Get Ready for the New Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Collection

To all the gods of fashion, we hail you. Yes. Please, and thank you! Anything from the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand is a welcome distraction and we love, love and welcome it with open arms. In the wake of the brand-new Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup collection, we’re so excited we can’t contain the feeling. A whole 50-shade foundation range means nothing but joy for makeup lovers who are also fond of shopping. And well, we will sure shop away.


The build-up to the 50-shade foundation launch took over a month and each week it would intensify leaving us all feeling like a kid who can only look at a collection of candy without touching. It’s been so intense, keeping up with all the promised shades has been nothing but hell. Only those prepared have already arranged to get international shipping and forwarding as soon as the enormous breadth of shades hits the market.


We cannot help but marvel at the tenacity and audacity to release 50-shades foundation. Whereas other brands take baby steps and release shades gradually over a long period, (TBH, this can be annoying) Anastasia Beverly Hills took the brave and bold move of overwhelming us. And our pockets in the process—not that we mind, but hey, just saying.

Social Media Reveal of the New Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation

Every other week, Tweeter and Instagram have been abuzz with the upcoming foundation launch. Of course, they had to let the world know of such a huge reveal and, in the process, outstage competitive brands. The beginning of 2019 has been busy and insanely crazy with palettes that are to die for. And of course, everyone had the motive and means to buy Anastasia Beverly Hills as it was always active on social media.

Oh, and if you thought that 50 shades of the foundation were off the chain, wait till you learn that they also have an Anastasia Beverly Hills body oil on the way. All this is too much to take in, but it’s happening.


There is no need to worry about trivia such as ‘where can I buy Anastasia Beverly Hills?’. Every Tweet or Gram post has details on where and how to buy the brand’s products. Simple. Over Twitter, Claudia Soare (Norvina) let the world in on the brand’s top secret: “This is where all my weekends have gone lately set life getting ready for these foundations.” Well, if the team took some extra hours during weekends spending them in the lab to come up with the perfect formula for the foundation, then who are we to dispute the greatness of the foundation?

On the 23rd of April, Norvina took to Instagram to share with us the foundation packaging. In the post captioned ‘August can’t come soon enough’ she got around 2300 people talking about her post. 

Branding and Stocking the 50 Shades of Anastfantastic

Social media has also helped the brand to get better recognition as well as an increase in its clientele member base. Using her platforms to communicate with followers and makeup enthusiasts, Norvina asked for help. “Also, would be great if you guys could support me by telling these retailers that I really do need all 50 shades in the store cause I’m getting some pushback from some and I don’t want to give in.” This simply means that retailers need to up their game and be prepared to stock the most and meet the needs of designers and creatives such as Anastasia Beverly Hills brand.


And because the power of social media doesn’t fail to amaze us all the time, the retweets came through again in this case. A day later, Norvina Tweeted that the stores had already started changing their minds. Of course, a lot of work is still needed to get the foundation stocked, but the mammoth step has already been taken and now the ball can get rolling.

Why Get the New Foundation?

Maybe you’re one of those who’s never had prior experience with the Anastasia Beverly Hills products and need some convincing to help you get the foundation. Know that the team is made up of experts who are workaholics and only strive to pack the shelves of your fav stores with Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation and other products.


Here are some of the characteristics of the formula making up the Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation:

  • It’s vegan-friendly, alcohol-free, gluten-free and environmentally friendly.

  • The formula has been clinically tested and passed all tests.

  • Also, dermatologically tested and ready for any skin type.

  • Ensured that it is suitable for sensitive skin types.

  • The non-comedogenic ABH foundation is suitable for use all day any day.

Having checked that the quality is worth every cent, you need to prepare for the shade selection process. Obviously, with 50 shades on offer, there are too many options to pick and choose from. You get to select at will. Customers need help and advice when selecting their shades. You might be anxious about getting the right shade because there are bound to be too many that look similar even if they are different.

They have resorted to getting a lot of models who are going to cover a wider range of skin tones and thus include buyers with lighter or darker skin tones to find their perfect fit.

International Shoppers Buy from the USA

If you’re an international shopper and you’re interested in the latest 50 shades of Anastasia, you can get it online. Just decide to commit to buying from Anastasia Beverly Hills USA with a couple more bucks added to the mix to pay for international shipping. Of course, buyers who are interested in a haul will also need to add more to their shopping fee.


If you are to buy from the US, get yourself an international parcel forwarding account from Parcl that will receive your foundation in America. From there, it will be sent to your country across the globe using a trusted carrier. Here are some of the advantages of international shopping when you buy from the USA:

  • You get to shop alongside the Americans and be one of the first people who receive their 50 shades of foundation.

  • You can also wait for the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow liquid that will be released soon.

The 50 shades of foundation will be released in the second half of the year. But, we are already excited from the reveal and simply cannot wait to get our hands on the product. If you have a parcel forwarding account, you will be among the first international recipients.

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