Introducing the Best of Jennifer Lopez Inglot Collab

Jennifer Lopez’ partnership with global beauty brand, Inglot, or Jennifer Lopez Inglot Collab, is probably the finest collaboration in the beauty industry this year. And to celebrate this mega fusion, you shouldn’t hesitate to pre-order what has been dubbed a “nice little appetizer” or the J.Lo x Inglot "First Look" Palette.

That’s right. You will no longer have to buy another boring 5-piece eyeshadow kit to get your favorite color, thanks to Jennifer Lopez Inglot. And there’s more; all their goodies are available at just the right price from Inglot US!

All you’ll need to do is head over to JLo’s official website,, Inglot stores online:, or to select Macy’s locations.

Jennifer Lopez Inglot Collection’s Best Products

JLo Inglot will perhaps be the best news for us, ladies, who’ve lived our entire lives wondering why the sassy American singer-mom-actress continues to defy her age. She seems to get better and better, although the reason for this, what once remained a close-kept secret, is out and it is - Boogie Down Bronze.

But Boogie Down Bronze isn’t the only one. Some of the best products worth buying from Inglot’s online store are:

JLo x Inglot Eyeliner Gel

Your makeup can’t be complete without this one must-have product from the Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection. It is said to be the best among Jennifer’s products. It is easy to apply and its deep inky black color looks amazing on the eye. It is also waterproof, but you can simply use an oil cleanser when it is time to remove the gel.


JLo x Inglot Eyeliner Gel Midnight

International Delivery from Inglot USA

JLo x Inglot Lip-Gloss in Peach Pearl

Need to have those lips look glitzy and glossy?  Of course you do! Look amazing with this Lip Gloss that glides on smoothly, tastes great and isn’t sticky. The Peach Pearl has versatility and glamour that one can notice from afar.


Lipglossy Lip Gloss Peach Pearl

JLo x Inglot Collection international delivery


You might be wondering what to use on a day out. Worry no more, because Lipstick in brandy is the perfect option for you that’s not only creamy, but also makes your lips look moisturized. Jennifer Lopez cosmetics include incredible lipsticks that will fit any taste and are available in all sizes and colors. Even Dolce and red lipsticks were not let out.

JLo x Inglot Mascara

Jennifer Lopez is a prime fan of these products. She has been using this mascara for quite some time now, so there is hardly anyone who’d know it better. The bristles are small to better cover each lash, and the elegant formula is immune to clumping, so don’t be left out when women are looking amazing with this mascara on.


Viva Las Lashes Mascara Black

Package forwarding from the USA

Need One Of JLo x Inglot Beauty Products?

For anyone in the US, getting one of these products isn’t a problem. You can simply place an order and choose any of your preferred Inglot USA shipping services. However, if you don’t live in the US and want to shop Inglot’s American online store, you will need to use a US package forwarding service.

If you need to shop Inglot USA and ship internationally, you will firstly need to get a US shipping address and use this address at checkout. The US store will deliver your order to this secure address, and a trusted US package forwarder will then arrange international shipping of your package to your country.

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