Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and Themed Merchandise

If you aren’t a wizard, then you certainly are a witch. Welcome to JK Rowling’s magical universe, where this mystery mobile game was set. Just like the books, the ‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’ iOS and Android game inherently is not a disappointing piece. It is just a game, but ideal enough to evoke that sense of magical nostalgia.

Off the bat, whether you read the novel or not, this game has the same-exact flair to it. It revolves around the heartbreaking death of Harry Potter's parents by one Lord Voldemort plus Harry and his posse at the Hogwarts. You will meet his teachers, a host of other characters and all the various effects that work to execute the great backstory this game has.

What you will probably want to experience is the period when Harry goes “mad” at the Hogwarts and leaves the school. Rumors of him being in the same league as You-Know-Who and the mysteries unfolding, one after another, along with other absorbing happenings will keep you glued to the game. Bet you'll fall in love with the game's infinitely cool avatar.


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You will either be a wizard or a witch – NO in-betweens!

Remember, it is you; yes, the player, who is tasked with being Harry Potter. So, there are a couple of things you will have to do, including first creating and customizing your character. However, it is when you arrive at the Diagon Alley and meet Rowan, your future bestie, where the action begins. What follows soon after depends on your wit and wisdom.


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The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game is an ample blend of life-changing choices, eerie adventures, and excitement. But regardless of who you are or whoever you may meet, between Professor Flitwick and Professor Snape, one thing is for sure – you will play this game again and again. You should only be careful not to waste your 25 energy points on unnecessary hassles lest you spend some bucks to replenish it.

Don’t fear to live your Hogwarts dream!

That’s right. As much as this game will prove too addictive to you, there’s always that urge to let everyone know that you are a student at the Hogwarts too. With Harry Potter themed goods and ‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’ merchandise conveniently available online, you will not only fulfill your wizarding fantasy, but also flaunt your knowledge of the titular school and the Devil’s Snare vine.

To add some magic to your life, we have prepared a wee collection of wizardly items. Check it out!


Marauder's Map Interactive Toy


Slughorn Hourglass by Noble Collection



Hogwarts Houses Lumos Charm Bracelet Set by Noble Collection


Hogwart’s School Crest™ woven



Hogwarts™ Ladies Fleece


Hogwart's Writing Quill and Stand


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