Kim Kardashian Fragrance: the Lowdown and Where to Buy

Kim Kardashian Fragrances

Kim Kardashian is truly a pop culture icon who is followed by millions of viewers and online fans across the globe. Glamor, glitz, flashy lifestyle, TV girl, and a supermom - Kim Kardashian West has it all. Since her hit E! Entertainment reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians plunged her into the limelight back in 2007, the dark-haired, vivacious beauty has since launched a fabulous shoe line, produced a successful fitness DVD, and has proven to be a charitable diva with brains.

Best of all, the trendsetter and uber-accomplished socialpreneur has set up a line of feminine perfumes and fragrances that’ll simply knock your socks off. That’s right: Kim Kardashian fragrance products are now all the rage. Filled with rich floral notes that bring out the best of Kim K’s personalities - utterly feminine, captivating, and sensual, it’s not hard to see why Kim Kardashian West perfumes get sold out pretty fast.

Currently, Kim Kardashian fragrance is sold under two brands owned by the beauty queen: Kimoji and KKW Fragrance. Interestingly, the two brands joined forces to craft three new scents. With a sub-$50 price tag, these Kim Kardashian perfume scents will not break the bank.

Kim Kardashian Fragrance Products

The two Kim Kardashian fragrance brands boast of a variety of perfume products that have become some sort of a Holy Grail for today’s woman who is looking for something chic and stylish. Under the KKW Fragrance line, you can get a hold of the following products:

  • KKW Crystal Gardenia by Kim Kardashian Fragrance

This treat is full of fresh, bright, and captivating floral notes, ranging from the delicate waft of a freshly bloomed flower to the sparkling citrus green bud. The mash-up of delicate sweets, gentle sandalwood, and musk of alpine air will arrest your senses like never before.

  • KKW Crystal Gardenia Citrus by Kim Kardashian Fragrance

No lady can say no to the floral scent of KKW crystal Gardenia Citrus. It brings together a blend of Italian Lemon Orpur, Timeless gardenia petals, Velvet tuberose, Tiare flower, Tahitian Pomelo, white cedarwood, Australian sandalwood, and sensual amber to name a few.

  • KKW Crystal Gardenia Oud by Kim Kardashian Fragrance

This Kardashian perfume has all the exotic ‘oud’ a lady can get from an upscale fragrance. With soft notes of lavender, bergamot, and precious Patchouli, you will never need another brand of feminine perfume.

KKW Crystal Gardenia

KKW Crystal Gardenia, 75 ml


KKW Crystal Gardenia Cytrus

KKW Crystal Gardenia Citrus, 75 ml


KKW Crystal Gardenia Oud

KKW Crystal Gardenia Oud, 75 ml



If you are looking to go beyond Kim K perfume crystal line Gardenia scents, try Kim Kardashian fragrance in the form of Kimoji Hearts. Sold directly from KKWFRAGRANCE.COM, the line of three perfumes, Bae, BFF, and Ride or Die, are housed in fantastic blue, pink, and purple candy-heart-shaped packaging. Right out of the packaging, these Kim Kardashian West perfume products are quite a sight.

Under the banner of Kardashian fragrance, you can also buy the following perfumes:

  • True Reflection by Kim Kardashian Fragrance

This Kim K perfume is the most popular yet. With an enticing burst of succulent peachy notes and citrusy bergamot blended with floral scents of night blooming gardenia, smooth coconut noir and orchid, True Reflection is a must-have.

  • Glam by Kim Kardashian Fragrance

Kim Kardashian’s Glam is an intriguing, richly layered perfume especially created to empower today’s bold woman. It allows you to connect with your glamorous side. The enchanting Kardashian fragrance not only inspires strength and glamor but also boosts confidence and self-esteem.

  • Gold by Kim Kardashian Fragrance

This terrific Kim K perfume is the gold standard for the modern lady. The packaging itself is elegant, and the constituent is sensual, luxurious, and transcends tastes. You can wear the scents of this fabulous fragrance on any occasion, at any time of the week, day or night. It always makes a statement.

  • Signature Kim Kardashian Fragrance

This Kim Kardashian West perfume is the work of ingenuity and true sense of fragrance. It’s an epitome of what the dark-haired beauty looks for in a high-end perfume. The floral scent, the magnificent bottle, and sandalwood at its best - that’s the allure of Kim Kardashian signature fragrance.

Kim Kardashian Perfume: Where to Buy

We’re sure you are asking yourself: where can I buy Kim Kardashian perfume products? After conducting a Kim Kardashian perfume review, we’ve rounded up a list of places you can buy them.

These sizzling products can be bought online from the official Kim Kardashian Fragrance stores: and Apart from the two online shops, where can you buy Kim Kardashian perfume? You can also get them from various e-commerce beauty shops such as eBay and Amazon. Unfortunately, department stores like Macy’s, JC Penney, Walmart don’t stock these products at the moment. Nonetheless, you can also purchase them from Violet Grey, a brick-and-mortar corner store in LA.

Just run a Google search to find the best prices on Kim K perfumes and don’t worry if a store doesn’t ship to your country. There is always to help with international delivery.

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