Hasbro Will Release a Bluetooth-Connected Star Wars Lightsaber

Being a Jedi Knight comes with a lot of good feeling, respect and love. Even if it's all from the other kids on the playground. We don’t mind. Since the increasing popularity lifted off in 1977, kids of all ages have taken up to using anything they can pick and hold between their hands as a sword ranging from broomsticks to plastic swords and simple dried-up tree sticks.

Fans who have the financial means are always on the lookout for cheap Lightsabers that are affordable. Those with a bigger budget even go for the high-end fan-made replicas and at best, buy the virtual versions of the weapon.


Increasing Popularity of the Jedi Knight

The Star Wars has increased in popularity. But what’s even more popular is the love and appreciation of the Jedi Knight. This popularity did not just happen overnight but has been growing steadily over the years. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Jedi Knight became part of the public as early as 1977. Since then, kids of all ages have loved to emulate the Jedi Knight. Fortunately, Hasbro and other toy manufacturers decided to start mass producing the plastic swords resembling Lightsabers. This popularity also became wider with the introduction of the phasers- the swords used in Star Trek

  • In 1995, Star Wars: Dark Forces was released with the disciplined and super experienced Jedi Knights being the heroes in the Star Wars universe. Availability on the MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Game Cube made the game all the more famous. This prompted the online selling of Star Wars inspired and related merchandise with the most sought-after item being the Lightsaber.

  • Come 2010’s with shows such as The Big Bang Theory going crazy over Star Wars and leading characters Sheldon and Leonard going crazier over the Lightsaber, the popularity increased even more. Coupled with the success and prolific popularity of online shopping with forwarding companies that handle online international purchases, the purchasing of the Lightsaber sword took to greater heights.

Hasbro has been one of the pioneering companies leading the development of merchandise and Star Wars toys to meet the ever-increasing popularity of the franchise. This fall, Hasbro is releasing the new Lightsaber toy: the Star Wars Lightsaber Academy. This toy is an interactive Lightsaber game that uses Bluetooth connection and an app to teach kids how to wield the sword.


Finally, smart technology is becoming truly inclusive of all ages. Now every family member will be catered to in the way the Bluetooth Lightsaber functions.

Physical Appearance and Attributes of  the Lightsaber Academy

For those who are attracted to anything because of how it looks, then there is no need to worry as far as the Academy Hasbro Lightsaber is concerned. This sword looks quite a bit like the Lenovo Jedi Challenges, whereby a grownup uses a physical Lightsaber handle to practice the Lightsaber moves. However, it’s totally meant for kids.

Get more value for your money by fully exploring all of the toy’s capabilities. For example, you can track your motion by connecting the extendable Lightsaber hilt to a training app via Bluetooth. For this base set, be prepared to part with just $49.99. The price that’s well worth it considering that this toy sword comes with one of Hasbro’s Smart-Hilt sabers that players can use to shift between one of five Jedi practitioners (Yoda, Rey, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, or Kylo Ren). The cherry on the cake is that the app is used to guide the player through different poses and attack styles. Say goodbye to clumsy stances and poses while on the battlefield with more experienced kids. Right from the onset, your child can be just as good if not better than his older and more experienced friends.


Also, the app keeps track and helps one with accountability. Game scores are recorded as the child is playing and the players’ progress is evaluated at the same time. Players also have the pleasure of battling it out against one another as if they were professionals.

Star Wars Lightsaber Academy Hasbro Release Date

This digital training toy with Bluetooth connection will not just be for kids. Let’s face the raw truth. Equipped with such cutting-edge technology, the Lightsaber is labelled and sold as a kid’s toy, but it comes with super impressive properties to make it desirable by players of all ages. Everyone is waiting with bated breath to be able to purchase this sword as soon as they can. And it will be easier to pay for package forwarding from the US for a toy set that you and your nephew or niece can play together with and both be thoroughly entertained.


The time to start planning how to get the Hasbro Lightsaber Academy is now, because it will be released on October 4, 2019. And the crazy thing is that there are already pre-orders available. If you want to get your sword, which will make for the coolest 2019 Halloween costume accessory, set up your account with a parcel forwarder today and avoid last-minute disappointments.

The Star Wars Lightsaber Academy Hasbro with Bluetooth connection is not the only toy being released on October 4th. Hasbro is also selling a series of Lightsabers in the same line. The difference is the others don’t connect via Bluetooth. You can choose from a list that has:

  • The Extendable Lightsaber Level 1 series. This retails for $7.99 and is the most affordable in the series. Select from blue, green or red colors. Content in the app can be accessed by simply scanning a QR code.

  • The Electronic Lightsaber Level 2 option 2 brings the buyer an option of selecting between either Darth Vader’s Lightsaber or Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber. Character content and training features can be accessed by scanning a QR code. The retail price is set at $19.99.

Know your Toys!

If you’re going to pay any fee to ship internationally from the US your sword, be sure not to get your details twisted in a knicker. The Star Wars installations have Lightsabers whereas Star Trek has phasers. Be prepared to learn your Obese, Huttese, Jawanese, Bocci and Ewokese languages, if you’re really going to buy the Lightsaber and have it forwarded internationally. Aside from involving money, it’s pretty hurtful for Star Wars fans to watch a non-fan just aimlessly play around with the revered Lightsaber.


It’s true, Star Wars has come a long way. And their toys have come an even longer way with their popularity increased over the years. The costumes have also improved in their fit and appearance. Every Halloween and dress-up function, more and more people are choosing to appear as Star Wars Knights. Get yourself, or your child, this impressive Hasbro Lightsaber and it will complete all your Star Wars outfits. 

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