Introducing Secret Freshies: a Superior and by Far the Most Instagrammed Deodorant

Sometimes, all you need is your favorite deodorant and antiperspirant on hand for an emergency touch-up so that you light up the dance floor. Yes – you deserve a confidence booster kind of deodorant and something that would make you look fresh, chic and sophisticated.

If you’ve ever felt your underarms soaked with sweat and maybe felt embarrassed, we are suggesting a product rightly made with people like you in mind - Freshies. From the way it’s designed, cute and modest, to the convenience of applying that emergency whiff on your underarm, Freshies is just beautiful, and here’s what people say about it:

“Those touchups and everyday freshness just got better – we’ve Freshies.”

“The world’s first miniature, sphere-shaped deodorant for us, lovely ladies!”

“It’s a tiny, rounded and portable antiperspirant for an instant burst of freshness.”

“From its size and ease of use, this perfect ‘on-the-go’ product is excellent for your sweaty underarms.”

“It’s that deodorant you can carry in your purse, clutch or backpack and sneak around with.”

“You will fall in love with its fresh-smelling, down-by-the-shore fragrance.”

“It’s made with you in mind, for unending freshness throughout the day and at night.”

“A charming deodorant for all gorgeous women – will keep the underarms smelling fresh!”

For those of you who’ve grown to loathe the mammoth sized antiperspirants, which aren’t beautiful or convenient as an on-the-go beauty product, and have always wished to get a smaller, simpler deodorant stick, Freshies is here.

The deodorant comes in Cool Waterlily, Luxe Lavender, Paris Rise, and Chill Ocean scents. If the smell of sweet, fresh floral, calming lavender or cool waterlily wakes your nostrils up, then Freshies is your best deodorant. This little pink, purple, blue, or turquoise ball has the fresh-smelling scent that can last for hours while keeping you fresh.


It comes with a rounded, removable top and a soft, rolling applicator for easy use, even on the go. What’s more, it’s perfect to go with you everywhere, including when you are headed for that weekend trip with your girls!

Many say it’s the world’s first miniature, sphere-shaped deodorant and a classic example of what an ideal on-the-go deodorant should look like. No wonder it’s the most Instagrammed antiperspirant and deodorant right now.

It’s 100% safe, Parabens and chemical-free, and approved by the FDA. Also, it’s ideal for self-loving, confident women and arrives carefully packaged.

Want to get this on-the-go beauty must-have, but the store doesn’t ship to your country? No worries. A package forwarding service can help deliver your Freshies to you wherever in the world you might be.


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