Lego is to Release a Simple and Goal-oriented Programmable Kit

The latest Lego invention hitting town is the new Spike Prime robotics kit. Lego is making their big announcement for the release. Spike Prime robotics kit is designed to introduce middle scholars and other young designers to engineering, robotics and coding in a simpler and more interesting manner. Even better and more goal-oriented than the Lego Mindstorms kits, which are currently the best thing on the market.

Meet the New Lego Coding Kit for Young Engineers

Your young genius will now have it easy in terms of selecting to study engineering and becoming a professional coder. Never mind going with robotics as a life choice. The Spike Prime kit is targeted towards the most creative and yet finding it hard to concentrate age group, those in grades 6 to 8. If you thought that they were difficult in the house, try in a classroom where there are over 12 of them at any time. Well, Lego has found the best way of teaching and introducing your young ones to the world of engineering creativity.

  • The Spike Prime Lego coding kit has over 500 Technic pieces in all that can be used to construct shapes and units.

  • The brand new Spike Prime kit is programmed using a Lego-made app that was built off the Scratch language. It’s an improvement to other learning kits introduced before it.

  • Alongside the Spike Prime kit, Lego is also introducing new Technic bricks, such as a 3x3 frame, that will revolutionise building and make the construction of Lego easier.

  • There is also a set of wheels that are easily mounted to motors, a base plate to use when prototyping students’ designs and a set of wire clips that keep everything tidy.

  • The Lego programmable kit is perfect for anyone who’s still learning and would love to be inspired all the time. It is the ultimate gift for your grade 7 and can be brought into the country through parcel forwarding services as a learning aid.

The new Spike Prime programming bricks Scratch-Technic-robots system is a fun and yet effective method of teaching. Your kids will be smiling even when engrossed in a lesson. So, yes, it is worth the time and effort that will go into purchasing the Lego set from overseas. For middle-schoolers, better than the Mindstorms kits actually.

This is one of the best educational tools in our day and age. The Lego Spike Prime kit is goal and target oriented. With this new kit, there’s no need to ask students to come up with any kind of robot from a box full of Technic bricks. Using the Spike Prime programming bricks, middle-schoolers can solve problems using easy-to-follow guidance and a specific goal.


Utilising the new Lego engineering kit, students can get straight to working through the 45-minute lessons included with the Spike Prime kit. These lessons are perfectly timed and broken down to make them easier to grasp, understand and apply. Young creatives will find themselves critically thinking and solving problems without adult supervision.

What’s in That Box?

Just like Mindstorms for middle-schoolers, Spike Prime is a mind stimulating toolbox of learning and engaging. Just so you know what to expect and how to act when the box is finally delivered, here’s a checklist for you to go over:

  • A central brick that is an entire system which comes with six ports.

  • A solid speaker.

  • A 6-axis gyroscope.

  • A 5x5 light matrix.

  • Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery.

  • Three motors.

  • Three sensors.

  • A smart hub.

There are also 45-minute lessons that teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Teachers can also improve their knowledge impacting skills by following the Lego programming kit’s lesson plans. Approaching teaching and sharing in the classroom becomes easier. Just find the right lesson plan and learning will become easier, meaningful and leave a lifetime impact on students.

Availability, Pricing and Shipping

The entire set of genius is displayed online already. For just $329.95, you can get a kit. From August, it will be sold in ‘all markets.’ At the moment, you can make a preorder for your kit as preorders from the USA started being accepted from the 2nd of April. Needless to say, every early bird in the United States will be able to order Lego’s Spike Prime as they wish.

The latest Lego robotics kit is already available online for those interested in purchasing it for their kids or students. Since it’s a teaching programmable Lego set, it only makes sense that it has the Lego Education Spike App. The app is based on a drag-and-drop coding environment that young minds can quickly grasp. The app is easy to use, as it is supported by a number of systems including Chrome, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows 10. Basically, any smartphone is able to carry the Lego Education Spike App.


Using its own implementation of Scratch for Spike Prime, the Lego brand has introduced a system that brings the fun back into learning. The Lego version of Spike Prime is a more robust and upgraded version of Scratch and it’s way better than a simple learn-to-code kit such as Anki’s Cozmo.

If you’re not in the US, but you’d like to preorder your Spike Prime kits as soon as possible, then you will need to get yourself a verified American address for shopping. To do that, you need to be registered with a parcel forwarder who can provide you with such an address. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit and either click to ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Create a Request.’ Whichever button you click, fill out the form that opens on the screen.

  2. You will receive a US shipping address to use when completing your online shopping.

  3. Once you are ready to preorder your Lego programmable kit, use the address you were provided with and it will enable you to check out as if you’re based in America.

  4. There’s no need for you to travel to the States, once Lego’s Spike Prime is delivered to the address, the provided personal shopping concierge whose address you used will take it to the selected international carrier, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx or Mail, and get your kit shipped to its final destination — your international address overseas.

If you’re willing to shell out a few extra bucks, you can buy anything in the United States in addition to your Lego kit. Each time, you can use the US shopping address provided by the forwarder. 


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