How to Save On Back-To-School Shopping At Amazon

Back to school shopping adverts start popping up from as early as the middle of the summer break. With just over a week left to go to school, these adverts become a norm and the prices get crazier. Many retail shops raise their prices closer to school start, but many others don’t. What might surprise most buyers is that the pricing system is not as straightforward as it usually appears. There is nothing like ‘the closer school days are, the higher the prices,’ and vice versa.

Are you a first-time parent looking for tips on how to save on back-to-school purchases? Or simply a caring parent who is tired of being overcharged on back to school deals? Then read on to discover some invaluable back-to-school shopping information.

Setup of Back to School Sales

As the summer school break draws closer to an end and the new school year approaches fast, shops do their best to set up new back-to-school shopping deals. The deals are not as simple as buying bread and they tend to depend on a number of factors including;

  • The season approaching (depending on the hemisphere the store is located in)

  • Target age (school kids or college students)

  • The latest fashion trends and colors

Yes, even with schools in some locations having made it official that students are supposed to be dressed in uniform, the latest trends have a significant impact on the back-to-school deals set by retailers. As a parent, to be able to meet your budget, you need to find the best back to school deals. Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. When buying electronics, opt for refurbished electronics on Amazon.

Honestly, internet shopping comes as a saving grace. And Amazon is the holy grail of online shopping. Instead of overspending on brand new electronics, consider buying a certified used model listed by a trusted seller on Amazon. Students need laptops and mobile phones and there is no need to break the bank every new school year buying brand new electronics. A refurbished electronic gadget is as good as new, just compare and save. Once having completed your purchase, you can move on to getting your goods shipped by a trusted international forwarder.

  1. Did you know, you can wait for the last minute back to school deals?

Instead of panicking about school shopping in the middle of the summer break, you can wait until a couple of days before school starts, right until everyone else has rushed to take on the first deals. The advantage about waiting to buy is that at the end of the sale/season, shops tend to roll out their ‘clearance’ prices. These clearance prices are even more affordable than the initial ‘best back to school deals’.

  1. Create a smart shopping plan.

Instead of going in blindly and shopping from the top of your head, come up with a list. Sit down with your children to set up a back-to-school budget. In addition to giving you a balance and rough idea of the amount you are going to spend, creating a budget with your children teaches them a valuable life lesson.

  1. Scout Amazon.

Before starting out with your back to school clothes shopping, check out the numerous sellers on Amazon. Since Amazon is just a huge space for sellers from different industries, offering various services, products and deals, online shopping saves you time and exposes you to more options. Coupled with the services of a trusted package forwarder, shopping for school on Amazon can turn therapeutic.

  1. Follow or sign up for notification deals from your favorite Amazon sellers.

To get the first pick on the best back to school deals when and as they are released, consider signing up for push notifications from reliable Amazon stores. In addition to giving you first preference, you will also have reference and be able to compare all the deals on offer.

Enhance your Amazon Back-to-School Shopping Experience with Parcl

A successful back to school online shopping experience depends on the success of each step of the process. Once you have selected what you want to buy, for example from, what follows is the shipping of your purchases. To get the goods shipped outside of the US straight from the seller is often impossible. That’s where you will need the services of a reliable and cheap package forwarding service - and your answer to this little challenge is Parcl.

Having been in the freight forwarding business for 4 years, the company has learned very well the ins and outs of the industry. For an enhanced school supplies shopping experience, simply do the following:

  1. Create an account on using your personal details (if you don’t have one already).

  2. Start shopping for the best deals and placing items in your cart until you have everything you need and are ready to check out.

  3. Visit the official Parcl website and register for free – again, using your personal details.

  4. You can easily enter all the details by following the prompts from the site.

  5. A local forwarder based in the US (or any other Amazon country you decide to shop from) will provide you with a verified local address you can use when checking out at Amazon.

  6. Enter the local Parcl address to check out.

  7. Your goods are sent by the seller to the local address where your dedicated forwarder eagerly awaits their arrival and, if needed, takes pictures and repackages them before sending them off to your actual address using a trusted shipping method.

  8. The forwarder also provides you with the tracking code. As the goods make their way to you, you have the ability to track them right until they get delivered to your doorstep.

  9. Happy with the experience? Repeat steps 2 through 8 each time you need affordable back to school or other Amazon deals.

Today, there are a lot of freight forwarders, and they may offer lucrative deals, exclusive offers etc. With Parcl, not only do you get a waived registration fee, but there are also a great number of package forwarders for you to select from. In addition, Parcl affords you the opportunity of creating a customised shopping experience.

Traditional back-to-school shopping at brick-and-mortar stores is outdated and tiresome. The new way of shopping for school supplies is via the internet. Since there are a lot of websites and scams on the net, trust the services of a proven marketplace at And to get your back-to-school purchases delivered safely, on time and on budget, trust the services of a proven freight forwarder – Parcl.

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