Glossier Has Launched Bright and Glittery Makeup Line

Turns out it's true! 2019 is indeed the year of taking the bull by the horns. There are major acquisitions and business deals being made left, right and centre. In the last week of February, Glossier made a huge announcement that there is a ‘new girl’ joining the beauty industry. You can only imagine the excitement because it turns out ‘new girl’ is none other than Glossier’s mysterious new sister brand called Glossier Play.


Glossier Play has already managed to rake in considerable interest from beauticians and other makeup connaisseurs alike. The excitement is around learning what Glossier Play is and entails. What exactly is Glossier Play? Well, we finally have the answer for you. After this, you might need to speed dial your hookup to ship internationally from the US to your country.

Meet Glossier Play

Released on Monday, March 4, Glossier Play proved that it really wasn’t difficult guessing what the new sister brand could be dealing with. The brand is a new range of “dialled-up beauty extras.” These extras come with the saucy promise of turning the image of the clean-faced, dewy-skinned Glossier girl into a glowing beauty queen with their makeup.


So here is a funny little thought. If you want to ‘kill the game’ in a natural look, choose an option to buy online from Glossier. So, why would the same brand that gives us the inspiration to wear almost nude makeup create a line of “dialled-up beauty extras?” Based on all the rave reviews and insider details from the initial launch, it’s time to greet the next big thing. Makeup as it was always meant to be.

The brand-new Glossier Play:

  • Is full-throttle makeup. Full of everything good, formulas, colours, shades, dense glitter and everything in between.

  • Comes with everything for a full makeup session and in an excellent varied range, made to stand out and not budge.

  • Was released in the US and UK, and is already available for you to buy and pay via package forwarding from the US or UK to your home country.

Glossier is just as excited about Glossier Play. Their statements give away the game. Some of their descriptions include that they have come up with “a colour-true gel eyeliner pencil that lasts all day and all night.” With a good 14 shades to choose from, let’s just say that Glossier was happy when they came up with Glossier Play and they wanted to spread that feel-good emotion to all makeup lovers. The colour spectrums give one an excellent choice and the end result is always a dreamy look.

And yes, high-end technology was used in coming up with the formula for the new makeup range. Have you checked out the consistency, the combination of items in that packaging as well as the way it just holds on the skin? All worth it. According to Glossier, the formula is “a highly pigmented, smooth gel that doesn’t crease, smudge, tug, or skip and lasts 12 hours.” So, yea, that’s just about it, ladies and gentleman. You apply anything from the Glossier Play range, you spend a good day and a half with the look firmly on your face. It only comes out after a good wash. You might want to buy excellent makeup remover and toner for that night routine. Failure to do so will result in you going to bed with some Gelée and highlighter firmly stuck on your skin.

Meet Some of the Products from Glossier Play

A little bit of everything is good for the soul. After all, this is how you learn what you want, what works well for you and what needs to be changed. With The Playground, you get to play around with just about everything the Glossier Play range has on offer. It comes with one of each: Glitter Gelée, Vinylic Lip, Colourslide and Niteshine. And the fifth item The Detailer and Blade. All your dialled-up soldiers in one unit. This is a war and Glossier Play makeup is going for gold-literally.

This is the perfect singular item from the Glossier Play line that can work well as a guinea pig in case you want to try out the product for the first time. Everything about the Glitter Gelée adds up and leaves you with a bounce in your step. For a jewelled look that lasts all day or all night, these multidimensional paillettes mirror everything you come across. Never be bored, move with colour, be the colour and live in colour. These gels are available in different shades, search for the right one to complete the chosen look of the day.

The hottest baby in town! Once you see this lip vinyl that comes in six essential colours, you know that is where to buy Glossier products! End of conversation. Armed with an addictive high-shine finish, it is perfect for the sugar lips that you have always desired to show off. Accompanied by the cushiony, never-sticky formula, this essential lip product gives you the gloss you want and the shades that complete your look. All in one swift application!

A gift from Glossier to you. These are the 14 new-to-you shades to volumize your makeup bag. This highly pigmented smooth gel pencil doesn’t crease, smudge, skip or tug. It’s the ideal companion for the creative makeup artist who has always had to hold back. Not anymore. The formula in the Glossier Colourslide is exactly what dreams are made of. Only, it's real.

For those who have been looking for a highlighter with some depth in it, Niteshine is your product. The buildable concentrate is a combination of refined pearl powder and the finest liquids resulting in an illuminating sheen. When applied, Niteshine from the new Glossier makeup line is a sheen that blends well onto cheekbones, Cupid’s bows, eyelids and brow bones for that glow you’ve always desired. By the way, whoever heard of a brand ballsy enough to use refined pearls as a product? Pearls? Think about that, maybe you'll begin to fully grasp why Glossier Play is not your playmate.


If you’ve been wondering where to buy Glossier online, just click on the links in each product and they will lead you right to the online store. With online purchasing comes the need for parcel forwarding. That is when you get to search and pay to ship internationally from the US. The dialled-up makeup look will never go out of fashion. For as long as makeup stays a thing, people want to look their best. And, in as much as we’re enjoying the subtle and natural makeup look, there are moments when makeup needs to show. Who better than Glossier Play?

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