How to Save Money with Cashback Services

Limited offer, special deal, exclusive discount… Sure, you smart shoppers are already used to these things and know that they can help you save some money. But how about taking your smart shopping strategy to the next level and starting to get your cash back when buying things online? Today we’d like to tell you about online cashback services, what they offer, and how you can use them.

What are cashback services?

The term is pretty self-explanatory. Cashback or rebate websites offer their registered users an opportunity to earn a portion of the money they spend at online stores back. For example, if you were going to buy something like the Sony 49-Inch 4K Smart LED TV from Amazon for $898, you might get back 10 percent of the purchase price - just by clicking through a rebate service site before placing your order.

The way you use the money afterwards varies from service to service - some of them allow their users to withdraw cash any time, others prefer to set specific dates when users can transfer the sum to their PayPal or other accounts.   

How do rebate/cashback websites work?

You simply register with a cashback website and start shopping, selecting from a list of stores that partner with the service (usually cash back sites have an All Stores section, Cash Back Stores, Shop by Store, etc.). Any time you buy something through the site, you receive a percentage of the sale in the form of cash back or other rewards in your personal secure account.

The savings these cashback services offer can vary a lot between sites, so it’s a good idea to compare the sites and shop through the ones that offer the highest payouts. The Internet is full of all sorts of cashback sites and it may be hard to tell which ones offer the best rewards. To give you some guidance, we’ve put together a list of popular rebate services that are worth a try.


Mr. Rebates offers cash back rebates of up to 40 percent on your online purchases. You can also find coupons for over 2,000 merchants on this site, like Best Buy, Amazon, ASOS and hundreds of other stores. Members can request payout via check or PayPal once the account has reached $10 in rewards.


Ebates offers discount coupons for over 1500 retailers, including Nordstrom, JCPenney, Amazon, Sephora, Ebay, and a wide selection of other stores. Users can also receive up to 25% cash back on their online purchases. Checks are mailed quarterly once your account reaches a balance of at least $5, or you can have your rebate donated to charity straight from the site.


This site lets you earn rewards every time you make a purchase by accessing a store through The rewards points may be redeemed for gift cards, cash or even travel miles. For instance, you could exchange your points for an electronic Amazon gift certificate and use it right away to make a purchase from - MyPoints makes it really easy. The service offers additional ways to earn points, such as by answering surveys, playing games and more.

4. claims offering up to 30 percent cash-back from a great selection of 3,000+ online sellers, including Walmart, Bath & Body Works and Kohls. Once your savings reach $20, the site mails you a check. The site also offers a 110% Cash-back Guarantee if a user finds a better deal on a competitor’s website.

5. will send you an email alert whenever a new deal becomes available for a specific product or company. Registered users can get cash back from hundreds of stores and thousands of store offers, as well as bonuses for referring friends and family members (who have to make at least one purchase). Payouts can be made any time via check or PayPal.

There is also a cash back browser extension available that alerts you any time you search or shop directly at your favorite store, while you could be getting cash back by accessing it through FatWallet.

6. doesn’t just offer cash back rewards for online shopping. Here you can earn virtual currency (Swag Bucks) for a number of online activities, such as web searched, shopping, taking surveys, playing games and discovering online content. You would need to install a search toolbar to make it easy to start earning rewards. Swag Bucks can be redeemed for retail gift cards, PayPal cash and other rewards.

7. offers cash back, online coupons and promotion codes for over 4,000 sellers. If you make a purchase from an online store and then find a better offer on another site, BeFrugal will apply the higher discount rate, plus 25 percent to your rebate. Talk about protection! And you can turn your rebates into cash once your account balance reaches $25.

8. lists retail prices, coupon codes and cash back rewards for over 2,500 online stores. Cash back rewards fluctuate between 1 and 30 percent. You get a $5 bonus just for signing up to this service, and earn additional cash when the friends you refer shop there. You can get your earnings by check, Alipay or PayPal once your account reaches at least $10, or you can have the money donated to charity.

These are the most popular, but definitely not the only cash back services available on the Internet. Now, before purchasing something directly through a store’s website, try going to one of these services and see if you could save some money. If the store is listed, then register with the service offering the best conditions and proceed with your shopping. This will help you not only find coupons, discounts or special deals, but also get paid for shopping.

Cash back websites can also be used when placing an order through Parcl. If you request purchase assistance, let your forwarder know the details of the cash back opportunity.

Thanks for reading this post! Stay with us and don’t forget to order delivery at Parcl!

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4 years ago
iam from india and thinking of buying a laptop from AMAZON.COM worth 1050$. to avoid custom duty , can u declare it as gift worth 150$.
Meagan OH
1 year ago
Devesh, Yes
2 years ago
Very informative post about "How to Save Money with Cashback Services" . thanks for this post. I always looking for your new posts. we can save a lot money using coupons and cashback websites because we have to shop whole life to fulfill daily day needs and by shopping with cashback or reward sites we can save huge amount. Well, I also have a plan to create new affiliate website such as coupons and cashback website and looking for solution that can be used easily and without having deep development skills. I have read a lot of articles to find out best solution and found revglue and there solution to build coupons and cashback websites looking very easy to use, how to create coupons and cashback websites with revglue can be found at revglue(.)com/bespoke, they are providing cashback, coupons cms templates and API and offering free wordpress plugin with as well, but I am confused while working with this platform because i don't have working experience with this company. If anyone have working experience with this affiliate platform please share. Thanks
1 year ago
Hi James, thank you very much for the comment!
1 year ago
is this Cashback Services offer only for USA? or available for Bangladesh also? can u provide me Sony TV Price in Bangladesh with Cashback Services offer?
1 year ago
Hello Nishat, thank you for getting in back. Unfortunately, the article covers the US market only. Have you seen this page ? It seems they offer discounts and cashback on the TV's. Hope it helps. Thank you.
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