Kylie Jenner Released Halloween Makeup Collection

Like it or not, we just have to confess, Halloween is one of the most awaited holidays. Halloween is the time that families finally start letting their hair down and even having a little bit of fun. This Halloween season, whether you’re thinking of spending the day in with your grown-up siblings discussing your kids or want to take your adorable children, nieces and nephews’ trick or treating down the block, one thing remains common, you want to look stunning.

Stunning in your Halloween makeup, even if it’s scary. Always out to make their customers look their best, makeup brands are already on standby with new collections. Fortunately, the Kylie Jenner new makeup takes charge. Never one to miss out on the Halloween fun, Kylie decided to drop her first-ever Halloween collection in 2018. This is a well-calculated move that will be appreciated by her faithful long-standing fans and hopefully, lure in new users.

  • The Kylie Cosmetics official Instagram page broke the news to its 17.5 Million followers.

  • Kylie also used her personal page with over 116 Million fans (don’t say it!) to post on IG stories and show her fans the new collection.

  • Inside the Kylie Jenner Halloween makeup kit are a glitter lip gloss, pressed powder eyeshadow palette, colour-transforming highlighter, two glitter eyeshadows, and four new lipsticks.

And of course, even if it’s Halloween, c’mon, don’t disrespect Kylie like that! Even if the kit is for Halloween makeup tools, the goddess in makeup ensured that her brand’s packaging is forever cute. Yes, that’s right, the Kylie Jenner new collection comes inside creepy cute packaging. Who would have thought that cute and creepy could be used in the same description?

Get excited to be equally amazed and scared. The main box displays a dash of a mad scientist. There are ghosts and skeletal illustrations and of course, glitter. Lots and lots of glitter! Since most of the packaging comes in 3D, it follows that 3D Glasses will accompany some of the kits, what more can one ask for this Halloween?


Insider Look into Kylie’s new Halloween makeup Collection

According to Kylie’s IG post, she is a sucker for Halloween. The young mum and business lady posted after showing off her collection: “How are you guys feeling about the HALLOWEEN collection so far? Ahhh, I love Halloween this was a dream to make! Can’t wait for the 12!” And so, the 12th came and now it has gone. Leaving us with the pleasure to take a look at what’s inside the collection.

  • Vampire Lip Kit

This was the very first item to be revealed to her fans, in the ‘Bite me’ shade. This shade of the Vampire Lip Kit is excellent for Halloween as well; the shade is pure blood-red. Looking to achieve a unique and standout look, Kylie’s Vampire Lip Kit also has Spooky Glitter Gloss that comes in the golden copper shade. Then, of course, there is a Kylighter available in the Go Ghost shade.

  • Kylie’s Mummy Palette

No, not in that sense, not in the Kris Jenner mummy sense. Stay focused, mummy meaning the scary Egyptian mummified mummy. The Mummy palette is a nine-pan eyeshadow that has cool scary packaging inspired by a mummy. Of course, sticking to the theme of unique and fun, the star of the palette is the ‘Bat Shit Crazy’ acidic yellow shadow. Past Halloween, this palette is worth investing in, because it also has some warm and cool fall-inspired tones. These will be used even after Halloween to achieve the everyday look.


  • Witch and Famous and Hello Ghordeous

This is a treat for the eyes. It comes with two glittery liquid eyeshadows that are available in the true yellow-gold and orange copper colours. If your aspirations revolve around bedazzling everyone’s eyes off, then this eye lovers’ pane is the solution of your dreams.


Kylie Cosmetics Halloween Collection Out in Stores

To say that the Kylie new collection is interesting is an understatement. This collection has recently hit the shelves, and already, shoppers are going crazy and loving the endless makeup looks that can be achieved with these few items. It’s the perfect companion needed to complete that oh so scary Halloween look.

This collection is the work of art. To achieve a celebrity look, one will have to invest in the Kylie makeup kit and find the perfect outfit. The advantages of this collection are out in the clear and ravishingly brilliant just like the Kylighter. Owning this kit comes with the luxury of looking glam and scary, as you wish.

The only challenge is that, famous as Kylie is, unfortunately, her makeup is only available from a few select outlets such as her website and Sephora. Such scarcity in shelf display poses a huge availability challenge to those who are outside of the US, Australia, Canada, or the UK, but who would like to rock the Kylie new Halloween collection for the 2018 Halloween.

Get your Kylie new makeup favourite via Parcl

The fact that you cannot just walk into any local makeup and cosmetics store and pick up any Kylie Jenner makeup you desire should not be a setback. Of course, it’s a little upsetting, but that’s all there is to it. Thankfully in this era of online shopping, you can own any Kylie cosmetic product instantly.

Visit the official Parcl website and register for a free account. Once you have entered your particulars and have an active Parcl account, go back to the Kylie Cosmetics webstore or any other website that sells the new Kyle makeup kits. Select what you would like to buy, add to the cart and use the URL at Parcl to fill out a request to get a local forwarder to work with you.

A quote will come back with a list of verified Parcl forwarders where the webstore you selected is based. Use the forwarder’s local address at checkout. Of course, once your order has been paid for, it will be sent to the local forwarder who will handle it for you. And, don’t panic, in case your payment method is not accepted, you can use Parcl to pay via PayPal for both your Kylie makeup kit and the forwarding services.

As far as shipping and handling go, your selected forwarder will take care of the fine details. The transaction is only complete when you receive your purchased items and mark the transaction as complete. In case you want to buy more items, check out the Parcl Store and add them to the package. It goes beyond makeup. Parcl also ships electronics, collectibles, clothing and more. Create your account, and only use it when you want to do so!

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