How to Safely Access Blocked Online Stores and Better Deals


Dramatically. This is how the Internet has changed the way we shop. Just imagine, an estimated 1.92 billion people plan to make an online purchase in 2019. Apart from unique experiences and an almost unlimited product choice granted by online shopping, the reason why shopping via the Internet is becoming more and more popular is that it has become more meaningful, convenient, and practical.

Growing exponentially, online shopping has given us the freedom of choice. However, it has also brought a few serious risks and challenges.

Problems International Shoppers Might Face

The most common problems that international shoppers might face include the following:

  • Store's website is inaccessible in the shopper's country for political, economical or other reasons

At times, stores don’t have the permission to operate in a certain jurisdiction. You might find the link to a store in an online article, but clicking on the link doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get to access the webstore. Due to geopolitical differences, some online shops don’t have permission to trade in certain countries. This affects the buyers who usually have no idea of the behind-the-scenes issues and how to resolve them.

  • Stores dictate prices and discriminate particular locations

This is usually the case with stores that seemingly accept a wide range of prices. Once a shopper selects their language and currency, the bots in place set the price according to the location. For example, something priced at US$20 might become a couple of dollars more in USD when converted to AUD. Although this might seem like a small fee, it’s usually a turn-off and makes the whole essence of shopping online an invalid one, as an individual would expect to save a couple of bucks. At the end of the day, when checking out, the price is so high, international shipping fees seem like broad day extortion. This challenge makes online shoppers wish they could access the webstore as if they were in its native country.

  • The online store is not on a secure domain

Each time one goes online to make a financial transaction, they first check the security level of the website. If it’s an HTTPS, then they are assured the security level is good. Secure sites provide an extra layer of confidence to enter one’s financial details, and the shopper easily completes an online payment. However, if the online store is not on a secure domain, this presents complications in the sense that money can get lost or stolen, if transactions are made over such an unsecured domain. With a trusted VPN, a domain can be secured.

  • User's account on a certain shopping website is compromised

At times, online shoppers unwillingly go against the site terms and conditions. This leads to the buyer’s account getting flagged, blocked or taken down. Opening another account using the same personal details in such cases is impossible. If the webstore is your shopping home and you’re already used to the way it operates, this can prove heartbreaking. As a result, if an account is compromised, one has no option but to bid goodbye to the online store they regard as their safe haven.

The list of challenges and problems that present themselves to online shoppers thereby taking away the opportunity of enjoying international shopping is endless. Some of the problems are due to the shopper’s region not being covered. Other problems are unique and only apply to the individual in question. Whatever the case is, it’s challenging rectifying the problem if there is no external help. We have found an independent solution that might just solve all your problems that hinder the way you shop or pay for goods online.

Get Safe Access to Blocked Online Stores

What if we told you that there is an individual solution that will solve all the problems listed above and more? Each of these problems might seem unrelated and not easy to solve at once, but there actually is one solution for all these, and that is to use a VPN, specifically, Outbyte VPN.

Use Outbyte VPN service for online shopping and cover your risks as you navigate the online streets. With a VPN, you don’t only manage to log in as if in the country of the store’s origin, you also confuse online hackers who cannot pick up your correct IP address or other private details. Navigating the online space with VPN covers your online tracks. Basically, you can go undercover using a trusted VPN like Outbyte. If you’re to use this VPN for online shopping, you will also discover that Outbyte offers a series of other services that will come in handy for you. Start by using it for your shopping and take it a step further from there.

What to Look for When Selecting the Best VPN

When selecting a VPN, don’t just pick the first one that comes up in your search list. Check that your VPN is reviewed and trusted. Ensure top qualities for your VPN by checking it against this list:

  • Buy a VPN, don’t be quick to jump for freebies. Online shopping involves your financial information, you need to spend money to protect your money.

  • When shopping online, always opt for a no-logs VPN (a service that will not log your activity).

  • Ensure that the VPN also offers other online uses in addition to online shopping. For example, Outbyte VPN offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their services.

  • Check the type of encryption algorithm the VPN for online shopping uses to ensure safe online transactions.

  • Opt for a mobile VPN as it is rare for these to disconnect during the shopping session.

Now, when you know how to safely access online stores that are blocked for your IP-address, we feel it wouldn’t be fair to not also solve your international shipping problems. It is logical that an online store which is blocked in particular locations, does not ship to these locations. This problem can be easily solved by a package forwarding service, which offers re-shipping from stores to international addresses.

Create an Account with Parcl to Get Your Online Shopping Handled With Care

Using VPN for online shopping is one step towards getting the best deals online, just as the locals would. But the next and most important step is finding yourself a verified local shipping address that will enable you to get your goods delivered in the store’s country. From there, you can choose to add other services provided by your handler as they receive your buys from the online shops.

If you’re shopping online with a VPN, your handler will receive your goods at their local address. The next steps include:

  • Repackaging all your packages into one big parcel to reduce the trips to the post office as well as the cost associated with shipping internationally.

  • Taking your parcel to a trusted carrier who will ship it to the final destination, that is to your address, even if it is overseas.

  • Helping you handle customs and fill out tax forms beforehand, so there are no problems when the parcel arrives in your country.

  • Going to the physical store to source out what you need if it happens not to be available online. This is an excellent service, especially if the store is running promotions and deals that run out online faster.

You can use your Outbyte VPN together with the package forwarding service to shop and save more online.

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