Get a Pair of the Super-Chunky Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneakers Shipped To Your Doorstep

We can now take a breather, as better and more fashionable pairs of sneakers grace the runway instead of the ugly ones from Gucci, Vetements, or Balenciaga. Yes, it’s officially the end of Phoebe Philo’s fur-lined, orthopedic-style shoes, Kim Kardashian’s favorite Yeezy Wave Runners and their horrible surrogates.

Seeing the new Louis Vuitton trainers force their way into luxury fashion, we, the ardent fashion faithful, couldn’t help but admire them. In fact, their pop shade mash-ups and black-on-black looks combine well with the technical fabrics, and what’s born is a shoe befitting a modern fashionista of 2018.

Top-Quality Construction

These Louis Vuitton trainers are made using premium leather and technical fabrics and arrive in seven unique hues. What’s lovely about Louis Vuitton shoes for women isn’t limited to their futuristic silhouette or colorful fabrics.

The dramatic, wave-shaped rubber outsole, as well as the low-top design and the long tongue make it a shoe we all deserve to own. Black and white iterations with the Louis Vuitton’s signature logo are the best.


The other five with their statement-making hues and LV symbols to boot are just about what any premium quality casual footwear fan will love. And all of them go well with just about any piece of garment in your wardrobe.

The new Louis Vuitton sneakers are approved casual footwear, promising to be a mega street hit. Apart from being so universal that you can pair them with most of what’s in your wardrobe, these trainers have everything that guarantees a great fit. Given that these Louis Vuitton shoes fit perfectly in the new movement, you’ve got every reason to order yours.

The good news is, you can now buy Louis Vuitton sneakers online

Futuristic, sexy, and utterly unique, the chunky sneakers will most definitely replace the ugly and overpriced shoes from other famous brands. Remember, with these shoes on, you are legally allowed to put on anything whether it’s that sophisticated jacket or that fairy-tale dress.

You buy, we ship

The chunky, classy-looking archlight shoes first debuted at the Summer/Spring 2018 fashion shows. They were designed by Nicolas Ghesquière who basically brought a subtle touch of classic shapes and fused them with the hi-tech ones. As for the price on the Louis Vuitton shoes, they currently retail at about $1,090 in the USA and €790 (around $975) in France and other European countries, and are available online, at select retailers, as well as at LV flagship locations.


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The store you want to buy from doesn’t ship to your country? In this day and age, this really isn’t a problem anymore. Just use an international package forwarding service to get these cool sneakers from France to wherever you are.

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