Latest Captain Marvel Funko Pops are Something to Marvel

You’re reading this piece most probably because just like us, you’re a sucker for action figures! If you’re ready to spend money, carry on. If not, stop right there! But, oh well, who cares, keep on reading, you’ll just have to make a couple of changes to your budget and suit your alter ego that absolutely loves action figures, exclusives and statues.


The brand-new Captain Marvel Funko Pop figure is something to marvel. Truly. Even those who are not huge fans of Funko, action figures, statues and other merchandise, can acknowledge that this is as scary as any nightmare can ever be! You want terrifying? Are you interested in being scared off to the next planet? Then these Captain Marvel Funko Pops will do just that!


With the latest figures, there is nothing to divide lovers and haters of figurines. The common ground remains the same from whatever angle you view it, these figures are a moulded nightmare. The developers of these big-head-and-black-eyed stylisations of Funko Pops decided to take an extreme to new levels of extreme.

The latest figurines are a set of three and all of them are super creepy, as if they were right out of a horror movie. These are straight from the new movie and they are as real as a depiction can get. The Funko labs got out their creative works and found the mojo to work on something as scary as the three figurines. Of course, these are in line with the rules and regulations and they only hit the shelves because they were approved. So, you too can arrange to have your Funko Pops delivered by a trusted parcel forwarder.

What We Know So Far

These figurines are protected and guarded more than the best-kept secret. The reason being Funko loves it when fans rush to stores on the release date. Before the big reveal, only titbits were let out of the nest for fans to catch a tiny glimpse of what to expect. In summary, this is what those who considered themselves as know-all actually knew:

  • These figurines are drawing inspiration from the latest Captain Marvel movie and as such, they are inspired by certain scenes and if you buy them before watching the movie, you’re basically looking for Spoilers.

  • The three figurines deviated from the normal cute look of Funko Pops that we have grown accustomed to, this time around, scary and horror are the themes of note.

  • Only three are available on the market and in limited quantities, if you fancy any figurine, it would be best to get as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: Spoiler Alert!!

If you’re yet to watch the movie, then maybe you might want to hold on before buying any of the new Captain Marvel toys because these ones are spoilers and will ruin the experience for you.

The Pops were revealed in one go on the 15th of March. They focus on the special moments from the third act of the movie. (Ok, so this is a huge spoiler, so proceed at your own risk). The three Pops expose that the mystery-filled artifact Mar-Vell was experimenting on for her lightspeed engine was actually the Tesseract. The Tesseract is the cosmic cube housing the Speed Stone.

Pop number one depicts Carol’s ‘incredibly poorly thought out plan’ that is putting the Tesseract in a lunchbox and smuggling it out of Mar-Vell’s orbital laboratory. For this reason, this Captain Marvel figure is quite simple. It’s just a figure of Carol clutching her lunchbox close to her chest and trying to sneak out of the lab as naturally as possible. The figurine comes without any Fonz branding and this is somewhat of a simple aspect.


The other figurines are yours to discover. After all, if the spoiler gives you everything, there won’t be anything left to discover.

Did you fall for that? Ha-ha! The second nightmarish Pop figure is that of Goose mid-Tesseract-nibble which is identified as the primary version of the figure. If you’re a fan, then you need to jump on the bandwagon and get a package forwarder to help you deliver as soon as possible. The nightmarish Pop of Goose mid-Tesseract-nibble featuring Goose sucking in the last few tentacles into its mouth comes with a rarity of 1/6. So, you know what that means, do the right thing and get it as soon as possible.


Well, this is as far as we will go with today’s spoiler. Take the insider sneak peeks that we have provided in this article and use them to develop your final thoughts about these figurines.

What Exactly Makes These Figurines Scary

The nightmarish aspect is one thing that we all agree on, there are no two ways about it. Its either you love being scared or you stay away. The combination of Lovecraftian tendrils and Funko aesthetics is a horror that no one saw coming, but now that it’s here, everyone wants in on the scary factor. Most fans of Funko Pops are surprised in a huge way because they have always regarded their figurines as cute and adorable. Not nightmarish or terrifying!

Accessibility, Pricing and Availability

The latest Captain Marvel Funko Pop is sold online. International buyers who are interested in the toys and other merchandise based on the Captain Marvel stories can proceed and buy online. Only arrange for reliable package forwarding from the US to your country and enjoy the benefits that American fans get each time they buy any merchandise. Funko made the more extravagant design to be easily accessible and in higher supply compared to the others. Also, international buyers who shop online are getting first preference to purchase these before they run out. If you’re one of those that are seeking merchandise that is rare and only made in limited quantities, then this deal is hands down meant for you. There are no two ways about it. For the scared-kitties, Flerken and the tentacles will be a living nightmare – best stay away!


Arrange for international shipping from the USA as soon as today to avoid last minute scrambling and realising that these toys have been cleaned off of the shelves. Even if you end up changing your mind about buying these scary Captain Marvel Funko Pops, you can always use your parcel forwarding account to buy other stuff from the US. No more wondering about how to ship from the US, with a Parcl account, all your online shopping worries will be resolved.

  • Using your US address for shopping, you can get anything and everything you want delivered to you from America, including items on sale. 

  • Add more Funko Pops when they’re finally added to the current list and watch your cabinets and collections grow.

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