5 Places to Buy Spare Car Parts Online

For the best part, cars are men’s best friends, after dogs. Although a car is usually classified as a liability, it’s a necessary liability and one that borders on being an asset. The reason behind cars being depreciating assets is because with more use, more mileage covered, there are parts that might need to be replaced or changed.

You can buy your spare car parts online because webstores offer you brand new car parts along with reliable delivery and excellent service. To help you find suitable car parts, we compiled a list of websites, which:

  • Offer the widest range of car parts inclusive of both brand new and used parts.

  • Provide consumers with original or top-quality car parts from tested and tried manufactures/brands.

  • Offer aftermarket car parts.

How to Save When Buying Car Parts

  1. Buy during a sale or holidays – during such times, car part sellers that offer authentic market parts will provide you with promo codes or some sort of discount.

  2. Buy from the big e-commerce stores instead of websites designed specifically for car parts, you will be surprised at how much you can save by buying slightly used parts.

  3. Don’t be a victim of shipping charges. Shipping overseas can cost an arm and a leg, buy your auto spares online and use a trusted parcel forwarder to get them delivered to your country.

  4. Buy from the junkyard. You will be surprised at how much you will be able to save just by going to the junkyard. Some parts can be obtained for next to nothing.


So, here’s the thing, what if you don’t have a junkyard close by? Then your next best option is to shop for spare car parts online. But then again, this means having to deal with the crazy customs and shipping fees.

We provide you with a solution that will help you to buy online and pay a reasonable fee to get your spares delivered from overseas.

Use a Trusted Package Forwarder to Get your Car Parts Delivered

If you know how to use the internet, you can buy pretty much any and everything online. Successful online shoppers use known and reviewed parcel forwarders to get their purchased items delivered to any address, no matter how remote. One such package forwarder used by most people to get car parts online is Parcl. Not only do they buy parts for cars, but also for some complex industrial machines and tools, OEM, aftermarket and refurbished.

The challenge previously associated with online shopping was ending up paying a lot more than the local dealer would charge, when the final invoice came with sky-high shipping costs. Parcl makes it possible to get automobile and other spare and expendable parts shipped internationally. Buyers get to generate an estimated quotation for free before choosing whether or not to use the services offered by Parcl. Accessing second-hand car parts via Parcl is easy and cost-serving, and we have proof of that! For example, a shopper from Singapore got Fiat brake servo from Italy, while another customer in Italy received a Peugeot gear level knob from the UK. Parcl makes it possible for people to get exclusive spare parts that are not available locally and save on shipping.

Top Five Stores to Buy Auto Parts Online

Visit the following list to discover the best place to buy auto parts online.  

  1. Junk Yard Search (

This site offers you an online junkyard. You get to personalise and customise your searches. All parts are used, but you can get even those rare spare parts that are usually a challenge to find. Just visit this website and search through the inventory in most US junkyards. The search needs to be specific, enter the key details, search for a car part online by make, model and year. If what you are searching for appears in the list, you need to call the junkyard for the particular part. Your Parcl local handler can help you if you require physical presence in the US or any other country where the junkyard is located.


  1. eBay

The community is usually mean to people who go on eBay to buy car parts. You would be surprised to discover that eBay is the more affordable website when buying OEM parts or aftermarket parts. From our experience, there is nothing wrong with this site. You just have to check that the listed seller looks legit and is providing you with service that has been checked. At times, the seller on eBay waits for the Best offer to make a sale. You can buy your rare motor parts for hundreds of dollars less than the auto store charges.  

Ultimately, the best way to save on spare car parts is to do your research before buying. If you’re to buy for a rebuild, check if the parts you will need are a good deal. If you do your homework before buying, then you will not need to buy your parts every other week. Save a ton of money by buying spare parts online instead of the local dealership with inflated prices over the counter.


  1. Amazon

This e-commerce giant is a sister and competitor to eBay. You can get some of the top auto spares from Amazon. Their range is quite wide as it includes OEM, new and aftermarket spares. The Amazon website is humongous. Just head straight to the automotive section of the site and search for car parts only. You can choose to shop by vehicle: Year, Make or Model.


  1. Advance Auto Parts

Specialising in spares that are the exact fit, this website is more on the high-end of the pricing spectrum, but rightfully so. You get the freedom to choose and they are only selling auto parts. There is even an option of searching for your spares using the engine type. Because of how particularly specific Advanced Auto Parts allows you to go, it’s easy to identify and pick the part you want in minutes. From there, select to get a company to ship car parts from the US to your country.


  1. Rock Auto

This website can be limited, as it provides and focuses its attention on aftermarket parts. If you’re interested in anything other than aftermarket autocar spares for international shipping, then check the top four sites. At the Rock Auto website, the prices are also average. You can select what you need by checking the Part Catalogue provided by the website. If anything, do the part number search, or search for tools and universal parts if you are looking for non-particular products. 


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