5 Hot Tech Toys for Christmas 2018

With each year, holiday toys become more personal and lifelike. And the 2018 tech toys collection did not fail to follow the trend. Expect to shop the most interactive tech toys ever. These range from voice command obeying fuzzy robot puppies to animatronic ponies that take you on a ride around the living room. If there was ever a moment to use the phrase “what a time to be alive,” that would be now.

As if this mindblowing tech wasn’t enough, these toys also have frequent bouts of flatulence (bowel movements). Which is befitting, after all, these are for kids.

The Best Tech Toys Change with the Times

It's always fascinating noting the trends and changes that come with every new tech sales year. The 2018 autumn-winter play toys are the most independent ever. Instead of the traditional take on toys, those that require mom and dad to be always around, these give your child a take on being their own person in their own space.

And the problem of kids being mostly fascinated by the flashy, vibrant electronics, such as their parents’ expensive phones, has been taken care of. The new wave of robotics and sensors will do the perfect job of keeping your young ones engrossed in toys for children their age and not your phone or iPad.  

STEM Gatecrashing the Toys Industry

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) academic disciplines have a huge bearing on modern toys. Instead of waiting for kids to grow up and develop an affinity or chose to study STEM, the disciplines have now become an everyday feature. And they are successful at that. The demand for STEM toys keeps on increasing as evidenced by the increase in robot and hi-tech toys. These toys promote the easy, subconscious learning of these academic disciplines. With more engaging approaches to learning, toys are the number one tool to help young ones learn faster.

  • STEM toys are becoming as popular as the Marvel Superheroes, Funko Pops and Harry Potter franchises.

  • It's not just adults who prefer buying STEM toys, children also easily relate and tend to develop overwhelming curiosity for the functionality of such toys.

  • With robot toys for kids, your young ones get to be entertained and in the same instance learn and develop an actual passion for STEM disciplines.

Now that you have discovered the rise in popularity as well as the importance of tech toys, take a look at some of the notable encounters in 2018.

The Best STEM Tech Toys for 2018

  1. Zoomer Playful Pup

One thing that cannot be denied is how much kids can grow because of their experience. With this super-hyper robot puppy, your young one will always be on his/her feet chasing after their dog. The Zoomer Playful Pup is mostly recommended for hyper kids (might be a fav for autistic children). It is a leader of the fully-functioning cool tech toys, as it can walk, pounce around and even shake its tiny frame. However, the WOW moment is that the pup understands voice commands in three international languages (English, French and Spanish). The pup can perform 25+ tricks. To get it active, your child only has to rub touch sensors on the belly and head.

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  1. FurReal Ricky the Trick-Lovin' Pup

The 2018 cool tech toys list is riddled with pups. And no, we’re not complaining. The FurReal Ricky pup is an interactive bundle of fur. Yeap, you read that right, this doggie is furry. The affectionate pup is highly interactive and loves to flip his bones, shake ‘paws’ and to top it all, has a bark tune! The pup has over 100 sound and motion combinations. Just pet his cheeks, and you’ll get super-cute doggie licks. Best of all, this pup can eat his snacks and toot them out his rear end. Perfect to teach your kids responsibility. You can order this Hasbro pup from Amazon and get it delivered to any country using an international parcel forwarding service.

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  1. Hatchimals Hatchibabies

What better way of teaching your young ones a couple of lessons in biology without pushing them? These interactive HatchiBabies hatching eggs keep the mystery going. Your child won’t know whether it’s a girl or boy until it has hatched. For convenience, they stay babies forever. They come with a lot of fun and surprises to elongate the period of fun when playing with the toy. After hatching, you get to check out fun accessories that are in the remnants of the eggshell. A real experience and practice for your child.

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  1. Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue

This outstanding tech toy gives your child the ultimate experience of interacting with Jurassic Park like never before. The dinosaur comes with Alpha Training Blue  inspired by Velociraptor Blue, the fan favorite from Jurassic World. Blue is a fast learner and can mimic movements when in Training Mode. The more you train your toy, the better it becomes and unlocks new levels of control. Fun with learning never stops. There is a joystick portion on the controller to help the ginormous dinosaur move around in RC Mode. Alpha Training Blue comes with incredible life-mimicking features that easily make the cool tech gadget fit into the real world.

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  1. Rideamals Scout

Some of the best tech toys come as a surprise. For example, this pleasant surprise Kid Trax takes the world of fun from the outdated and packed playparks and brings it right to your home. If you’re looking for the ultimate his and her kiddies Christmas tech toy for 2018, the Kid Trax is what you should buy. Powered using 12 V, this 70 Pound pony robot can go as fast as 4mph with music and sound effects playing in the background. This toy pony is that one-for-all toy that can become a permanent fixture in your family home for generations to come.

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