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Smart homes aren’t fully the inspiration behind various smart home systems. Most of these systems have been in use long before the idea of a smart home was penned down on paper. One such system is that of smart displays.  Smart displays have been around for as long as organising and running an efficient home has been a goal. The most common ones being with traditional displays, screens built into mirrors and even as recently as the beginning of the 21st century E Ink.

Meet the Weather Poster

These have all done the job, always with some faults and need for improvement, until now. Introducing the Weather Poster, a Kickstarter project designed by Oli Woods and his company Typified. The Weather Poster project is aimed at merging traditional art with modern technology, with the end result being a smart display that is more limited in function, but far better looking and less obtrusive in comparison to a screen hanging on the wall.

Functionality and Design of The Weather Poster

Typified’s new baby has only one reason. This gadget does just as the name reads – it shows the upcoming weather forecast and posts it on its screen. That’s it, as simple as that. The forecast is not fully detailed, just a single icon of whether to expect clear, cloudy, sunny or rainy moments for that day at 8:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM.


This gadget is easily described in one phrase: daily weather simplified. And that’s exactly what is displayed, the simplified version of the kind of weather you’re bound to experience that day. This might sound too simple and unappealing to you. Typified is not looking for you to fall in love with such characteristics. The Weather Poster is aesthetically pleasing and looks exactly like something you will be happy to hang in your home.

Simplicity is the main part of the charm that appeals to the prospective buyer. When you see this Weather Poster, you get the excitement of wanting to hang it on your wall. Once up in your hallway, it doubles as the main structure of the interior design and a helpful guide of what to wear for the day. To make it more practical, you can hang it next to your bathroom door or the hallway across your closet. Pick up the nearest outfit that best suits the day displayed on the Weather Poster.

As far as the technical aspect is concerned, Woods is doing some clever work to put on impressive add-ons. However, there isn’t much of a difference when compared to the traditional paper poster.

  • The Weather Poster is a revamped traditional poster but now uses heat sensitive ink to “light up” the relevant icons using forecast data pulled off the internet.

  • This latest smart display is a clean mix of digital and analog technology. You can still get the same forecast from your phone but it will look better on the Weather Poster.

  • You will need to get a valid US address for shopping to buy the Weather Poster from America and get it delivered to your international address without you having to deal with customs.

What Being a Kickstarter Project Means for The Weather Poster

Of course, like all other Kickstarter projects, the Weather Poster comes with a set of the proviso of specific stipulations. If one is to consider buying it or even using the services of a logistics company that handles package forwarding from the US, all pros and cons need to be considered well ahead of the purchase. Prospective buyers need to consider that The Weather Poster is Typified’s first ever product. As small as the project seems, this might be overwhelming for a small company being a starter. Typified is yet to ship anything. Those who buy the Weather Poster will be the first customers to show faith in such a huge project being overseen by such a small company.


Also, the Weather Poster seems to be priced a tad higher than it should be for a device that has such limited usage. The early bird can now buy the smart device for $134. The best consolation in the meantime is that the Weather Poster also doubles as a befitting poster for the smart home.

You can buy your smart home device online as early as now when you pre-order it online. Use a local, verified US shopping address provided by your trusted parcel forwarder, then ship internationally from the USA to your home country. Already, Typified has made it official that the Weather Poster will be available for shipping effective from July 2019. Those who are interested in buying the smart weather display unit will get it in the middle of this year. It being a first-time project, Typified only made a certain number of units to ‘test the waters.’ If you’re happy with what is available on offer, then go ahead and place your order for the Weather Poster online as soon as today.

Being an early bird seems to come with lucrative offers. The designers of this Kickstarter project considered a lot of factors when it comes to the Weather Poster. For the first two years of use, this weather forecaster will come with free forecast data. After the 24 months period lapses, owners will have to shell out $7.50. If you are to buy the Weather Poster because of this fact, it has to come with the faith that Typified doesn’t go out of business and leaves you with a fancy-looking poster for your eyes only.

Buy your Weather Poster Online

The Weather Poster is already available to pre-order online. Before you can buy it online, you need to set up an account with a parcel forwarder who will provide you with a local shopping address in the US. Use the address provided to check out from the store. Your forwarder becomes your handler in the US, ready to offer their help to you for any service including:

  • Handling the purchasing process on your behalf.

  • Completing the payment for you if you decide to pay for all services via PayPal and the store only accepts other payment options.

  • Package consolidation. If your Weather Poster needs to be properly packaged or included into one packet alongside other items purchased in the US, then the forwarder can do this for you and secure the new package.

  • Advise you on how best to handle customs and when necessary, help you with customs when you bring your Weather Poster into the country.

  • Your Weather Poster comes with a warranty, should you need to return it for servicing or repairs at some point, your American forwarder can handle the process for you using the same address you used during initial purchase.

The weather poster is available for online purchasing. Get yours while the advantages of the early bird still apply. If you have more questions, search for the Weather Poster project on Kickstarter for more details.

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