Ikea Partnered with Sonos to Create Symfonisk

We’re always on the lookout for the latest tech trends. And Variety has it in good faith that Ikea and Sonos are releasing the Symfonisk speaker sometime in August, 2019. The Symfonisk is a smart speaker which is the result of a collaborative effort between Ikea and Sonos. The two giants first announced their collaboration in 2017 and this is their first release.


The smart speaker has been created to find a seamless way of integrating Sonos tech products into Ikea furniture while also reducing the price of entry into built-in home sound systems.

The partnership specialises in integrating ‘music and sound’ into the home. The smart speaker allows playing from streaming services and is also being expanded to access smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

According to Sonos, the Symfonisk smart speaker line is expected to fully integrate with Ikea’s Tradfri smart devices, such as wall outlets, lights and the smart shades currently in development. If the smart speaker is a hit and more products are manufactured, international shoppers can buy online and have their smart furniture delivered by a trusted global package forwarder.


At their Democratic Design Days event held in Sweden last year, Ikea displayed and showed off some non-functional prototype speakers. The smart speakers are dual units as they also function as shelves. From the prototype speakers, prospective buyers already know that there are brackets offering speakers flexibility of being attached beneath the Ikea kitchen cabinets. This way, you can have your smart home by simply buying the ordinary furniture, only this time, there is a twist making it more desirable, adding functionality and serving as a decorative piece.

Pricing and Availability of the Ikea Sonos Symfonisk Smart Speaker Furniture

The partnership has a long way to go before the Symfonisk can be released. According to reports and official statements, users can expect that this smart speaker will be on the market sometime in August. However, there is no exact date at the moment.


The same mystery surrounds the pricing. At the moment, we can only estimate based on the cost of the current Sonos’ speaker which retails from $150. If you would like to get your hands on the smart speaker, then start budgeting going up. If you’ll be purchasing it from outside of the US, then you will need a private American shopping address. Include that cost in your budget to avoid surprises.

Buying the Sonos-Ikea Symfonisk Smart Speaker Online

For international shoppers, buying online is one sure way of being part of the action and ensuring that one gets products as soon as they hit the market. With smart furniture, given the kind of world we are currently living in, owning most or part of smart furniture is an investment towards a brighter future. Thus, most shoppers will be happy to get their hands on the Symfonisk smart speaker as soon as it becomes available to pre-order or buy.

In the meantime. There are a couple of checkpoints that international shoppers can tick as they wait for the Symfonisk to be released in August 2019 as expected. These include:

  • Checking news frequently to stay updated on the development as it progresses.

  • Following the official Sonos website and social media, pages to understand changes you can make in your home to accommodate the Ikea speaker – a shelf that can be attached to a wall. You can see news about the prototype for an initial idea.

  • Explore the history of smart furniture to be best prepared for the changes the smart speaker will most likely bring to your home.

  • Discover and compare international shipping costs as offered by international forwarders and parcel carriers.

International Shipping of Delicate Furniture

From the last point raised above, one cannot stress enough, the importance of having the services of a reliable international shipping company to move recently purchased items. When buying something as delicate as a smart speaker, you need a company that will take care of your investment and ensure that you receive it intact, with all functionality still working like clockwork.


Search for a reliable parcel forwarder with glowing reviews. We can recommend the services of Parcl -the first worldwide shipping community. As a community, they offer their services across the globe, even forwarding packages to some of the most remote locations. Here are more reasons why this global shipping community will make your Symfonisk purchase the best experience in your history of online shopping:

  • You can register for a free account to get started on the basic service offered, which is the ship anything to anywhere.

  • Use the template on site to customise the service you would like to receive. These include package consolidation and a forwarder having to physically go to the shop to buy on your behalf.

  • You can pay for your Ikea – Sonos smart speaker via your Parcl account in case the method you have in your country is not supported by the website from where you’re purchasing.

  • There is an option to get help with customs. As a professional company, they work with customs every day and are better equipped to advise you or help you through the process.

  • Buy more items in one go and save on shopping and shipping whilst being the first to get newly released products before they are even available in your local shops.

There are a lot more reasons why you need to purchase online and use Parcl to complete the transaction. But if anything, this is one of the biggest ways of ensuring that your smart speaker is packaged and protected to withstand all motion during shipping from the country of origin to your home.

Sonos and Other Relations

In an effort to make their smart devices more popular and accessible, Sonos did not only stop at their partnership with Ikea. The tech company has also reached out to others to integrate the Sonos speakers into more furniture pieces.


The public collaboration started in August last year is that between Sonos and Sonance an audio company. Sonos and Sonance are creating in-wall, ceiling and outdoor ‘architectural speakers.’ These speakers are designated to work with the Sonos Amp. Users should be on the lookout for more news as more developments are being rolled out.

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