How to Ship from Amazon US to Canada

It is not a secret to online shoppers from many countries that Amazon US is far superior to other countries’ Amazon divisions. Many Canadian online shoppers already know that the American Amazon website offers a significantly wider range of goods, plus more deals and discounts than Canadian Amazon. What is more, offers lower prices for items also available from Canadian Amazon (often a whole 50% lower).

Shopping at Amazon US makes the most sense for Canadians in the following cases:

  • Purchasing products that are not available in Canada: offers a far greater range of products across all departments than Canadian Amazon.

  • Shopping in bulk: If you are buying multiple products at one time, you should consider using, because it might be cheaper even if you have to pay import taxes and international shipping fees.

If you’re purchasing a single, low cost item, you are probably better off making your purchase from or another Canadian website.

Does Amazon US ship to Canada?

Before filling your shopping cart with numerous products, make sure that Amazon will ship your buys to Canada from the United States. In most cases this won’t be a problem, as Amazon US states that it will ship the following items to Canada from America, but it’s better to double check before you order:

Automotive, Baby, Clothing, Consumer Electronics, Health and Personal Care, Home and Garden, Industrial and Scientific, Jewelry, Pet Supplies, Shoes, Software, Sporting Goods, Tools, Toys, Video Games and Watches.

So, obviously many sellers on Amazon do ship to Canada. You can find Amazon shipping rates to Canada here. However, even though the USA and Canada are neighbors, many Amazon sellers do not ship to Canada. Here are just a few random items that we found, which don’t ship to Canada:

But there is a way for Canadians to shop Amazon US and other American online stores that don’t offer international delivery to Canada.

How to ship from to Canada

For shopping Amazon US and shipping to Canada, firstly, you will need a US address. You can ask your friends or relatives who live in America to give you their address so that you could purchase Amazon items. The address in America is necessary when you need to ship Amazon items that don’t ship internationally. If you don’t have friends or family living in the USA, you can get a shipping address in the US for free here.

Having an American shipping address allows you to buy from Amazon US. When you go to Amazon’s website, change your shipping destination to the United States and enter the ZIP code that you get from the Parcl package forwarder:


Once you place all the items you want into your Amazon shopping cart, you will need to proceed to checkout. At checkout you should specify your full US address and the name of package recipient. Carefully copy this information from your Parcl account.

Amazon will ship your order to the forwarder’s secure address in America. Once the forwarder receives all your items at their package center, you will need to provide the forwarder with your Canadian address, and they will ship your Amazon items to Canada.  

One disadvantage for Canadians shopping online at Amazon US, or any other American online store, is that physical goods imported to Canada from the United States often have Canadian duty and sales tax applied to them when they arrive to Canada (HST, GST and PST, ranging from 5% to 15% of the item’s Customs value depending on the province).

In many cases it is still less expensive to buy goods from the USA and ship them to Canada, even when Canadian duty and sales tax is added, however it is important for Canadian citizens to be aware of these added costs to make sure online shopping at (or any other U.S. webstore) makes economic sense.

Using a package forwarding service allows you to buy any items from Amazon US and ship to Canada. This is a convenient and safe way to get Amazon products that are not available in Canada.

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1 year ago
I am in Canada and I want to order a gift for a relative in the US . Who do I order from Amazon ca or Amazon .com ?
1 year ago
1 year ago
Hi Colleen, thank you for getting in touch. It is better to order directly from Amazon US if your relative lives in the US. You can even use their address for shopping. In fact, package forwarding service will be an extra step. But if you have troubles shipping from Amazon or another US store, you can use Parcl for package forwarding. Hope it helps. Thank you!
Danilo Ribeiro
1 year ago
I would like to buy a cell phone on with direct shipping to Canada, on the freight that I paid are already included Canadian taxes? Is it a good choice to do this? I'm thinking about this because the phone ended up at Thanks in advance
1 year ago
Hi Danilo, thank you for getting in touch. Usually payment includes shipping cost, additional services fees, and other shipping related expenses. However, I'd recommend you ot discuss tax handling with the forwarder when you create an order. Thank you.
Tayyab mughal
11 months ago
Hey sir. I need to post in your site. Please let me know post price do-follow link I am waiting your reply. Thanks.
10 months ago
Hello Tayyab, thank you for getting in touch. Please contact us at to get information on guest posting at Parcl. Thank you.
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