Kylie Jenner is Launching a Limited-Edition Valentine's Day Collection


If you value your lady, then ‘don’t scatter roses after she’s gone, give them to her while she carries on.’ Even if you’re not a romantic at heart, at least there is one calendar day set aside for the annual celebration of your love. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by most even unconsciously. Some of those deals you consider lifesavers or as jackpots are in commemoration of love, lovers and the ability to express the mushy emotion.

Be Part of the Movement – Openly Celebrate Lovers’ Day

You might as well join the bandwagon and fully participate on the internationally recognised day willingly. One way of being safe while celebrating your love is getting presents that are adorable, easy-to-use, can be reused even after the day and are valuable.

Valentine’s Day Collection by Kylie Cosmetics is one such gift. It’s practical and can be used by all makeup enthusiasts, makeup professionals or not. There are colours that correspond to every look, type of the desired outfit as well as occasion. All you have to do is pitch up and buy the kit. You can select it from any leading online distributor (even international) and get it shipped to your lady by a personal package forwarder.

If gifting is not exactly your thing, then you are most probably asking yourself: where can I buy Kylie Cosmetics? Look no further. Read on to discover not just where, but also how to buy the new Kylie Cosmetics kit.  

But first, here are a couple of reasons why the latest Kylie Jenner makeup set is for a wider audience and anyone who applies makeup would be delighted to own one:

  • According to makeup mogul Kylie Jenner, her latest creation passes as a “cool, calm, collected and small range.” In commemoration of Valentine’s Day, it is the perfect fit for all types of carry bags.

  • There is already a healthy vibe created by Jenner who took to Instagram to post IG stories showing off her brand-new line.

  • Kylie Jenner’s newest makeup kit is perfect as an all-time, everyday type of gift, even for those who were thinking of self-gifting this Valentine’s Day, it’s not over the top and definitely not too small to be overlooked as a meaningful gift to self.

  • There is enough variety. When buying, you can select between The Forever Set, The Love Set or The Soulmate Set.

  • The Kylie Jenner V-Day special set dropped off on the first of February giving international buyers ample time to find a reliable parcel forwarder, set up their accounts and calculate costs. By the eve of February 14, the last of the early birds would have received their kits.

Packaging and Details—What to Expect

The latest addition to the Kylie Cosmetics Collection is just a dream. The packaging is perfect and adorable on every front. Each item is housed in baby pink packaging and then covered with red velvet kisses, hearts and bras. It doesn’t get more adorable than this and even if you thought you had found your favourite kit, it’s not too late to change your mind.

The Kylie's Valentine's Day makeup is everything that we have been praying for all these passed V-Days with just the right amount of garnish. Jenner also knows that she hit jackpot bigtime and gained lifetime access to the hearts of countless adoring fans. To reveal this set, she took to IG Stories with the sexiest of Beyonce’s tracks and had us all drooling and ready to empty our purses, wallets and money bags.

Throughout the IG Stories, Jenner showed off each and every shade, combination and dangled the possible looks we can create with her signature arm swatch to compare and contrast the shades. There are three Lip Kits and each of them has a Matte Liquid Lipstick, High Gloss and a Lip Liner there is also a Valentine Palette, an Eye Glitter and a Crush blusher. With such a sexy and desirable package, these makeup kits are every girl’s dream companion.

The backside of each of these sets has the time old question; “Be my Valentine?” All factors considered, the packaging and thoughtful inscription to write the name of buyer and gift recipient makes the Kylie Jenner V-Day Cosmetic kit the very best.

Buy the New Kylie Cosmetics Collection Online

Select any online store in the US that is an official distributor of the Kylie Jenner Makeup kits to buy your V-Day kit.

From the three sets, select the one that best suits your gift recipient. Learn more about each of these kits below:

  1. The Forever Set

The Forever Set houses three items. Each has a unique description and you can expect to buy the Built to Last matte lipstick, Story of Us high gloss and Forever and Always Lipliner. The most interesting aspect though is that the Story of Us gloss and Forever and Always liner carry the same names as Taylor Swift’s songs. But well, we only care about the glam.

  1. The Love Set

The Love Set Houses the Wish You Were Here matte lipstick, Sweet high gloss and the You are a Gem lip liner. The combination is mind-blowing. When used by an artist who knows how to play around with a natural makeup look, the set is just about divine.

  1. The Soulmate Set

The gorgeous combination that is The Soulmate Set is a true hit. Perfect for money moves. It comes with the Call Me matte lipstick, Blow Me Away high gloss and Beau lip liner. In this kit, we’re mostly left speechless by the illegal bloody red lipstick and liner. Such a vibrant shade!

You can buy any of these sets based on your preferences. However, most probably your selected US shop doesn't ship internationally. Start by setting up an account with and choose how their verified parcel forwarders can help you buy from the US store of your choice, get an address in the US for local shipping and have Parcl forward using one of the best carriers in the logistics industry.

Take advantage of the ability to get international shipping from the United States and buy more than just the sets. Remember, the V-Day collection also comes with The Blush, The Eye Glitter, The Palette. You will feel like you’re in colour park with these makeup must-haves.

There is nothing over the top meaning you get to customise the look, have your ordinary everyday relaxed look or go all out and glamorise. Kylie has already revealed the Valentine Collection. All enthusiasts are ready to dive in and spend. Don’t be left out of the fun, get yourself or the makeup fan in your life something from the Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s makeup collection online without the barrier imposed by travel requirements etc.

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