iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus: Most Rumors Proven Right

Following months of speculation, Apple has finally announced the release of both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at the launch event held in San Francisco.


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Did you want your iPhone to be really water-resistant? Did you hope for longer battery life? Then this release should make you happy, as the new iPhone received both of these improvements. If you wanted to keep the headphone jack though, you're out of luck. Here are the essential things you will notice about the newest iPhone model:

Faster processor: The A10 Fusion 64-bit, quad-core processor in the new iPhone is supposedly 40% faster than the A9 processor in the 2015 model. It combines two high-performance cores and two high-efficiency cores, the latter meant for saving on battery power when running tasks. The result is an improved gaming experience and an overall improvement in visual graphics quality.

  • Not much change in the size and feel: The iPhone 7 has the same 4.7-inch screen and feels almost exactly the same as iPhone 6S. Apple claims that the HD Retina display got 25% brighter compared to the 2015 model and now includes a pressure-sensitive 3D Touch layer, which will buzz slightly when you press and hold the screen.

  • It is finally water-resistant: Many of us will be happy about this change. The iPhone will now survive being submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. In technical speak they’ve added the IP67 dust and water resistance. In real-world talk, you won’t have to fear your toddler dropping your iPhone in the toilet anymore, as long as she doesn’t flush it and you discover it there within half an hour. 

  • Camera upgraded with new features: Although the iPhone 7 still has the 12-megapixel camera, it gets a larger aperture and optical image stabilization to keep your photos steadier. You will probably feel that the camera now sticks out a bit more. Like some other smartphones, such as Huawei Honor 8, Huawei P9 or the LG V20, the iPhone 7 Plus now has a second telephoto lens (56mm) on the back that serves as a built-in zoom feature.

  • Front-facing camera upgraded too: The iPhone 7's front-facing camera sports a whole 7 megapixels (up from the previous model’s 5 megapixels) and gets auto-image stabilization (although not optical image stabilization). This means you’ll have better quality selfies with the new iPhone.

  • Home button is not a button anymore: The home button we’ve been used to is not there any longer, at least not as a physical button. It is solid state now, meaning that you can’t press it in. It is sensitive to the touch and includes taptic feedback: apps give you 3 levels of haptic and pressure feedback, such as a lighter or stronger buzz. This change may take you some time to get used to, but you eventually will.

  • Extended battery life: The iPhone 7 gets a larger-capacity battery, which means longer battery life. Haven’t we all wanted this? Apple quotes an estimated 12 hours of browsing on LTE (2 more hours for the iPhone 7 Plus). We may never get the info from Apple though on what the battery’s actual capacity is. 

  • Larger storage capacity: You can get the iPhone 7 with 32GB, 128GB or 256GB of storage (only the larger two for the new glossy jet black color).

  • Say bye-bye to the headphone jack: It is simply no longer there. A very questionable decision indeed. Instead you get an adaptor that plugs into the Lightning port and lets you connect your headphones to it. This means you can’t charge your phone and listen to music through your headphones at the same time anymore. Unless you get the wireless AirPods headset Apple’s pushing (don’t forget to order it with your iPhone 7 if you want this feature).

  • Second speaker added: You get stereo speakers now with a second speaker added in the new iPhone (one speaker at the top and one at the bottom).

  • Fresh colors: Get it in the awesome-looking glossy jet black, or matte black, gold, silver, rose gold.


Check out the iPhone 7 prices for USA, UK and Australia

Model Size US UK AUS
iPhone 7 32GB $649 £599 AU$1,079
  128GB $749 £699 AU$1,229
  256GB $849 £799 AU$1,379
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB $769 £719 AU$1,269
  128GB $869 £819 AU$1,419
  256GB $969 £919 AU$1,569


Preorder either the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus starting this Friday, September 9, and have your phone shipped starting September 16.

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