Lego’s New 1989 Batmobile is the Best Gift for a DC Comics Fan

The Batman series is hands down one of the best works to come out of the DC Comics Studios. And with the passing time, the original Batmobile continues to increase in value, becoming vintage in its own right. And with each new release of the Batmobile Lego version, more fans are recruited. And of course, Tim Burton’s creations remain a work of art as more homage is paid to his 1989 film. 

Meet Lego’s Finest Batmobile Version to Date

The latest Lego installation of the Batmobile is undeniably one of the best replicas ever made. Coming with over 3300+ pieces, it will keep fans of all ages occupied for hours. If you thought that you have built enough interesting Lego models, think again. You must simply get your hands on the Lego Batmobile 2019 unit to challenge yourself one more time.

And what are the best Lego collections that were ever made? If you ask all Lego fans globally, the answers will leave you wanting to try out every Lego set available. At the top of the list though, be sure to find the following:

  1. The 2017 release known as Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon with over 7500 pieces. This Lego unit brought a serious revolution to the plastic brick modeling industry. To date, most Lego fans find themselves taken when they discover the set. This was a well-thought-out and planned collection that celebrated the 2007 Lego kit by the same name. It hit the markets priced at US$800, the most expensive unit at the time.

  2. The 2018 Lego Batman Movie DC The Joker Manor 90922 Building Kit. This is one of the most loved Lego sets from the Batman movie installment. It has 3444 pieces and comes with mini figurines of the Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Disco Robin, and Alfred Pennyworth among others. It comes with more than enough pieces that form the complete Batman recreation. It will take about an entire day to set up, excellent for the die-hard fans of the Batman franchise.

  3. The Lego Batman Movie Batcave Break-in 7909 Superhero Toy. This is another fascinating set. Although there are only 1047 pieces in this kit, this is good enough for someone who loves minimal entertainment. The Lego fans are drawn to this set due to its small pieces that assemble the Batman’s headquarters. It’s one of the preferred sets as it depicts Batman defeating Joker.

  4. The 2007 Ultimate Collector’s Millenium Falcon set with 5195 pieces. At that time, this was the biggest collection ever made by Lego. One of the major factors that contributed to its success was the fact that Lego started distributing pre-ordered sets earlier than the officially announced date. This Lego set was priced at US$500 and also came with a four-pound ring-binder manual.

The number of international shoppers looking forward to and actually purchasing the Lego sets increases each year. Star Wars and Batman kits remain on top of the highest in-demand list. As a result of the ever-increasing popularity, the plastic model manufacturer regularly experiences high traffic, especially when it comes to the Lego advent calendar and other Christmas gifts ideas. The 2019 Lego Tim Burton Batmobile set has come at the right time and is ready to join other great Batman sets. And now international fans can easily shop online with the help of online parcel forwarders

The 3300 Piece Tim Burton Batmobile in Detail

Although most of the fan-favorite Lego collector’s sets have gigantism as part of their selling points, the new Lego Batman set is quite small. It lacks the nuanced detailing that is very evident in the Lego Star Wars pieces. However, what fans should look forward to, is the essence of plastic block building. And not just a couple of straightforward pieces, but the sexy Batmobile with all of its iconic curves and lights. The entire frame is a work of art, designed to be marveled at and challenged.

Source: All New Bricks Youtube channel

This new recreation of the 1989 movie car comes with figurines of Batman, Vicki Vale, and Joker. If you want to buy Lego online, then this Batmobile installation is the most interesting one. Director Tim Burton is widely recognized for the creation of the 1989 movie, and its Batmobile remains the most iconic vehicle within the movie franchise.

Known as the 1989 Batmobile set, with an impressive but manageable 3306 pieces, it sure is a treat for fans of all ages. It is accompanied by an equally massive 435-page instruction book. Yes, that’s right. You cannot be expected to build such a massive set without instructions to match its size. After going over the instructions, be prepared to be left with a stunning and well-detailed miniature creation of one of the most iconic automobiles.

Why should you buy this limited-edition Lego set? Well, first of all - Tim Burton, duh! But most importantly the detailing on this car is something spectacular and mechanically achievable: a canopy that slides forward, revealing a series of pop-up machine guns, a solid cockpit, and steerable front wheels. What more can one ask for after being presented with all these amazing features?

Lego Batmobile Availability and Release

The Batmobile is set to hit the market on November 29, 2019. Perfect timing for shoppers who want to buy the Lego Batmobile as a gift for this holiday season. The set is priced at US$250, it is arguably one of Lego’s most affordable ones. 

How to Get the Lego Batmobile Set Overseas?

If you’re a fan of the Batman movies and know for a fact that owning this set will complete you, then you need to make plans to overcome Lego international shipping hurdles. Lucky for you, we have done the research and found some interesting sites and methods that could be used to buy from the US and ship overseas.

There is no need to pay an arm and a leg for international shipping. Parcl forwarders are trained to provide you with service like no other. Start preparing for international delivery from the US and be amongst the first to receive your Batmobile Lego set; a set with the ultimate bat power for the ultimate bat fans. This vehicle is indeed worth the trouble that comes with overseas shopping and shipping.

The process is straightforward, just go ahead and follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Parcl website and click to Create a Request

  2. In your request, enter the information about the Batmobile Lego. Be sure to double-check the info and provide details.

  3. After that, you will receive several quotes based on your request. 

  4. If there are any additional questions from the forwarder, answer them to get a more accurate estimate and select the most suitable offer from one of the forwarders.

  5. Pay the quoted amount to get started.

Using a Parcl forwarder when buying your 1989 Batmobile set is a smart move. The set sure looks amazing, so get your hands on it with the help of a trusted parcel forwarder and start building like a Lego king this December. 

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