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For most, Instagram (IG) is a social media platform for flexing and showing off. There is a significant percentage of business-oriented and entrepreneurial users that have utilised it to make an income. One such social media influencer who uses her IG popularity to make business is Kylie Jenner. The 21-year-old currently has a makeup empire which she owns 100%. Currently sitting at number 27 of the list of self-made women, Jenner is one of the leading ambassadors in the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Putting her IG popularity and fame to good use, Kylie set up her Kylie Cosmetics brand in 2015. The cosmetics company’s headquarters are in Oxnard, California. When she started out, Kylie was focusing on enhancing lips and her brand was known as the Kylie Lip Kits. However, as she gained more traction and became known, her brand became sought after internationally. In 2016, the Kylie Lip Kits was renamed to Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner Chasing the Billionaire Status

Following the success and wide reception of her brand, Kylie started looking into conquering international territory. More like, the young businesswoman saw this as her perfect opportunity to become a billionaire. Since conception, buyers have always been able to buy her products from the kyliecosmetics official website. International buyers sought after global freight forwarders to have their lip kits and other cosmetics by Kylie Cosmetics delivered to their local addresses.  

Part of the success behind the Kylie Cosmetics brand is the variety offered. The makeup products found on the official website are for the face, lips, and eyes. Basically, most shoppers are able to find their entire makeup collection in just one place. This makes shopping so much easier. Additionally, the prices are reasonable. For the great quality and the stylish packaging offered by Kylie Cosmetics, their prices are more than friendly. A good example is the Kylie Birthday Hello 21 Mini Lip Set for USD $36.

At Kylie Cosmetics, buyers are able to enjoy browsing the following pages:

  • News from Kylie — this is the official Kylie Cosmetics blog and the posts are ‘personal’ for shoppers from Kylie.

  • Kylie’s Favourites — under this page, only those cosmetics that Kylie loves at the present moment are posted. Fans can shop them to achieve the perfect Kylie Jenner look.

  • The Birthday Collection — launched for Kylie’s birthday, these are the makeup and cosmetics that buyers can opt to get to look like Kylie on her birthday and in a way help her celebrate her birthday. Given the variety on this page, every day can be a birthday with the Birthday collection.

  • Back in Stock — products that are famously bought and have a tendency of quickly running out can come back to the shelves and will be placed under the Back in Stock page.

  • Best Sellers — this is where the Kylie Cosmetics team groups cosmetics that are frequently bought.

  • New — all the latest editions and additions are placed under this page. To check out the latest Kylie Cosmetics looks, visit the New Page

Growth and Expansion

It’s not a secret that Kylie is well over the 900M mark now. With just the right push and dedication, Kylie Cosmetics can take the Founder and CEO to the billionaire status. After selling exclusively on her official website since establishment, the beauty mogul finally decided to expand her reach. To get the honour of officially distributing Kylie Cosmetics are none other than the cosmetics store chain Ulta Beauty.

On the last Thursday of August, Kylie made the official announcement via her Twitter page. In the post she wrote:

I’m so excited to let you guys know that @KylieCosmetics will be coming to all @ultabeauty stores around the country this holiday!... More to come…

And of course, her 17+Million IG followers were some of the first recipients of this news. This is truly interesting and super exciting for loyal Kylie Cosmetics users. But what does this really mean for her buyers in the US and abroad?

  1. Ulta Beauty operates 974 stores throughout the US, this means that for local buyers, there are a lot more places to easily access Kylie Cosmetics.

  2. Ulta Beauty sells high-end and drug cosmetics, alongside fragrances and skincare ranges. In addition to Ulta Beauty makeup, there are other brands such as MAC cosmetics, LA Girls, etc. For buyers, this is the perfect location to buy all their favourite brands without the hustle of moving from store to store.

  3. For international buyers, this does not really bring any significant improvements to how they shop Kylie Cosmetics. The Ulta webstore does not ship internationally and is even blocked in certain countries. Where it is not blocked, some products are not available for sale. Basically, to access all of their products, one will have to shop from the USA.

Where to Buy Kylie Cosmetics?

As of now, everyone knows that Kylie Cosmetics is expanding their availability. The question ‘where can I buy Kylie Cosmetics’ now has more than one response. Most international buyers will be disappointed to learn that the expansion is more for the American buyer. Ulta Beauty has almost everything that the best brands provide. Having an account and buying from them is an excellent way of ensuring that you easily buy everything under one roof. To eliminate the problem of being limited, you will need to sign up with a good US package forwarder.

One such leading freight forwarder that will provide you with a seamless shopping experience and make buying from the US even more enjoyable is At Parcl, international buyers get to enjoy a wide range of user-friendly and customizable services. Through such operations, buyers are able to get goods that otherwise would not have been possible to buy directly from the webstore – such as Ulta Beauty.

Parcl forwards more than just cosmetics, international buyers can get their sportswear, pillows, Play Station Limited Edition Consoles, toys and home appliances, books and so much more shipped directly from the US or any other country directly to the buyer’s local address. The Parcl package forwarding service has parcel handling locations in over 80 countries. Their package centers are in excess of 900 and they work with over 220 shipping methods. Surely, owning a Parcl account will bring you more good than harm. Since most shoppers face the challenge of having their buys securely transported and shipped in a way that works for them, Parcl offers that solution and more. Signing up with Parcl is free and you only get to pay for the actual services provided to you.

Now that you know where you can buy Kylie Cosmetics, don’t allow shipping restrictions to stop you. Get your cosmetics either from the official Kylie website of directly from Ulta Beauty. After enlisting with Parcl, you will receive a verified local address to use when checking out. Your local forwarder will take the package to the post office and ship it to your specified final destination. Enjoying Kylie’s beauty looks shouldn’t only be restricted to her IG account, you can actually wear her look too!

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