Insider Secrets to Shopping in Japan from Anywhere in the World

As great as a trip to Japan may sound, it still costs quite a bit and takes time. Since you normally don’t have much time for shopping while traveling, you may shop hastily and make purchase decisions you may later regret. But what if you really want something that’s only sold in Japan? The solution may be right at your fingertips: consider online shopping in Japan.

When you shop online, you normally have all the time in the world to choose the best items at Japanese stores right from the comfort of your home. If you think that shopping online could be pricier than brick-and-mortar store shopping in Japan, consider the cost of travel or the hassle of inconveniencing local friends with getting your buys shipped to you.

In this post we will disclose a few tips on buying goods from Japan online and the cool brands that are only available in this country.


Japanese websites can be an awesome source of domestic products at fantastic prices. Anything from electronics to traditional Japanese clothes can be purchased online, sometimes at huge discounts. When shopping online electronics or cosmetics in Japan, you’ll do better with some knowledge of the Japanese language. However, if that’s not a skill you have, you can always get shopping assistance from native speakers along with a Japanese shipping address through Parcl.

Some popular Japanese sites include:





If you want to shop jewelry with traditional Japanese motifs, be sure to look at Atelier Shinji. Here sakura, ginkgo, daikon and pine motifs create gorgeous memorable pieces. The shopping experience is a delight that will get you hooked and make you return here again and again.



Mikimoto’s specialty is pearls. You’ll be amazed at the luxurious accessories made with beautifully arranged pearls, where every pearl is unlike any other. Mikimoto follows very strict procedures in selecting pearls, so all their jewelry is of outstanding quality and totally unique.

Wako opened its jewelry store in the Meiji era (1868 - 1912) and has since become one of Japan's most famous jewelry brands. The whole jewelry making process is strictly monitored from stone selection to sales, and they even sell made-to-order jewelry pieces when needed.

Each of Niwaka's jewelry pieces has been given a name stemming from the beautiful nature and sights of Kyoto. Just take a look at the gorgeous Kyokomachi earrings sparkling with countless diamonds: the name and the design come from the stone-paved streets of Kyoto glimmering after a rain. Wave a Kyokomachi earring in the air and the shimmer will remind you of Kyoto streets lit up by the moonlight after a storm. This is truly exquisite jewelry and buying it from Japan you are taking a piece of Kyoto with you.

All of these jewelry brands offer classy items that could make perfect wedding wear or a memorable gift for that special someone. Check out these stores and find the perfect jewelry piece for you! You can buy it all from Japanese websites listed above and our forwarders will gladly assist you both with shopping and delivery.

Japan is also famous for its fashion brands. The apparel you can order from Japan is loved for unique style and the high quality of workmanship. The world has just started discovering it recently, but Japanese fashion is acquiring fans all over the world at a high pace. A Bathing Ape and UNDERCOVER are the most recognizable heavyweights of the Japanese fashion industry. However, there are many more cool brands for you to discover, and you can find most of them on the websites listed above.

It is hard to predict what might come next from Japan’s fashion industry. At any given moment, there are dozens of new brands and designers interested in expanding their creative horizons. The designers you have heard of are probably just a tiny portion of what the Japanese fashion scene has offered in the last couple of decades or might offer in the decades to come, so exploring Japan’s online stores may lead to fascinating discoveries.

Your shopping experience in Japan isn’t just limited to fashion or jewelry though. If you want to order something else from Japan, keep on reading to learn more shopping secrets for the land of the rising Sun.

Women all over the world know that Japan makes the best cosmetics. What’s more, there are actually lots of tourists who travel to Japan only to buy cosmetics in bulk and bring it home. What’s so special about Japanese cosmetics?

Apparently it works great. There are some cosmetics brands in Japan that you can only get from certain specialty stores and through Parcl forwarders.

The best-known cosmetics brands are:



Let’s take a closer look.

Benefique offers a wide range of cosmetics made with ginseng extract and wonderful natural herbs. Get this brand to keep your skin healthy and young for longer. Besides facial care, the brand also offers great hair and body care products: stuff that will keep you looking good head to toe.

Even though looking at Twany’s packaging you may not be able to tell what it’s about, the brand actually offers outstanding products for healthy and beautiful skin. The Japanese herbs used to create these skincare products are said to promote hormonal balance and prevent breakouts. You will actually find a variety of products here from rich toners to luxurious foundations and lots of makeup. It’s a bit sad that you can only buy it from Japanese stores, it really deserves global recognition.

For the Predia brand the keyword is “rich”. Their products are made with seaweed and sea mud, contain 600 minerals of different types and are based on the European belief that deep ocean water is very similar to human blood or amniotic fluid. The brand is recommended by dermatologists and equally loved by women and men. Pamper your skin with marine goodness and enjoy a spa day at home.

Ignis makes their products with natural ingredients, such as herbal extracts and aromatherapy oils, so your skin can be beautiful, healthy and happy. More than 10 different types of herbs can be found in Ignis products giving them heavenly smell and natural power. And the super cute pastel-colored bottles are an added bonus. 

The brands listed above aren’t the only ones you will find at Japanese stores. The country offers tons of effective and unique cosmetics products. Shopping for them can be an exciting adventure.

Have you ordered some stuff from Japan already? If you haven’t because of shipping complications, you should definitely try it with Parcl! We will ship any Japanese brand directly to your doorstep in no time, regardless of your location.

Those are all the shopping secrets for today, but stay tuned for more fun tips coming soon. Like and share this post if you found it useful, your friends will thank you!

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