How To Shop For Your Baby’s Clothes


Shopping for baby clothes looks easy, and this article may seem hardly necessary, but in reality, there's a lot more involved than walking into the nearest baby store and picking up random onesies and blankets. There's a whole lot of factors to consider and items to tick off the list. It's a task that needs preparations, and necessary arrangements need to be made. Here's a short guide on how to buy baby clothes.

Choosing Baby Clothes

Before walking into a store, you'll need to make a list of all the clothes you intend to buy, and how many of each you will need. Many parents make rough approximations and adjust with time. Here are some of the essential clothes your baby will need:

  1. Onesies

  2. Sweaters

  3. Blankets

  4. Beanie Hats

  5. Rompers

  6. Slippers/booties

  7. Bodysuits

  8. Socks

  9. Leggings

  10. Sleepers

The Size

Buying clothes for your baby is a bit different than purchasing kids furniture or baby prams online in the sense that they will outgrow their clothing more rapidly than they will outgrow a sofa, chair or a carrier. It is widely advised to buy baby clothes that are a size ahead of your baby’s. This is because babies grow very fast and if you buy an exact fit, you may find yourself going back for another shopping trip a week later. For newborns, get clothes for babies between 0-3 months.

The quantity

It is very tempting to walk out of the store with a truckload of baby clothes, but it is not advisable. You will be coming back for more that you forgot to buy, or you may buy what you don't need. With time, you will discover some items that your baby needs, but you didn't include in your initial list. Don't buy too many clothes; you could even save your money for other essential baby items such as a crib or bouncer.


Baby Safety

Remember that a newborn's skeleton is not fully formed, and there's an opening at the back and top of their head that exposes their brain. For this reason, you will need to buy clothes that pass quickly over the baby’s head. Better still, buy clothes that can be opened with velcro. Buttons are dangerous; they not only pose a choking hazard but can also be very uncomfortable for the baby.

The Material

Babies' skin is exceptionally delicate, and this makes it necessary to get clothes made with very soft and breathable material. These include organic cotton and wool. Some babies are, however, allergic to wool, so be sure to check on that. Clothes made out of synthetic material may not be very comfortable and may even pose safety hazards.

Breathability is important; it helps regulate temperatures and keep the baby comfortable. Cotton is an excellent choice for this particular aspect.

Easy to Clean

Babies are excellent at making messes, and those are hard to get off if the clothes are not easy to clean. Choose clothes that are easy to wash, with both hands and machines. For this reason, it is not advisable to choose white clothes or materials to which stains cling hard.

Conclusively, there's a lot to consider when buying clothes for your baby. Make sure that you make appropriate arrangements before shopping to get the best, safest, and cost-friendly options.


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