Jeffree Star Reveals New Makeup Products

There’s no need for the celebrity makeup designer and entrepreneur to set the rumour mill swirling. After all, it’s always on the go and at maximum velocity. With each successful release and launch, the Jeffree Star makeup brand grows in popularity. Its success rate is head-to-head with the most fantastic celebrity makeup and beauty products. In the year 2019, it’s only April, but we can already count all his releases on a full hand. That’s how busy the star of makeup gets. It’s just amazing.


What remains most amazing about the makeup brand and new releases is the news headlining the releases. Recently, Jeffree Star has been smeared with a lot of muddy dramas. The most shocking and scandalous dramas being his US$2.5 M worth of makeup stolen from him and then closely losing more revenue when his yet to be released Jeffree Star Concealer and Setting Powder were leaked online leading to loss of revenue and being thrown off track!

Even with Jeffree not yet ready to introduce the rest of the world to his products, he was forced by circumstance. With the powder and concealer already making circles on the Internet after leaking there was no other choice but to reveal everything at once. Taking to YouTube, in a video that has been seen by all fans and competitors alike, the Magic Star Concealer & Setting Powder Reveal, disclosed all the details and secrets previously only known by Jeffree. Now the whole world is in on the secret and the pair is hotly anticipated with buyers unable to contain their impatience.

Unprecedented Turn of Events

As already highlighted (see what we did there?), the Jeffree Star C5 shade was stolen from him in all its entirety. There is nothing under the initially released C5 shade that came from Jeffree. He has already pointed it out and reminded fans using C5 that anything on their hands is stolen goods. True fans have resorted to boycotting the C5 shade sold obviously in dingy establishments and in the subway. However, those looking to save a couple of bucks or who don’t care much about the brand have enabled the thieves to make money out of their stolen loot by buying illegally.

People like Jeffree Star always know how to turn their misfortune into fortune and not dwell on what they have lost. Not bowing out to the thieves that stole his C5 shade, Jeffree Star resorted to making his fans another set. To differentiate between the actual makeup sold by Jeffree Star and that stolen haul, the officially released packaging is coated on one side with a secret UV code. Real fans have no stress about buying stolen goods that jeopardise Jeffree Star, they just have to search for the real makeup that can be told apart by its secret UV code.


You can now use US package forwarding service to buy original Jeffree Star makeup. The actual Jeffree Star powder or concealer. Just keep up with the current affairs to be constantly updated as breaking news happens.

  • According to the statements issued when revealing the Jeffree Star new makeup, there are a lot of amazing concealers. When it comes to items such as Magic Star, he’s been working on it for over a year.

  • As someone who insists on perfection, Jeffree Star took his precious time crafting the right formula with the best consistency and finish.

  • There are now 30 shades in the new range and these include two colour correctors in the unconventional light peach and green colours.

  • The future holds more reveals as Jeffree Star intends on expanding his already robust makeup brand and taking over on an international scale.

  • With each Jeffree Star new release, more variety comes to light. With the Magic Star Concealer and Powder, every ethnicity is covered and undertones included. All the gaps made by other brands are covered by Jeffree Star.

Details about Magic Star Concealer and Powder

We’re eternally grateful that Jeffree Star is an open book. Whenever there is a new release and he’s excited about his products, he goes into the details. We know everything about Magic Star and it’s not even from leaks or rumours. There is no struggle for those interested in the Jeffree Star new makeup – all details are freely released when the time is right, in a way that encompasses everyone. The brand owner makes it his responsibility to share with the world.


In the new makeup, Jeffree Star calls his lightest shade concealer as ‘Pure White.’ Just a couple of inches off the whiteness of snow, this is the lightest concealer we’ve ever come across. But don’t be fooled into thinking that everything is bright. No, that is not the Jeffree Star standard of operation. There are also dark tones that come with the new release. And there are the middle shades, those that are on either side of the colour spectrum.

Here are more intimate details, and while at it, make sure you arrange with to ship internationally from the US to your country.

  • The new release comes with packaging that must have been checked and approved by the goddess of beauty herself. Jeff revealed that the packaging was inspired by magic. It’s on another level, meant to look and feel expensive.

  • For those who don’t take kindly to fragrances and scents, this is your hookup. Jeffree Star opened up the palettes and revealed that they are fragrance-free.

  • The makeup powder and concealer come with a doe foot applicator to ensure that users get the maximum product on their skin. As such, a little goes a long way and on your pocket too.

  • The new makeup is lightweight, leaving wearers with a natural look and feel. However, it has 20% pigment, which achieves maximum coverage. “It’s so soft and has a slight luminosity to it, so you’re not getting a dry, matte finish.”

Release and Pricing

Both the Magic Star concealer and powder have already been launched and as of April 19th, started retailing at $22 per product. Buyers have been busy organising and getting their house in order to pay for affordable international shipping. After all, most probably, your chosen US store doesn't ship internationally, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot get your hands on the Magic Star concealer and powder.


All makeup lovers should feel free to select their favourite Jeffree Star makeup products. After all, the makeup talks and makeup tutorials that are always posted on the Instagram and YouTube channel give you more value for your money. And because Jeffree Star covers all aspects, expect to learn everything from subtle everyday makeup looks to the glitz and glamorous star looks. Find yourself the best, most affordable US package forwarding service that will help you get the makeup shipped from any American shop to your address overseas. 

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