Introducing the Best Cycling Bags Thanks To Banjo Brothers

Getting a premium quality cycling backpack is never easy, given the abundance of fake copycats and those that won’t last beyond a single season. If you have been looking to buy a tough, durable and cycling-specific backpack, then you must have come across a vast collection of different brands. But your search should come to an end today, thanks to Banjo Brothers international.

Known for their huge assortment of backpacks, made for hard-core commuters and casual riders alike, all Banjo Brothers backpacks are the ultimate cycling-oriented bags. And this top quality cyclists’ bag maker enjoys huge traction as it majors in manufacturing products designed to last, products that are versatile and incredibly waterproof.

Banjo Brothers Backpack

Any rider who desires to own a top-quality backpack and never buy another one anymore should just buy from Banjo Brothers Bags. With a broad array of affordable commuter backpacks, all of them known for their unsurpassed versatility and spaciousness, these backpacks enjoy a positive reputation in the industry.


Canvas Commuter Backpack by Banjo Brothers

Roomy and lightweight

Frankly speaking, there’s a lot to admire about these backpacks, but we’d dare say it is mostly the two twin straps that distribute the load and ensure longer, comfy rides. They are spacious too and sit lower on your back to reduce blind spots.

Lightweight as they are, all of them are roomy enough to carry all your supplies. They come with extra pockets where you can store your pens or extra cycling gear, and with a padded laptop divider among other things. You pack your items in there, adjust the straps and hit the road!

Ballistic Fabric Construction

Usability of Banjo Brothers bags doesn’t rest on the comfort they guarantee when you are on the road and attention to detail employed in their assembly alone. And it is not a single outer layer of canvas only, but rather a unique, 2-layer design with the interior layer forming a waterproof cocoon for absolute protection from water for all your items.

There are a couple of colors for you to choose from.

Banjo Brothers Barrel Bags

Just like the other Banjo Brothers bags, they are versatile and can either fit under the seat or be fastened onto handlebars. But among their best features is their sturdy interior preventing them from sagging, and the two lower straps that ensure that there’s no swaying as you ride.


MINNEHAHA Canvas Barrel Bag

Banjo Brothers Frame Bags

To keep your toolbox, water bottle or snacks close at hand while riding, you have a frame bag. It is a sturdy bag, with double-layered interior and cut-to-length straps fastened onto the frame and with a single strap secured to the lower end.

Why Banjo Brothers Bags

In a world where it is proving nearly impossible to get a barrel bag or a frame pack to compliment your favorite activity and add convenience, Banjo Brothers Backpacks are a perfect choice. Loved for their extensive functionality and the attention-to-detail employed by their manufacturer, these bags are sure to last longer than any of the commonly available brands.


Frame Bag

Do you love cycling and would love to have one of these bags for your long rides? Order it from a store that’s convenient for you. An international package forwarding service can help get your Banjo Brothers bag delivered to you, even if you live in a country no store ships to.

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