Future is Here with the New Alta Electric Bikes

If you’ve always admired electric motorcycles, but never got to realize your dream because of the high price tag, worry no more. Silicon Valley-based Alta Motors recently unveiled the latest of their futuristic bikes: 2018 Redshift MXR. And while they have included enhanced features, there was one thing that deserved mention more than anything – slashed prices.

Cheaper to buy, cheaper to maintain

With the prices down by up to US$4,500, the most affordable of them retail at only $10,495, formerly priced at US$14,995. But that doesn’t mean this road warrior is of inferior quality or can’t hit the road with the power of its nemesis - combustion bikes. They run free of the environmentally hazardous gasoline and neither will they require any oil and engine maintenance, which primarily speaks of how much cheaper to maintain they should be.

2018 Redshift MXR is precisely what an ideal, super-modern electric-powered bike ought to look like, both in its general style and performance. It is lighter, which ensures a quick take-off, and packs up a 50 horsepower and 147 lb-ft torque to easily hit 80 miles an hour. Moreover, this incredible road marvel requires 1.5 hours of recharge time before it flashes the green ‘battery full’ light.


Buy Alta Motors Redshift MXR Internationally

Absolutely zero carbon emission is a reality

Going by the level of ingenuity employed by this California-based revolutionary bike maker, all skeptics no longer have to keep going off about solar-powered bikes not becoming a reality anytime soon. In fact, a mere road-test is just enough to silence everyone and leave many mouths wide open.

There are no more arguments about the pedigree performance of Alta Electric Bikes’ Redshift bikes. This isn’t a mere allegation, but what we can conclude following the performance of Redshift SM during Sacramento’s 250cc supermoto race. After it emerged victoriously, its manufacturers decided to give it another test, entering it in the 450cc class, where it ranked second – against all odds!

Comparing it with other brand models

This Redshift MX motocrosser can be compared to Honda CRF250R, a bike that has a lower horsepower of under 30 and also a modest 120 lb-ft of torque. From the comparison, it’s evident that this US$10,495 is far much better than any other, even though Honda CRF250R costs US$7,999.

Superbly silent – nobody will notice you are home!

Finally, all bike ninjas are guaranteed to go nuts about owning one of what is termed “the next evolution of Alta’s popular off-road MX model.” It is a superb machine, capable of clocking 60 miles (100 km) when fully charged if you are a road racer and 40 miles (64 km) for urbanites.

Think the bike is too big to be shipped to your country? Think again! Using a reliable international package forwarding service you can easily get this “toy” wherever you are and let it be the envy of the whole town.

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