Game of Thrones Sneakers by Adidas are Already Here

Winter has long been coming since the 17th of April 2011, when we first got introduced to the Game of Thrones in Season 1, Episode 1, and finally, it has arrived. This April marks the beginning of the end where we get to watch the very last season of George R. R. Martins’ genius work. Faithful GoT fans have collected any and everything marked as Game of Thrones merch over the years. How about one more round in honor of the last season? 

Word on the street has it that is the plug. The Game of Thrones blood drive already took care of the snacks part and the drinks are taken care of and provided by the Game of Thrones Whiskey, so how about some proper apparel? Adidas has come up with an entirely new line known as Adidas Ultra Boosts that is debuting scores of Game of Thrones sneakers being fully released onto the market this spring.


In news announced by the Sneaker News publication, ‘Adidas plans to release the full line sometime this spring.’

The Adidas Ultra Boosts Inspired by Game of Thrones

The collection of Game of Thrones sneakers encompasses all the powerhouses that have shaped the story and made us all fall in love with them. There is a little bit of something for everyone from the red-black Targaryens to the snow-white White Walkers and the dark Lanisters in between. Let’s take a look at the entire collection:

These sneakers are for everyone who always feels a little out of place and yet the world would be utter chaos if they were to be removed from the equation. Just like the Night’s Watch in the series, somehow easy to forget but they are everyone’s keeper and, in that regard, they are community’s prized members. The sneaker design is simple, with a generous play of black and white to come up with a sneaker that everyone can relate to and get delivered via parcel forwarding.


Just like the entire Stark family from the series, these sneakers are the calmest of the lot. The body is an ashy gray that can easily merge into any background. For details on how to ship from the USA, be certain that it’s a purchase that’s as gracious as these sneakers. It’s befitting for a house ‘oh-so-calm’ and lovable to get the best of the design and color combination.


This sneaker is the closest relation to ‘A song of fire and ice.’ It has red and black colors merging together in the middle and in mild dosage. The sneaker is suitable for any number of looks and is unisex. For fans of House Targaryen, this is the rightful sneaker that celebrates everything the family represents.


In Season 7, the growth and emancipation of Daenerys were explored in great length. When she emerged victorious as the commander of the Unsullied and the breaker of chains, she was badass. We all loved her and wanted to be just like her. This is a little way of paying homage to the mother of dragons with the white and silver sneaker. Buy Game of Thrones sneakers and pick the white ultra-boost that seemingly celebrates who she was and is going to be in the last season.


This is the purest of the Game of Thrones inspired sneakers. Pure and yet most evil. The crispy white sneakers also get dirty easily. Thus, in every way possible, it does resemble the characteristics of the Night Watch’s worst enemies. You can buy these, but just like the White Walkers, you have to be wary of your sneaker with every step you take. All white everything can be a handful to maintain.


Just like the house with the lady we all love to hate, Cersei Lannister, this Lannister house inspired sneaker pair is fiery. The entire body is a flamboyant red with an equally bright gold three straps on the side. The Ultra Boost inscription is on a black background in gold, no one can miss anything about these sneakers. If you’re a loud individual who loves some color in your life, then these are a must-buy for you.


The long-awaited and hyped Adidas x Game of Thrones sneakers have been long rumored. And now they are finally here. You can buy online from America and get them delivered to any address across the globe by a competent parcel forwarder. The stellar design makes it easy for fans to select their favorite house. The price will be around $180 per pair as is standard for the Adidas Ultra Boost range.

The Two-Hour Game of Thrones Series Finale 

So, in a much-appreciated turn of events, HBO has announced that they will air a two-hour post series documentary. In this documentary, HBO and the die-hard fans of the series who have been faithfully following since Season 1 will get to bond and say goodbye to the storyline, the houses and the actors. If you get yourself sneakers inspired by the entire GOT, then also watch the two-hour documentary, your entire story with the cast and crew of one of TV’s best works ever will come full circle.

Of course, just like the entire series, the two-hour documentary will be aired and once seen, that’s it, that’s the end. But with the Adidas Ultra Boost sneaker collection, your Game of Thrones + Me affair gets a chance of being alive for months and even years depending on how well you’ll keep your sneakers.

Advantages of Owning a Pair from the Game of Thrones Inspired Sneaker Collection

Owning a pair of any of the sneakers not only checks you as an actual fan of the series. Ownership comes with a few pros including:

  • Following the success of the series, anything considered as Game of Thrones merchandise will be regarded as collectors’ material in the near future.

  • The collection has a full range that has a little bit of something for all fans. You can buy more than one pair in honor of or in celebration of the strength each house represents.

  • Arrive at every Game of Thrones gathering wearing the correct outfit. Buying even a single pair of the original inspired sneaker collection will provide you with a template for maintaining the cool look anywhere you might need to attend anything associated with Game of Thrones.


If there is something that fans appreciate, it’s being a part of what they love. Show your love for Game of Thrones by owning at least one of these Adidas series inspired sneakers. The thing with the Game of Thrones winter is that it’s not just subject to one place, even fans from overseas will feel it. Therefore, if you desire to get the sneakers, go ahead and do that. There are trusted parcel forwarders whose job is to help you get your online buys safely to the carrier who will ship and deliver to your specified address. 

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