How to Buy from Amazon if Amazon Item Doesn't Ship to Australia

In July 2018 Australian shoppers woke up to the disheartening news that the online retail giant, Amazon, would soon stop making international shipments to Australia. The news came in the wake of the government's changes to online GST (Goods & Services Tax) law, which now requires overseas businesses to collect the tax on products under $1000. 


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On July 1, 2018, American Amazon indeed stopped shipping international purchases to Australia. Instead, Australian shoppers are now forced to use Amazon’s local site, which not only offers a far smaller range of items, but also the products it carries are sinfully more expensive than those available on the international site.


With the rollout of the new laws governing GST on overseas purchases, Amazon changed its policies regarding Aussies accessing Amazon US. But, in fact, Amazon continues to operate in Australia via its Australian site.

Issues That Came with Online Shopping

For many Australian customers US Amazon was the #1 shopping destination. This is not a surprise, because American Amazon gave a range of advantages to its customers located in Australia:

  • Australian shoppers had access to a much larger range of goods than Australian Amazon offers. 

  • With shopping, impatient Australian shoppers were able to pre-order certain products from the original source as soon as online pre-orders were open.


Now that Amazon doesn’t ship to Australia, Australian customers need to use shipping middlemen to get their Amazon purchases delivered internationally. There are several channels of how to ship Amazon items to Australia from the US or UK, or any other country for that matter. When buying online, you will find yourself visiting various webstores set in different countries. The best part is that most products offer free shipping locally. Thus, for the person shopping in the country where the webstore is located, there are no local postage fees involved.


The main issue on shipping from Amazon US to Australia is presented to buyers in Aussie. We have done intensive research to provide Australian buyers with cost-saving and effective means of shopping and shipping. If you’re interested in learning more about Amazon shipping to Australia, read the section below.


How to Ship from Amazon if Amazon Item Doesn't Ship to Australia

In this section of the article, we share with shoppers how to ship from Amazon if the item doesn't ship to Australia. Identifying a product that interests you online is enough motivation to start searching for ways to get the product in your hands. We will provide you with rough ideas that will help you to form a basis for buying and shipping from other countries to your local Australian address.


You might be a fashion-forward individual or even know about Australian Instagram boutiques. Of course, these are online but they operate locally, meaning they can easily ship to your home or office address. How about those items that you would like to pick up on Amazon, but you don’t have an American shipping address and the seller doesn’t offer international shipping to Australia? Ever heard about package forwarding from Amazon US with Parcl?

First of all, what is Parcl? This company offers package forwarding services to all international customers, including Australians who need help with buying and shipping from US Amazon. Here are a couple of details about Parcl:

  • Parcl presents Australian shoppers an opportunity to shop anywhere around the world. They have forwarders who help you access online stores in leading countries including but not limited to USA, UK, France, Sweden, Israel, Japan and Korea.

  • At Parcl, there are over 1100 package centres strategically located to help give buyers more options for selecting the nearest centre and thus reduce the service fees.

  • There are over 220 shipping methods that you can select from according to your budget or the time frame you have allocated to receiving your purchase.

  • And the main one, yes, even from Australia, you can shop as if you live in the US! Parcl recently joined forces with Outbyte VPN. You can search the internet while hiding yourself using the VPN.

  • Most importantly, these parcel forwarders work in conjunction with well-known carriers that also provide Amazon delivery to Australia.

Be the first to get products that are new on the market with Amazon international shipping Australia facilitated by Parcl. Get a fair chance of selecting and opting to purchase every new gadget in the industry as soon as it is made available for public purchasing.


For products sold on Amazon, but without an Amazon US shipping to Australia option, freight forwarding companies are there to cover that section. This is a method that enables you to get your products, but still at cost effective prices. If you’re lucky, at times, you can manage to buy from Amazon in Australia if the seller has set up base locally and will ship your purchases for free or using local prices. But if that is not the case, then get yourself a Parcl lifetime account. Also, there are no hustles attached to the Parcl account as you can cancel at any time. The membership doesn’t require a monthly fee. All you do is pay for the parcel forwarding service as and when you use your account.

At times, if you purchase a product from Amazon America, the first option of using Amazon’s shipping service might be too expensive. Thus, your next and only other way is to ship Amazon US items to Australia using your reliable shipping service provider — Parcl. 

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