Lego Launched a 327-piece Darth Vader Bust (Which Includes a Helmet!)

In April 2019, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace celebrated their big 20th anniversary. In celebration of a successful two decades, the brains behind the Star Wars franchise have released an exclusive set of action figures that pays homage to the iconic red card backs. The celebratory legos will look exactly like the red card backs as we know them from Episode 1 which hit our screens 20 years ago!


This spring, at the Star Wars Celebration, prepare yourself to be knocked off your feet by the impressive Lego Star Wars collection. Alongside a gigantic Lego Darth Vader bust, there will be a lot of exclusive toys and bobbleheads waiting for eager fans to get their fair share of what their pockets and hands can possibly carry in one loot. On the 21st of March, we had our first glimpse of what the celebration and future would hold for us when and The Star Wars Show revealed what to expect from the top three of the best toymakers at the Convention. Alongside the big reveal were details that are necessary for entering the online lottery where the prizes are toys from the exclusive preview!

The 327 – Pierce Darth Vader Bust

If you’re looking for the best Darth Vader collection, then this 327-piece Lego set is most-definitely what you need. It comes as a full set with a helmet thrown into the mix! The Star Wars Lego sets are big and befitting of the 20th-anniversary celebration. This wonder-piece will be available throughout America at Target stores after being unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration Chicago.


At the moment, there is no set figure as to how much the 327 pieces of Lego will cost. However, estimates are that it will go for around $35-40. This is based on the usual Lego pricing and standards. Of course, most international Star Wars fans will not be able to attend Celebration Chicago. Meaning they won’t be able to get the Lego at the show. But, not to worry, limited quantities of the toys are available starting April 11 at Target stores. Get your Target REDCard so you can be among the first people who buy the Lego toy after Celebration Chicago.

Other New Releases That You can Budget to Buy or Win Online!

Some of the goodies on the show and that are to be won in the online lottery include the following:

  • Star Wars Episode 1 for Ages 4+ Darth Maul with Double-Bladed Lightsaber marked for the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace.

  • Star Wars Episode 1 for Ages 4+ Obi-Wan Kenobi with Lightsaber marked for the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace.

  • POP! Star Wars 295 Princess Leia for the Star Wars 20th Anniversary Celebration.

  • POP! Star Wars 124 Yoda in Celebration of the Star Wars 20th Celebration.

  • Star Wars Bobblehead range 298 Watto Funko 2019 Galactic Convention Exclusive.

  • Star Wars Bobblehead range 299 Darth Maul Funko! 2019 Galactic Convention Exclusive.


This list has two from each of the three popular toy lines to give the buyer a variety in terms of options. Hasbro is celebrating the duel we have all grown to know, love and accept, that between Darth Maul and the young Obi-Wan Kenobi. The latest creation is a pair of 6-inch Black Series figures on special Episode 1 card backs. Both of these releases fully put to use the innovative Photoreal paint application technique.  

In the same instance, Funko POP! also made their own line of beautiful figurines to mark the 20th anniversary. There is a long list of special chrome blue treatment and these are for six of the film’s most popular characters. These figures are as accurate as any other in the history of POP! and you will love to own any of the items in the line.

If you’re a sucker for variety, then this will make you dance in joy. The bobblehead range is also jumping in on the fun. Your options just got wider. Select any of the Funko POP! figures of Darth Maul or Watto from the bobblehead range. Fans who are always watching The Star Wars Show have already been marinated in detail as the show has been revealing titbits of information in line with the celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary. Fans who are planners most probably have finished setting up their shoppers’ accounts with trusted package forwarders who will help them buy the Lego Darth Vader bust from the US and have it shipped to their country.


However, if you’re not big on planning or have not seen the need for setting up an account with a logistics company that offers international parcel forwarding, we can help you see the way forward. See what we did there? Fans of Star Wars Chicago Exclusives know that year in, year out, there is a need for a reliable logistics company that will help them by providing them with a valid American shopping address. Using this address, fans of Star Wars get to buy any and all of their favourite products from the Star Wars Conventions to just about any gathering that results in Star Wars merch being sold.

Once they purchase online, they use the verified American address and their products will be delivered to the address where a local handler will receive and sign for them if there’s a need.  If there are more boxes with buys, the handler waits for them to arrive. Depending on the international shopper’s instructions, the handler can repackage all the buys into one parcel and take it to a selected international carrier who will ship across the oceans. There are a lot of Star Wars fans who have managed to buy from the US and lived to enjoy their merch without the red tie associated with buying using an international address.


You can also opt to enjoy the benefits of using an international parcel forwarder to purchase your next best Star Wars merchandise. Here is how it works:

  • Search for a package forwarding service such as and click ‘Create a Request’ to get a quotation of how much it’ll cost to get your shopping handled and forwarded.

  • If you’re happy with the estimated invoice, then you can shop for your Star Wars Lego collection using your newly created Parcl account.

  • You should also indicate if you’ll need assistance with things like customs.

  • Track your purchase from the time it has been shipped till it arrives at your doorstep.

If you want to know more about the releases, keep checking the site. According to the Star Wars news, the Celebration Chicago will have the best releases to date. If you want to start budgeting for international delivery from the US that’s worth it, then look into the Chicago Celebration for more details. 

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