5 Concept Fashion Brands from Russia

Outside of Hollywood romanticized movies, most people know absolutely nothing about Russia and its people. Misinformation is only getting greater with the rise and increase of Russian culture amongst stand-up comedians, Western comedians to be specific. Listen to the likes of Bert Kreischer, Dan Soder, Greg Wilson and Trevor Noah. In addition to entertaining about Russian accent, mafia, vodka and the Russian characters, they also discuss the influence the country has on global relations.

Now, with all the extreme and coolness, how about you check out the department of Russian clothing brands? Who knows, maybe you might also inherit the spirit of Russian coolness that makes them appear insane and admirable in our eyes.

Russia, the World’s Streetwear Capital

All the attention the West focuses on Russia seems to be paying off pretty well. For the Russians, at least, that’s the case. In addition to most known successful brands such as Gosha Rubchinskiy, Russian fashion brands that create ‘dope’ streetwear are proliferating by the dozens. All the upcoming designers from the gigantic Eastern European - Northern Asian country are ambitious, driven and hungry to be seen by the world. Hence the rise of slick urban monochrome vibe that has taken over global fashion trends! Shocked? Uh, yeah well, that seems to happen a lot especially because monochrome seems to come from the West just like everything else.


But more than anything, the establishment of carrier centres and warehouses by the likes of DHL, Aramex, and Meest Express in the country has opened all the right doors necessary for international shopping from Russia. Because these trusted shipping methods are affordable and available, package forwarding from Russia is also an easy process. All you need to do when purchasing any of these incredible streetwear brands is:

  • Find a trusted international package forwarder who offers services in both Russia and your country.

  • Create an account with the parcel forwarder and create a request for shipping of Russian brands from the country to your selected final address.

  • This will yield a quotation which is the approximate figure of what you should expect to pay when using the particular package forwarder.

  • If you accept the given quotation, then the local handler will provide you with their verified local address which you can use when shipping your cool Russian streetwear brands to your country.

  • Proceed shopping by selecting the parameters and paying, then the store will send your buys to the Russian shopping address where a local handler will receive them and then forward to the final address according to your specifications.

Shopping for Russian top brands is as easy as ABC. You can buy and wear these brands and designs as soon as they are released simply because you’re using an international forwarder who will help you shop like a Russian local.

Top Brands to Make You Want to Buy from Russia

It’s not enough learning that some top fashion trends come from Russia. Additionally, you need to check out the best stores individually until you find the best for your shopping experience.


You might need to first visit the following before making a final shopping decision:

  1. Outlaw Moscow

Perhaps the most popular streetwear brand for all ages. Outlaw has a sleek sportiness that has demanded attention from the likes of Puma resulting in successful Outlaw x Puma collaborations. This brand specialises in high-quality bomber jackets, military vests, coats and boots. Their skiwear-themed apparel relies on wintery minimalism that is absolutely far from the colourful designs we’ve grown to assume come with designer-wear. In the same boldness, the brand also designs some sleek colourful and vibrant outfits that only seek to illuminate the natural grittiness of streetwear.

Shop from Outlaw Moscow online.


  1. Sputnik 1985

Sputnik 1985 is arguably one of Russia’s best inventions after vodka. Yes, we said that! This brand is from a humble background and an inspiration to most youth on an international platform. They focus mainly on the feel-good memories from the ’90s. Since the brand focuses on visual representations of the ’90s working-class culture, Russians can finally be experienced from a perspective only the international middle class understands. Pay for package forwarding from Russia and spot ironic statements such as ‘I will always be against,’ and ‘The City is a Scary Force.’ See that? Their designs make you think. Best for the introverted extrovert who would rather have their clothes speak louder than anything else.

Buy Sputnik 1985 designs online.


  1. Volchok

More than anything, Volchok strikes the interest of the international community because it claims to ‘tell the story of Russian gothic.’ If you’ve always been fascinated by Russians and want a taste/feel of their gothic side, then Volchok is your brand of choice. Russian fashion brutalism couldn’t have selected a better brand to represent them and their culture. Interestingly, Volchok has spread in its growth and influence. The endorsement from various Russian rappers and punk rock stars has propelled it to greater heights. They have tons of stores spread across the country for easy access and better shopping.

Buy the Volchok look online.


  1. AFour

This brand is one of the best in the business of sneakers, especially handmade designer wear. All of the AFour sneakers are handmade from start to finish. Best of all, visitors to the site can do just about anything and come up with their own sneaker. Using the online constructor, AFour facilitates the designing of handmade shoes from start to finish. The brand was established in 2009 and immediately started operating using high-end technology. It’s not shocking that sneaker construction online is their normal way of operating. Attention is paid to style, design and quality of every sneaker produced by the company.

Design your AFour Sneaker


  1. Krakatau

All the way from St. Petersburg, Krakatau is a classy brand most loved for their subdued designs that are a favourite in winter wear for urban Russians. For anyone who is practically minded, this brand might just be the next big thing globally. Already, they are on top of the game in Russia and it’s only a matter of time before Krakatau decides to open offices in other countries. For now, you can enjoy this veteran label that’s dubbed as an ‘antagonist survival kit’ by shopping their designs online. Buy from Russia online and get an international parcel forwarder to deliver your versatile streetwear to your home.

Shop Krakatau online.


Don’t just be fascinated by the Russian culture and love for vodka. Experience it, live it and shop it. Through the services of verified international forwarders, you can get a pure taste of high-end Russian streetwear. All you need to do is set up an account and ship internationally from Russia to your selected country. 

The more you read and learn about the Russian culture, the more it makes sense to have first-hand experience. Start with the fashion statements and gradually take it from there. Who knows, the next thing, you might just be enjoying your tot of vodka in your Sputnik 1985 sweater! 

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