get all your purchases shipped to a local address where your personal forwarder will already be waiting. They will have your buys repackaged as one unit and sent to your home address. Actually, with Parcl, you might as well have a dedicated shopping assistant in the heart of Singapore working on your orders. Best of all, there are no registration fees required to create an online profile with this forwarder. Visit the official Parcl website to check out how their services might make your Singapore online shopping a whole lot easier.

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