How to Buy from Amazon US and Ship to Switzerland

The Swiss, and their love for chocolate. Yes, that’s one of the greatest aspects about Switzerland, a land known for their Swiss knives, potato peelers, Helvetica font and of course, edible chocolate gold and milk chocolate among other items. It looks like Switzerland has it all figured out. They have a cool cursive font, tools, edibles and everything tech. But still, we all need some ‘pick me ups’ and provision of other products.

Switzerland has always enjoyed online shopping where the Swiss can buy just about anything they want and can afford to have it shipped to their homes. For decades, online shopping Switzerland has prospered, for the most part, facilitated by shipping from US to Switzerland. After all, Amazon has existed since forever, and this is the number one webstore where shoppers have the leisure of selecting a long list of products by clicking a couple of pages.

Changes as Amazon US Cut Off Most Deliveries to Switzerland

Following the addition of Value Added Tax (VAT) in Switzerland that was applied from the beginning of 2019, there had to be some serious changes made to the entire situation so that Amazon doesn’t face a lot of their products being turned back due to the VAT causing an increase in the total cost of buying from Amazon US. The VAT increment has resulted in online distributors with a turnover of at least €88,000 (100,000 Swiss Francs) from small consignments getting taxed in the same bracket as domestic distributors.

In December 2018, Amazon announced that purchases made on the US-based website would no longer be delivered to Switzerland as of December 26th. Yeap, as 2018 rolled to an end, so did the privilege of getting one’s purchases safely delivered via Amazon shipping to Switzerland. The only products that can still be delivered include the likes of eBooks and apps. And that doesn’t really matter now, does it?


What shoppers are mostly seeking and would love to continue getting with affordable shipping fees are the likes of furniture, clothing, toys and novelty items for home and house. Unfortunately, Swiss media only reported the bad news. No solution whatsoever, leaving a lot of locals forever cancelling their Amazon accounts. And who could blame them? Without shipping, what’s the use of owning an account where you just look at products longingly but cannot afford to purchase.

The news did go into details that this decision to stop shipping from Amazon US didn’t only affect shoppers in Switzerland. The same law was effected for other non-EU Amazon sites meaning that shoppers in Switzerland have even fewer options. Amazon sellers have a reduced clientele. Removing Amazon shipping to Switzerland came with heavy blows for all concerned parties. Erik Bussink even Twitted this terrible decision as soon as it was announced to the public. In his Tweet, Bussink called a spade a spade, as should be the case.


“Uncool cool email from #Amazon. No more shipping products from to #Switzerland by year’s end. We need to use or but 60-65% of the goods don’t ship to Switzerland.”

In any case, the second ‘cool’ in the Tweet should be ignored. What makes this decision all the more unfair for Swiss shoppers is the mere fact that Amazon Prime is yet to be introduced. And now this? What happened to making progress? There was no solution provided. 

However, there is at least one good solution to the problem. We have an excellent replacement that will help ease your worries and ensure you can afford to keep on buying from Switzerland and enjoying those Amazon deals that have been part of your family for generations.

What to Do if Amazon Doesn’t Ship to Switzerland

Did you know, as a paying customer, you’re entitled to your options? You need a company that provides you with a long list and you only select what you want and get it the way you like?  


The real question at this point is does Amazon ship to Switzerland? The answer is both yes and no. The yes part is that Amazon recommended for Switzerland shoppers to use other Amazon sites based in Europe naming specifically, and Those who had gift vouchers and Amazon credit issued under had to use their credit before December 26, 2018. Otherwise, they are not able to use their vouchers elsewhere.

But shipping must continue all the same. If you would rather worry yourself over the question: “does Amazon deliver to Switzerland?”, we will give you the solution to the yes part. Amazon US doesn’t offer direct shipping. But the goodness of modern technology sure does. With international parcel forwarding, it’s possible to shop as if you’re a local. And yes, you can be in Switzerland, but when it comes to shopping, you will be locally based in the US. How? Easy.

  1. Visit the Parcl website by clicking on and sign up for a free account. There are no sign-up fees.

  2. Once you’ve finished setting up your Parcl user account, select the form to fill out and receive a free quotation for what you will like to shop for. Fill in all the details and provide the product page link.

  3. Visit the Amazon US website where there are sellers offering what you would like to buy but without offering to ship. Check for the product specifications and use them to fill in the item weight and price per item.

  4. Parcl will use the information you provided to calculate and give you the estimated price of everything once it has been entered on the page. 

  5. You have the option of adding other services offered by Parcl including insurance coverage on your shipping package and a local parcel handler in the US

Shipping to Switzerland from US using Parcl is the easiest method ever. If an Amazon item doesn't ship to Switzerland, that doesn’t mean you must cancel and forget about purchasing. With a Parcl account, you can buy as many products as you want and from different Amazon sellers, have all of them delivered for free in the US and your local American handler will repackage them as one item and send to you in your home country.


Shop Electronics and Computers, Beauty & Health, Sports & Outdoors or any other category. If all products come with a ‘This item doesn't ship to Switzerland’ tag, you will use your Parcl account to have them delivered. According to stats, didn’t make that many deliveries to Switzerland, and thus removing US Amazon shipping to Switzerland was not a big deal, but we beg to differ. Even if only a handful of shoppers are affected, a solution is needed and Parcl becomes one.

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