5 Meaningful Gifts for Music Lovers

A meaningful gift is one that will have the best impact on the giftee. When selecting a gift, it needs to be practical for both the recipient and your pocket. And usually, artists, especially musicians are a tough group to please. Their habits tend to differ from those of other professions. When selecting the perfect music themed gifts for that dear music fan in your life, you might want to consider the relevancy of that item.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to worry about buying a vinyl copy that they already own. We have taken the time to compile some unique suggestions to help you easily locate that thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift. The music obsessive in your life will be happy to receive any of the items from our hot list. Be it a novelty item such as a bracelet made from recycled guitar strings of an iconic rock star or a massive tech Bluetooth speaker; this compact list has the right dose of awesomeness.

Top 5 Meaningful Gifts for Music Obsessives

  1. The Guitarwrist Strings Bracelet

Suitable for: Economists, Charitable Individuals, Contemporary Stylists

When getting married, every bride fantasizes and wishes for a couture gown. For music obsessives, it’s about having a feel or taste of an actual musical instrument as an integral part of their life. Well, you can make that a possibility. The beautiful, handcrafted wrist bracelet made from recycled guitar strings is custom-made. Each piece is made from guitar strings of artists you know. The items are designed, twined and put together with love, and all for a good cause, as 90% of proceedings get donated to the musician’s charity of choice. Some of the guitar strings used are from fan favorites through times including KT Tunstall, The Darkness, Creeper, Pendulum, Nothing But Thieves as well as Stereophonics. You could decide to buy an entire set made from recycled guitar strings including rings and necklaces as they make for perfect music related gifts.

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  1. New York Music Map

Suitable for: Collectors, Lovers of Contemporary and Classic Art

The Second Edition of the famous New York Music Art is a timeless classic. Lovers of music understand the immense contribution that NYC has had to the evolution of music. The discos, hip-hop, stomping, tap dancing, moonwalks and other signature dance moves over the years had to be documented. When searching for gift ideas for music lovers, this Map by creative director Frank Broughton tells not just his tale, but that of NYC and how she has cared for musicians through the Nineties and before. The project to create the NYMM was a collaborative effort between Broughton and his Kingdom Collective friends. Adam Hayes did all illustrations. The map is available in A1 and A2 sizes, and there’s a supporting website that links Map owners to the tracks so they can have a listen. Also, Second Edition pinpoints every NYC reference in songs. This Map is going to be one heartwarming present.

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  1. Fender 120W Monterey Bluetooth Speaker

Suitable for: music gifts for him

Some music obsessives are happy and do good with music-themed gifts. However, a significant portion needs to receive and use actual music gifts. With this Fender 120W Monterey Bluetooth Speaker, one gets to bond with music all the time. As part of Fender’s latest speakers, the speaker looks like its classic predecessors but with 21st abilities. Housing a maximum power output of 120W and connecting to Bluetooth V 4.2, this speaker is a blast from the past that might be the future of music. A single unit is enough to hold down a party as there are two woofers and two tweeters, making it a 4-in-1 speaker unit. You can adjust the volume to suit your preference and carry the lightweight speaker around with ease.

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  1. Flare Audio Isolate Pro Titanium Earplugs

Suitable for: Active Gig Goers, Yoga

Not all gift ideas for music lovers are about music and actual musical instruments. For example, these titanium earplugs are not your conventional gift for music lovers. Flare mastered the art of crafting earbuds that have a soft foam for ear comfort. With these earbuds, a style-conscious gig-goer can attend any gig and plug their earbuds to block subsonic dirge and direct noise. They are perfect and can be carried on the body as they are lightweight and micro-sized. Each set comes with three pairs of earbuds in different sizes. If your budget is restricted, or you still need to add forwarding costs, you might want to consider the colored isolate aluminium earplugs as they are more affordable.

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  1. Art Record Covers

Suitable for: Collectors

The hardcover 448-page Art Record Covers by Francesco Spampinato measures 29.3*29.3cm. A perfect square. Edited by Julius Wiedemann, there is no better way of telling musicians history through art than this anthropology of artists’ record covers dating back to the 1950s. Music obsessives will lose themselves in this cover as they go through a journey of creativity and self-discovery in a different dimension.

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Why Music Inspired Gifts?

Gifts for music lovers have a distinct relation to something musical. If you’re looking for those unique one-of-a-kind mini gifts, then head straight to Guitarwrist. Otherwise, if you would appreciate a rich lesson for your music obsessive, then the NYMM or Art Record Covers will be perfect.

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